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A day at the hotel with my bestfriend. part two
by lesbianteen15

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf1138\cocoasubrtf230 {\fonttbl\f0\fmodern\fcharset0 Courier;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;} \paperw11900\paperh16840\margl1440\margr1440\vieww10800\viewh8400\viewkind0 \deftab720 \pard\pardeftab720 \f0\fs24 \cf0 After she said that she stood up, "I'll only be a minute, and I have a surprise for you."\uc0\u157 She giggles and ran to the bedroom. I hear her unzip and open her suit case. My ears were on alert hearing everything she was doing while I look all around the room excited, and a little nervous. I heard her run back out and their she was standing there with a hand behind her back biting her lip. She looks so cute doing that. I looked at her and wondered what she was hiding.
\ "Teagan what are you not showing me?"\uc0\u157
\ "Don't worry about it you'll love it!"\uc0\u157
\ With that she step closer and smirked. She sat down on my lap and said so sexually, "Hands above your head, you're under arrest."\uc0\u157 I obeyed what she asked; the she snapped a pair of pink fuzzy hand cuffs on me. I enjoyed the way they felt against my wrist it was quite a turn on. Then she kissed my cheek, "Those are on you so you can't stop about what I'm going to do to you."\u157 I thought what was going to happen, and begin to get a little scared. \

Our eyes met and once I looked in her eyes all my nervousness went away it's like I was under some kind of trance. While looking at me she hides a viborator in-between the sofa cushions, got down on her stomach and pressed her body against mine. She skin was so smooth which drove me insane wanting more of her. She begins to rub her body up and down on mine feeling her stomach on my pussy was so amazing. She then took one of my nipples in her mouth biting it and flicking her tongue against it. I then moaned softly grinding against her while my bottoms were getting soaked. She then slightly giggled, because she could feel the wetness from my pussy on her body. I bit my lip trying to hold back all my pleasureness moans, but couldn't and just kept on moaning like crazy. She then kissed me softly then whispered in my ear quietly, "Mmm you're so wet I love how it feels against me."\uc0\u157

With that she nibbled on my ear, and me moaning in her ear biting it as well. I began to say and begging, "Please fuck me Teagan I want you so badly make me moan your name, have your way with me."\u157 She bit down on my cheek and kissed down my cheek neck, and back down to my nipples. "Mmmm I want to tease you so bad first."\u157 Teagan then began working on my left nipple, and playing with my right one getting it as rock hard as the one she was biting and sucking on, while I yelped out and moaned in pleasure. Giggling she then kissed down my stomach spending time kissing and biting away at my hips. Right as soon as I started to moan her name she lost all self control and ripped off my bottoms. She leaned in and smelled my pussy making her mouth water for a taste of me. Licking her lips she resisted burying her tongue deep in my wet pussy. Instead she went after my thighs knowing it was one of my weak spots, she bit, licked and sucked on them. That got me going and by then I was screaming for her to fuck me! With that Teagan gently and ever so softly kissed my pussy lips getting a little bit of wetness on her lips. She licked it off and said, "Mmmm Francie you taste amazing I just want to eat you up."\u157 She kissed it once again sending shivers up my spine and noticing my pussy was bare. "Bare pussy, just how I like it."\u157 As she said that in a very sexual voice. Licking my clit a few times she made sure she got a good taste of me. I tried to reach down and shove her face in my pussy, but then suddenly realized I was still handcuffed. Just at that moment she reached for the viborator between the cushions. It was pink and glittery which I liked a lot. I smiled down at her; she looked so gorgeous between my legs. In an instant she turned the viborator on and pressed it to my pussy lips making me moan so intensely and made my body spazed in delight. Starting to grind against the viborator making it my clit with a few thrust sending my into pure ecstasy.

. She then slid the vibe down the slit of my pussy and shoved in deep inside of me and began going crazy at my clit. Arching my back an orgasm building up and finally hitting me and coming over me sending shivers throughout my whole body. She didn't stop their she kept going, with me moaning so loudly and twitching with every lick at my clit, and every shove into my pussy. Without her stopping made me shout out with so much pleasure Cuming again twitching like crazy. She then pulled the vibe out and licked it clean and set it on the floor.

Then cleaning my pussy licking me until I was dry swallowing every drop of cum. Sliding up my body smiling gets to my lips then kisses me passionalitly. Unlocking the cuffs she lays flat on top of me continue you to kiss. Pulling away laying her head on my chest and me running my fingers through her hair. Manage to say, "Teagan that was the most amazing experience in my life."\u157 She intertwined our fingers holding hands with that kissing me again before saying, "There is more to come then just that."\u157 I wrapped my arms around her and we both dozed off.
\ Every weekend I would go to Teagans house while her parents were away on business trips, we would try new things out on each other. We kept this up and dated until the end of senior year then went out separate ways.

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