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If Mom Only Knew

by Daxanna

When I started high school my mom went back to work and mom and dad didn't get home till about five that was ok because ..

On The Eve of Loosing My Value: A Ground Reality

by Ritu

On the midnight, it was approximately 12 past 30, and I hastily wake up; I felt a sensation of something worming over my soft ..

the seduction of claire

by wet pussy girl

Claire finished the breakfast dishes and was on her way out the door from her upscale suburban home and into the big four wheel drive Ford Explorer. ..

My first night with Ellen

by Karenvc

Recently I went to a gay-party in Ghent. It was quite late when I arrived, so a lot of people were dancing already. ..

Night out with Stacey

by ca_kimber

A friend Stacey called me up asking if I wanted to go out clubbing on Friday night. She told me that she was getting ..

My First Time

by Gianna Marie

My first time with a woman was amazing. I was watching porn and masturbating, but it wasn't enough for me. My mothers friend came to the house, and I told her that my mother wasn't home. ..

Xxxchange Your LIfe

by MariNti

The door was open just a crack, I knocked lightly and let myself in. I was a little apprehensive going in because she does not usually leave her door unlocked, let alone open. ..

Carmen's game

by Josie Crupper

'Don't move ... close your eyes and don't open them ...' Carmen's soft voice echoed through my fuddled mind. ..

Accepting Myself (A Story of Lesbian Discovery)

by Groovy in Glasses

(Note: All partied depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age. The following story is intended to be both erotic and inspiring. ..


by ca_kimber

It started out like any other party I have attended at my friend’s house, lots to drink and lots of guys to flirt with. ..

Swaying to the music

by slingshotmama

Swaying with the music, our bodies touch and I pull you closer. My hands on your hips, softly exploring the curves of your body, I urge you closer to me...

My Stories part 2

by Lucy H

On Keeley's 17th Birthday we decided to go on a romantic holiday and do something we had talked about for a while, have a threesome with another ..

My Stories Pt1

by Lucy H

My Names Lucy, I'm 35 years and divorced, I live with my Stepson Paul and Stepdaughter Cheryl, I had hardly ..

My Stories Part 3

by Lucy H

Let me tell you about what has happened since last time I'm nineteen now and in my second year at Uni, Keeley and I split up and she ..

hot fuck

by mamacita999

i sat on the coach as she got on top of me. she began sucking my double d tits and rubbing her clit against mine. ..

Valentines Gift

by bowhunter5670

It all started a few months ago when we went to the doctor’s office and my wife met Dr Miller. One look at Dr Miller and you knew she preferred women. ..


by Cat

I turned to her, our noses almost touching. Her sweet, warm breath lay like an ever-moving blanket across my skin. ..

Superstar body and face

by Ashely

O.K. I know all of you men and lesbians want to cut right to the chase. No stories were woman stare at a distance for 3/4 of the story and then ..

3 nights

by Lay

Two girls fall in love nd live happily ever after.. but thats a summary of dis story.. ..

First time


We were out of school for Thanksgiving break! Kadie and I have been longing for this to come! We made plans for me to stay over at her house! ..


by Dominica Courtois

We all have our downfalls. She was mine. I'm not into women but when I saw her! ..

Our First Time

by babydom

One night, after i had gotten off of work, my friend called me to ask if i wanted to come over to spend some time together. ..

My 1st Senior Party

by bigerthenlife01

School had just started, I was now a senior. it was probably the 3rd week of school and a friday. ..

My girl

by Hunny Bunny

I was rowing with my boyfriend for the whole week. It came to Friday and yet another pointless argument broke out. ..

The Hotel

by slingshotmama

"Ring"....."Ring" The telephone startles me awake. Fumbling around the nightstand, I find my cell phone. A faint but familiar voice ..

Going For It

by slingshotmama

I arrived home late one evening to find the woman of my dreams waiting patiently by the elevator in the lobby of my apartment building. ..

The Ride Home

by Bikutiepie

Its's about 3 in the morning and I'm on the train coming from the south side. You get on at Roosevelt looking FINE!!!! ..

That's Some Shower

by Bikutiepie

Its about 6 in the evening and I'm just getting home from work. The five o'clock commute was horribly crowded so I'm taking off my heels ..

love 2 b slave

by muddu

from my birth i likes girls and likes those girls who overwlehmed other girls by her strength and force other girls to obey her,i am that kind of a girl who likes..

What goes around, comes around

by Francesca Fine

Duncan, Stevens and Mitchell were a law firm I had worked for since my divorce a year ago. My boss was such an idiot and so was my ex, Jamie. ..

Roommates Intimacy

by Horny Babe

I remember it as if it was only yesterday. You were sitting with your friends in the form room...

