Group Sex stories

A sex night..
by Indro Ghosh

I was in college. I had friends Rohan, Neil, Ishaan, Disha, Dona, Proma and Diya. We all were very good friends. Rohan and Disha loved each-other very much. We all knew this and none others knew this. It was one day in our collage. I, Rohan, Neil and Ishaan were in boy's hostel. We were doing our projects. Suddenly, Rohan couldn't find his mobile. Rohan said, 'Indro! Have you seen my mobile anywhere?'. I said, 'No!'. Rohan said, 'I can't find my mobile'. I said, 'You went out of hostel. Go, and check outside'. Rohan went and checked every corner of college and came after 30 minutes. Ishaan asked, 'Rohan have you found your mobile?'. Rohan said, 'No! I didn't find it'. I said, 'Where have you kept last night?'. Rohan said, 'I can't remember'Suddenly, Proma, Diya and Dona entered our room angrily. I asked, 'What happened? Your mood is bad?'. Proma said, 'Rohan you shouldn't have done this'. Rohan asked, 'What?'. Dona said, 'How can you be so casual after doing such a dirty work'. Diya said, 'These jokes are not appreciable'. Rohan said, 'Aree! What have I done?'. Proma said, 'Don't act. Idiot!'. Dona said, 'Who told you to send such a message to Disha?'. Rohan said, 'I have lost my mobile. I am finding it since morning. If you don't believe ask my friends'. I said, 'Really he was finding his mobile'. Dona said, 'Now-a-days you have started bribing your friends'. I said, 'No! He is telling truth'. Proma said, 'So what is this?'. Proma showed Disha's mobile. Rohan read a message:
Hye! Disha you know you are a characterless girl and I have done a great mistake by loving you. You are a characterless and you can lay in bed with any male who purposes you. I hate you and don't show your face to me again. Rohan. The message has come from Rohan's number.
But Rohan couldn't find his mobile. How can he send message. Rohan said, 'Where is Disha?'. Dona said, 'You go and find her. We don't know'. Rohan rushed out of the room and started finding Disha throughout the whole college. But Rohan didn't find Disha. Rohan remembered the place where Disha often used to go. Rohan ran to that place and saw Disha standing and crying. Rohan went to Disha and said, 'Disha! Don't mis-understand me please. I am not getting my mobile since morning. How can I send you sms?'. Disha said, 'Again lie! Again lie! Why Rohan have I told you to love me. I am what I know, but at least not characterless'. There were dark clouds in the sky and suddenly, it started raining heavily. Rohan said, 'Disha please. I love you Disha and I have not written that message'. Disha pushed Rohan and said, 'Lier!' and went crying. Rohan sat and loudly shouted looking at the sky, 'Disha I love you and my life is only for you!'. It started to rain even heavily. Throughout, the whole day, both Rohan and Disha returned college and eat. At night Disha was returning college. Suddenly, Sahir, Shantanu and Anikesh surrounded her. Sahir too loved Disha but Disha didn't love Sahir. Sahir was very jealous of Rohan and as Rohan was loved by Disha tried to harm Rohan. Disha said, 'What are you doing here?'. Sahir showed Rohan's mobile and said, 'See! I have send and sms from Rohan's mobile and now you left Rohan'. Disha said, 'Means! You have stolen Rohan's mobile and send me that sms to make me and Rohan quarrel?'. Shantanu said, 'Exactly'. Sahir said, 'If you want to love then you have to love me and not any other boy'. Disha said, 'Leave me! Leave me'..Sahir held Disha's hand. But Rohan jumped and kicked Sahir. Rohan was following Disha and he had hid behind wall and heard everything. Rohan's mobile was stolen by Sahir and Sahir wrote that dirty sms and send to Disha so that Disha breaks relation-ship with Rohan and loves Sahir. Rohan punched Shantanu and Kicked Anikesh. Rohan bate Sahir very hard..Sahir, Shantanu and Anikesh somehow got up and ran. Sahir shouted, 'See you later idiot'. I started raining again heavily. Lots of cars and buses were going in the road. Water had collected at one end of road and there was a flood. The road was dark and people were running with umbrellas. Cars were going with head-lights on. In the middle of all these Rohan and Disha stood. Rohan pulled Disha close and kissed Disha in her lips in middle of the road. All the cars and people stopped to see. There was a lot of crowd. Rohan and Disha didn't even understand that a lot of crowd had gathered. After sometime, Rohan and Disha went back to college. Rohan went to Disha's room. They were fully wet. Disha and Rohan sat in bed. Disha said, 'I am sorry Rohan. I love you'. Rohan said, 'I love you too dear'.
Rohan kissed at Disha's neck. Disha and Rohan kissed each-other in their lips. Disha and Rohan were continuously looking at each-other. Disha took Rohan's hands and put it on her breasts. Rohan put his hand inside Disha's t-shirt and then inside Disha's bra. They again kissed. Rohan opened Disha's t-shirt and un-hooked her bra. Rohan took off his own shirt and opened Disha's skirt and saw Disha's hot sexy naked body. Rohan laid on Disha and kissed her breasts and shoulders. Rohan kissed Disha's whole body and Disha asked, 'By that way do you have a condom?'. Rohan said, 'No! I don't use much'. They looked at each-other and laughed. Rohan kissed Disha's everything and Disha's closed her eyes. Rohan said, 'If I live I shall live with you and if I die I shall die with you'..
True love is a throne. It pricks a lot.It can even lead to suicide and death. But that's true love and that's true love. Love's is actually a magic which can happen to anyone. Like there are sayings such as Love at first sight. It's purely truth. If you truly love anyone her or she will surely come to know Oneday and fell in love with you.That's the secret of true love..

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Indro Ghosh

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