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A night in old Greece... ;)
by HispanicChick

Hestea was walking down the street when she saw a new store. Hestea was a mall addict so she stopped in front of the window to look at the modern clothes on display. She was looking when a woman inside the store brought a new mannequin to the front display window. She was wearing a chic purple toga like they wore in all the old Greek movies, and like in the movies she wore no bra so her nipples were slightly visible. Hestea had a boyfriend and to her shock she discovered there was a slight wetness coming from her vagina. She looked back up and saw the young woman looking at her, and then she smiled and waved. Hestea was so wet that she waved back and quickly walked away. Later after she had changed she was in a small public coffee shop when the same young woman walked in and went to the front desk and ordered a coffee. She was no longer wearing a toga but a pair of mini shorts and a sheer tank top with a slightly see-through material and underneath was a small pink bra concealing small shapely breasts. Hestea was staring and when the woman turned around she spotted Hestea looking at her breasts. Her mouth curved up slightly and she walked over and held out her hand. "Hi my name is Serena." She said this with a Brazilian accent. She looked at the empty chair opposite from Hestea and asked of==if it was occupied. A few minutes later they were talking like old friends and still Hestea was thinking, "Crap I'm not BI why do i get so wet when i look at her. Ugh... i wanna get in her pants so bad i want to take her breasts into my mouth until she moans and crys my name and then i'll take her into such an intense orgasm that she'll scream!" She realized that selena was talking to her. She looked up and her cheeks inflamed. I'm sorry. Serena replied, "I was just asking if you'd like to go back to my house and watch a movie or something." Hestea looked up clearly surprised and then she composed herself and said " I'd love too." And she meant it. Later they were at Serena's apartment sitting on her couch. Hestea glanced at Serena and saw that she was staring at her. Selena smiled and then said, " you're really pretty you know and you have really nice breasts." Hestea blushed and said "You too." Serena smiled wider and then leaned over and kissed Hestea passionately slipping her tongue inside and twirling it around until Hestea moaned. Serena pulled away and said, " you know I've been thinking ever since I saw you outside the shop that you would make a really good sex partner. Before Hestea could say anything Serena put both of her hands into hestea's shirt and rubbed her nipples through her bra. Hestea moaned and she became wet. Serena took Hestea mouth in hers and frenchkissed her her toungue teasing the roof of her mouth. And then Serena's hands reached behind Hestea and unclasped her bra so that the front was loose enough to slip her hands into. Serena took advantage of Hestea's helpless position and sat on her lapso that she could lift off Hesteas T-Shirt and slide off her bra. Serena leaned back taking in the view of Hestea's small round breasts. And then Serena put her head down to suckle Hestea's pink nipples. Hestea moaned her clit becoming so wet that she arched against Serena's butt. Serena chuckled and obliged, twisting so that Hestea could undress her. As she slid off Serena's shirt Hestea kissed the back of her neck and nipped Serena's shoulder. And then she unclasped Serena's bra. Serena twisted back around and pushed a hard deep passionate kiss onto Hestea leaving her breathless. Hestea wanted to give something back so while serena was kissing her she slid down her skirt and moved the panties aside revealing her shaved pussy which was quite wet. Hestea pushed two fingers inside and Serena moaned and pushed downwards onto hesteas fingers. Hestea was overcome with lust and flipped serena over onto her back and she thrust her tongue into Serenas wet clit. Serena moaned and Hestea delved deeper into her pussies wet lips. Serena whispered her name and then came the orgasm so powerful that it left them lying on eachother breathless.

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