Bi-Sexual stories

2nd time with a man
by kneeling

2nd time Mike got me was a couple of years later, I was on the computer again late and alone at the office. We exchanged a couple of messages and I found him at his new address. After going in his front room we recognized each other and I asked him if he remembered me and he said, of course but tonight you're going to get it. I squirmed a little as he led me towards the couch and we sat down me leaning in to him as he put his arm around me and pulled me in for a deep french kiss loving submitting to this beautiful man. I felt wanted and desired by this top and submitting to his pleasure excited me beyond belief. We quickly undressed and when I set my shirt on the end of the couch I noticed the wooden spoon on the table next to the couch.

He had me on his right side again and I leaned in for another kiss as he palmed my bare ass. Sucking his tongue I moaned into his open mouth and slowly slid over his lap presenting my skinny hips and tight ass for his pleasure. Mike then started palming my ass and began the slapping I so craved pushing my ass up and spreading as wide as I could. After a few minutes and when it started stinging enough for me to be squirming over his lap and kind of whimpering a little he stopped and stroking my ass reach for the wooden spoon and I looked over my shoulder as he said yes we are going to see if you want to really submit totally, I put my head back down and pushed my ass up for him as I felt his cock hard under my tummy and saw the spoon in the air over me.

I held still and took it for as long as I could and soon was squirming and starting to cry, which felt great, as he stopped and palmed my ass lightly and stroked me with his fingertips over my asshole moaning nice as he teased the hole with his fingertip pushing in slightly. I pushed up and squirmed for him to know he could do whatever he wanted and reached back and spread my cheeks for him.

After a few minutes he stopped and I eased onto the floor in front of him on my knees and with wet tears on my face took his cock back in my mouth and started working on him with the deep long strokes he moaned from. It felt so good to be on my knees tasting precum again, I was sad for a second when he stopped me and stood up and reached for my hand taking me into the bedroom where I climbed on the bed over some pillows he had in the center of his bed. He reached for the lube on the bedside table and started lubing my tight ass, I did push up as his middle finger went in my ass the first time and groaned for him to know I liked it.

He ended up giving me a good finger fucking with 2 of his fingers to open me up a little and I was squirming and moaning underneath him. I was pleading with him, please fuck me Sir, when he climbed up behind me and I finally took a cock in my ass for the first time. It felt so good when he got balls deep in me and I felt his big balls against mine and pushed back towards him for him to know, saying please fuck your bitch Sir! He started the full length strokes in and out of my tight inexperienced ass and I just moaned and pushed up for him as much as possible urging him on to fuck his bitch and cum in my asshole please I begged! It felt so good to submit to be used for his pleasure and after a few minutes he started pumping me harder and asked do you want it inside I begged loudly yes please Sir, cum in me deep! I felt his cock throb and pump a very large load deep in me and moan as he pumped his cum inside loving to hear him moan yes take it bitch! After I cleaned him up and got dressed and did get another kiss at the door and a slap on my ass as I smiled and said how soon can I submit to you again? I squirmed in my seat loving how it felt to have his cum leaking out of my tight hole.

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