Wanting Her...

by Bunni

Bethany had always had a secret that she never told a soul. She wanted more desperately than anything else to be fucked, and fucked hard by another woman. Many people thought she was a pretty girl, but she had a couple of extra pounds. Her best quality was the fact that she had a pretty face and enormous breasts. 42 E size breasts to be precise. She had brown hair originally but she recently died it black. She was tall 5"9 to be exact, and she had a very bubbly personality. Everything that a man would want. But she didn't want a man. She wanted a woman with every fiber of her being.

One day, she was surfing on the internet and met a woman named Susan in a lesbian chat room. Susan was a very pretty blonde, big boobs for her size, nice tight ass, and legs that you would kill for. Bethany sent a picture to Susan and discovered that Susan loved bigger girls. Not just loved but obsessed about since she was 16. Susan replied and said that they had to meet! Bethany said that she would love to.

==The First Date== At seven o'clock on Friday night Susan picked Bethany up in her '62 Ford Mustang. Susan leaned over after Bethany had gotten into the car and said, "Damn you look hot!" "Thanks," she replied. "It took me all day to pick out just what to wear." Bethany was wearing a black slinky dress that showed some tasteful cleavage. Her skirt was halfway up her thigh and that was standing. She had picked this one out because of how well it accented her curves and soft body.

Susan was wearing a beautiful red tube top form-fitting dress. Her hair done up with a clip, and red pumps on. She liked delectable and Bethany went instantly wet. She felt the heat from between her legs and wondered whether it was running down her legs.

"I'm a little nervous," Bethany said with a light-hearted giggle. "I am too" Susan replied. "But let's just take it slow and easy and get to know each other and then take it from there. Do you like Italian food?" "I love it!" Bethany said. "Good I have reservations." "You look gorgeous by the way Sue!" she said. "So do you Beth," she replied.

The night went well small chit-chat and some alcohol. Half-way through the night though things started to get hot and heavy. Susan reached over and grabbed Bethany's leg. Bethany froze for a moment confused with all the emotions rushing through her head. She'd wanted to be with a girl her whole life but all at once it was a reality and she was very very nervous! "I've never been with a girl," Bethany said. "I have always wanted to be fantasized how a girl would touch me, lick me, caress me, and hold me through the night." "Well, I have a little bit of experience in that department, but I have never been more attracted to a woman more than I am right now!" Susan said.

"Well, then why don't we head back to my place and take this a little further?" Bethany asked. "I would love to Beth!" she replied adjusting her hair that had fallen just a little.

On the way back to the car, Susan pushed Bethany onto the hood of the car and passionately kissed her. Bethany kissed her hard back and found her way to her perfect chest. "I want to fuck you so bad Sue you smell so good and look so good and taste like heaven!" Bethany cried. "I want you too Beth, you're chest is so bouncy and you're so fucking soft." Susan replied with enthusiasm. Susan ran her hand up Bethany's thigh and got close to her perfectly shaved warm pussy and realized that Bethany wasn't wearing any panties! "Expecting to get lucky tonight Sweetie?" Susan asked giggling. "No just hoping and praying," Bethany laughed back.

They jumped in the car and raced back to the house. When they reached the door they started literally tearing each other's clothes off. Susan took the lead this time because she was the more domineering person in the bedroom. That was just fine with Bethany. She liked to be forced to do things and be the submissive person.

Susan pushed Bethany onto the bed when they reached it. Bethany's pussy was aching to be touched and Susan was all to happy to oblige. She slowly and deliberately pushed her fingers into Bethany's soft and warm pussy thrusting back and forth and back and forth. Bethany moaned loudly wanting and begging Susan to give it to her. "Please...please... please lick my pussy it hasn't ever been licked please!!!" Bethany screamed. "In due time my dear!" Susan replied calmly.

Susan slowly put her mouth next to Bethany's pussy blowing and sending a shiver up Bethany's feverish body. Bethany pushed her pussy closer to Susan's face but Susan forced her butt back down. "I say when," is all that she said. Susan kept blowing on Bethany's pussy for what seemed like an eternity. Each second Bethany's body was screaming for more screaming for release from her desire. Susan finally put her tongue on Bethany's clit. Bethany let out a sigh. "Do you like that Baby?” Susan asked. “MMMMMHHHHMMMM!” is all she could reply. Susan said “Damn you taste so good, you are like peaches and cream!” And then went to town. Bethany’s orgasm ripped through her like a speeding train. Bethany screamed and screamed and screamed in pleasure.

“Oh my God, oh my God!!!!” was all that could be said. “I have to taste you!” Bethany begged. She then put her head right down on Susan’s right boob sucking away and then her left, then licked her way all the way down to Susan hairy pussy. “MMMM, all natural huh Baby? I like that,” Bethany said. Bethany sucked and entered Susan’s pussy with her tongue and then her fingers pushing and licking away. Bethany had never tasted pussy before, but she loved it. She only wanted to eat girls out for the rest of her life. Susan then screamed in pain and when she came down from her third orgasm they collapsed in sweat and exhaustion on the bed.

