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The Dreamshare

by Ozymandias

Rehanne stood at one of the windows in the private apartments in the west tower of the castle. ..

Full Circle

by Paul C


The twig snapped under her foot like a firecracker.

She stopped. Listening intently for sounds of pursuit...


by Amanda Marais

What some of you already know or don't know , before I started my first real job , I studied one year at a local university . ..

Lesbian Encounters

by Amanda Marais

Eline and me know each other since kindergarten . We are best friends since those days and in our youth we had many sleepovers ...

The Dressing Room

by Amanda Marais

It was a month after my first sexual encounter with Sarah - a lot has happened. We had the kingdom to ourselves cause we shared a dorm room, ..

The girl next door

by Amanda Marais

In the city where I live, I have many friends. They live all over the city. Some live on my street. But there is somebody very special, and she lives very close. ..

Revisiting Chenga

by Lesbian Bliss

I was returning after two months from a business tour. I will land in 2 hours. My whole mind was thinking about chenga and ..

All Said In A Look

by Brockleigh

"So what time will you be back?" I called out. I smiled as I watched my wife move around the front of the house in her last second preparations before going out. ..

Jackie and Lisa

by CLBiggs

Jackie bought the house on her twenty-first birthday. The payments were a little steep for her income and desired lifestyle, so she rented the spare bedroom to Lisa. ..

The Bet - Payback

by Wendy J.

Heather starts massaging and playing with my breasts. Teasing my nipples with her tongue then gently rubbing her teeth on them. ..

The Bet

by Wendy J.

Her name is Heather and we've finally decided to meet after talking for about three weeks on the internet and by phone. ..

Intimate Internet Encounter.

by Josie Crupper

'Take your hand and lift your skirt just a little higher, there's a good girl.' Megan sat back to watch me, smiling when she saw me hesitate and blush. ..

A well planned seduction.

by Josie Crupper

I looked into the full-length mirror and sighed, feeling a shiver of anticipation. I knew I looked, and I certainly felt, incredibly sexy, especially as Megan ..

A woman named Freddie

by Krysta bell

First of all, I should tell you a little about myself. I never in my whole
life imagined that I was anything but heterosexual. ..

New Friends

by Cleveland

The last time I had seen Laurie she was the cute teen down the street who hung out with my wife's sister. ..