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A Lesbian went after a married women
by Kelly

A real life lesbian sex storie

When I was younger at 14 my mom's friend came over for the night when my dad left for work when he was working the back shift at work.

My mom was married with 2 kids of her own and so did this other black women who lived just down he street from us.

This one night she came to our house when dad was gone to work things were going as normal until 11pm at night came around over and over this black women is asking mom to take her clothes off and just hang out naked for a while when they were watching Tv.

Mom said no and this women asked mom over and over again until she finally just reached over to mom and striped mom any how.

When I came down to use the washroom I seen mom standing in our living room naked she walked mom to her room and tied moms arms to the bed post and almost shut the door but al the way.

When I looked to see why mom was naked laying on her bed I Seen this black women starting to masturbating my mom not looked out of place when mom was married with 2 kids of her own.

She started masturbating my mom pretty good mom got into it after 20 min of it moms hips were swaying back and forth pretty good until mom got stiff and stopped.

When mom came around this black women untied mom and mom said please don't tell anyone and mom sat on her bed naked still and got ready for bed and this black omen leftour place.

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