“You’re the best I’ve ever had,” said Bethany. They both giggled together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

If you enjoyed my story let me know! All you sexy ladies give me a jingle at my email! bunni_sue@yahoo.com! xxx ..

holiday love

by abi_babe

i have brown/blonde hair, blue eyes,slim figure with a natural tan. sadie on the other hand has blonde hair,blue eyes,slim figure and big boobs like me. ..

Vodka Shots

by pussy-loving-gal

Stumbling into my flat with my best friend at my side, Joanne and I, both drunk burst into fits of laughter as we ..

Duties to Perform - Chapter two of 'Camping in France'

by Josie Crupper

I felt a bit silly, bordering on ridiculous dressed like this... but I was also very aroused, especially when I caught glimpses ..

Hotel night with my best friend

by Melissa

My volleyball team had made it to finals. After working so hard and finally being a senior there was nothing ..


by Kane

Sun glistening in leaves, likes splashes of water...making the leaves wet with light. ..

Is This My First, My Last, My Everything

by Red Rose

I met her at the bar I worked in last year, I was standing behind the bar with my bro Steve, we were close friends, as close as you could get without the sex, I loved him to death, we would sit up all night & just chat, drink, have a few lines of coke, we told each other our life stories, we went out, partied, did everything together. She came in looking for the boss; she had been commissioned to redesign his bar, giving it a fresh coat of paint. Steve fancied her straight away & made a suggestive remark as she left, I just laughed. In the time I had known him, he'd had loads of woman, wanted to settle down, have kids, but just had never found the right one, If I'd have been 10 years younger, I'd have probably married him, I use to tell him this & he would laugh, he was only 28, I was a few years older then him, divorced with kids, & straight by the way.

Her name was well I cant use real names on here so I'll call her Sandie, she started working at the bar, coming in almost every day, tho Steve had a girl, he saw very little of her, as she lived in another town, he fancied Sandie as it seemed she did him & she openly started flirting with him, making a play for him, he didn't know what to do, so as always asked me for my advice, I told him to go with what felt right. Before long, they were dating, thanks to my toy boy at the time & I getting them together one night. I never said more than hello to her, It always takes time for people to get to know me, get close to me, I'm distrusting of people, weary of them, probably a symptom of my childhood. One day I was looking out of the window not really looking, just thinking figures in my head, she noticed & asked me was I ok, I replied "yeah sorry just adding figures in my head" I realized I'd never really said anything to her, never acknowledge her existence & yet she was becoming a regular worker in the bar & making friends, for some reason & I don't know why, I stopped what I was doing and walked over to her, admiring her work, which was pretty good.

We chatted about our kids, life work etc, It was easy to talk to her, she was easy going, light, happy, a couple of days later I was making arrangements to go out & she asked if she could come, I said "yeah sure" anway’s come Friday, after not thinking she could make it, she rang & asked to come down, I was a bit pissed off as I was trying to snare my toy boy lol but said yes anyways. This was the night we both played cupid to her & Steve, mainly as I wanted some time alone with my guy. But we had a good night & over the next couple of months, Sandie & I became close friends, very unusual for me, but her personality & character was hypnotic, she was warm, loving, giving, always greeted me with a warm hug, sometimes accompanied with a kiss on the cheek, I was so not use to it, & was some what shocked at first, but accepted the way she was.

Sandie brought me out of my shell to be honest, I Learnt to take a compliment, Learnt to open up, to relax more, I adored her little girl as did my kids, & Sandie adored my kids. Soon I was seeing her every day, we got closer & closer, I called her my little sis, she was 2 years younger than Steve. Something happened to me, in the summer which i don't want to go into detail about, but it was a traumatic experience & Sandie was there for me. She went away for 2 weeks, wasn't exactly honest in her story of where, either to Steve or I, but it was ok I accepted she must have her reasons, Steve I had to placate quite a few times, he was convinced she had another man. Steve had fallen head over heels in love with her & for the first time since I had known him, he treated a woman so very differently.

Sandie wanted to start a new life in France, she hated were she lived, she had too much history, too much upset, she wanted better for her and her daughter. So in September she had a leaving do, Steve didn't want her to go, she had tried to finish it, but was too weak, didn't want to hurt him, but she knew he wasn't the one for her, he drank to much, was under the influence of a boss who treated him like shit & he had no drive to better himself, had no ambition, Sandie loves to be loved and to love, she hates people hating her, not liking her, so she carried it on with him in a fashion. That night of the leaving do, she was attentive as ever to me, I had gotten use to her flirting occasionally, making small suggestive passes. She had told me a while back that she had been with woman, I was a bit shocked, my reaction must have been unfavourable to her, she replied "Well i experimented in my younger days" but I realised she was Bi, didn't bother me tho, I have no hang ups or prejudices. I have many gay friends, worked with gays, even had the come on from gays, but gently let it be known I was straight & no harm was done.

