Bi-Sexual stories

1st Time real
by kneeling

My first time getting caught was amazing. I had been fighting with her at home and was tired of it so ended up online looking for local men to service. After sending Mike a message and him responding soon after, I very excitedly answered my cell phone with a slight shake in my voice to get his address. I quickly went out to my car and drove out to head to his place. When I pulled up in front of his house I was breathing hard and timidly knocked on the door where he welcomed me into the den and we sat next to each other on the couch. He asked if I was nervous and I said yes my first time, but more excited than anything as he put his hand on my shoulder and I leaned in to kiss him for the first time and softly moaned into his open mouth as his hand stroked down my back and palmed my ass over my pants.

It felt so good to feel wanted by another man for sex only. He then said its time to get undressed and helped me strip first then let me kneel in front of him and undid his pants and slid them down with his underwear. His cock was so beautiful I licked my lips as I reached out with my hand to stroke him for the first time and then licked the head. He then sat back down on the couch and pulled me up next to him on the right side. He then pulled me over his lap and started feeling up my legs and ass and started slowly slapping my ass as I pushed up for him while spreading my legs as wide as I could to give him access to what he wanted. After a few minutes he asked do you like that I of course said yes Sir as I pushed my ass up high with my chest down over his lap he gave me a few hard ones fast and down low to the line between my thighs and my ass before sopping say good bitch and let me slide off and kneel before him again.

His cock was throbbing and dripping as I moved in close and started licking and sucking him and moaning as I tasted his precum. To my surprise I was able to get his 8.5 inches almost all the way down and worked it in and out of my mouth with long deep strokes smiling to myself as he moaned. After a few minutes he put his hand on the back of my head and I moaned loud and pushed harder with my tongue under the head of his cock hearing him moan out yes that is my bitch. I wanted him to feel as good as possible and kept taking him as deep as I could when he asked are you ready, I moaned loud and tried to beg please with my mouth full. It felt so good when his cock got harder and the head swelled even more as his balls pulled up and I felt it rush up his cock and pump into my willing and open mouth and down my throat. I worked on him for several minutes as the large load pumped into my mouth and he finished moaning as I cleaned him completely - I asked him if he always came that much and he said close though it was a little extra tonight as he had not cum in about a week. I quickly said I will come over any time you want to use me for your pleasure and he smiled saying good bitch, you know your place and I said Yes Sir!

As I got up and got dressed he palmed my ass again and said would you like to cum and patted my ass, I said only if you want to put me face down Sir? He said, next time and I smiled as he kissed me goodnight and held me up against the door palming my ass for a couple of minutes. He sent me an email telling me how much he enjoyed using me I opened the next day and she saw it somehow, I listened to her rage for a few minutes and then she said come with me to the bedroom and I just followed along with her as she had me take my pants down and she sat on the bed. She patted the bed next to her and I sat down timidly and she pulled me over her lap, I did not know she had picked up the wooden hairbrush when she went in. She slapped my ass for a few minutes with her hand then the hairbrush started and I was grunting trying not to cry and secretly loving it as I squirmed and kicked over her lap. She smacked my thighs several times at the end very hard and I kicked and struggled and begged as the tears just started. She said I want you to tell me what you did for him to write that he enjoyed using you and I told her the whole story of servicing his cock and she listened the whole time without interrupting.

After I finished she said well, I am going to want to see this in action myself so I can enjoy it too so lets go write him an email and try and set it up. I felt some kind of relief that she did not leave me right then and there and walked to the computer and sent an email she approved of. More to follow if you liked it let me know?

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