Sometimes I would feel uncomfortable with her closeness of body, her kisses on my cheek, her sitting on my lap, her flirty ways, I never responded, but also never said anything to stop it, I just ket Sandie be who she wanted to be. That night, of the leaving party, there was a few of her close friends, who through Sandie had now become good friends of mine, we had a great time, but at the end of the night, she didn't want to go home with Steve, said to me, come on back to the house she was redecorating for the owner, have a drink. I said ok, thinking nothing more than close friends being together, having space & time to chill & chat. We got back to the house & she said "come on lets cuddle up in bed & go to sleep" I just got into bed with out thinking, it felt natural, she was my best friend, even tho I had never done anything like this before with a close friend, I just didn;t give it thought, maybe I had, had a lot to drink, tho I wasn't drunk, I don't know I just did it. She took a call off Steve, put it on loud speaker so I could hear, then cuddled up to me, I lifted my arm up and put it around her, drawing her into me. She said "This was nice" We talked for maybe 10 minutes, about what we were doing, I said it didn't feel normal, then apologised for saying that, she told me to relax, not to fret, then she leaned back onto the pillow, I leant over & kissed her, she was shocked, so was I & withdrew, I sighed & she asked me what was wrong, I said nothing, everything was fine, I lent over & kissed her again, god knows were this impulse came from to do this, but I did. We must have fallen asleep then, in each others arms, I woke next morning, we said nothing & I went to work, but I rang her later & during the conversation, I told her I wanted more, though I was still panicky as to what I was saying, she told me to chill, not to fret.

The day had arrived were I took her to the airport, she was starting her new life, I cried all the way home, I had to stop the car, just to compose myself I txt Steve & told him, he was pretty sad too. Over the next couple of months, we chatted on the phone, txt, I had even got her to download yahoo so we could talk in real time on the computer, she bought a web cam, so I could see her & I put mine on, we stayed close, she came home too for a couple of weekends, we went out, enjoyed ourselves, had fun, but nothing happened.

Then she came home a couple of days before Christmas, I was now running the bar, It was a 24 hour bar, I was feeling the stress, & it was evident to her, she leant down, by the side of my chair, said she hated seeing me like this, why don't I give her a ring after she had got home from the pantomime she was going to with her new fella’s mum & dad, then come round with the kids, have a few drinks, relax, stay the night. I said ok she said "Good now give me a kiss" I leant over & kissed her on the lips with out hesitation & completely oblivious to anyone who was in the bar.

That night, Steve rang, wanted to come round, they had caught up earlier in the day, had a quick snog for old times sake, he was still in love with her, still wanted her. Sandie said yes ok but he would have to sleep in the spare room, I txt him said let her go, she’s with someone else now as you know. I walked round and cuddled her from behind, said your a tease, he loves you still, you kissed him, your bad, I was laughing as I said this, I came round to the front of her & sipped at the champagne she had opened, we'd had a few lines of coke too, which we normally did, if we went out. She told me she didn't want Steve, she wanted me & pulled me towards her, we kissed, for the first time, we kissed, we locked lips and slowly, gently French kissed.

Her lips were so soft, gentle, loving, I had my hands on her thighs, as she was sat on a bar stool, we kissed for a couple of minutes then I whispered in her ear "Lets go to bed" I looked into her eyes, she has the most beautiful, dazzling sparkling blue eyes, that betray her every time. I have a thing about eyes, they are the windows to your soul, they tell you everything & they never lie, I can read everything about a person through their eyes. She wanted me, she had love, passion lust in her eyes.

She got up without saying anything switched the kitchen light off & went upstairs, I followed, got undressed & got into bed, she had gone to the bathroom, but a couple of minutes later, she got into bed naked, she cuddled up to me, started to kiss me & an electric current shot through my body as her beautiful, divine body touched mine for the first time. Sandie is very petite, a couple of inches smaller then me I'm 5'5, she has a porcelain complexion, was blonde then, but now a brunette, which suits her so much better, she had a body to die for, I kissed her neck, ran small kisses down her shoulder, kissed her breasts, nibbled at her nipples till they stood on end, all the while I am flooding at touching her, kissing her, smelling her, feeling her, she had aroused me like no one, not even a man had aroused me before.

This was my first time, I had not even looked at a women in a sexual way before, never mind kiss a woman, now I was in bed with my closest friend, making love to her, she took the lead, turned me over, was on top of me, without unlocking lips, she kissed me all over, went down to my breasts, looked at them for a minute, said how wonderful they were, she only had small breasts, 34 c but it didn't make any difference to me, they were divine to me, she cupped them with her hands, kissed them, played with them, nibbled them, till my nipples were rock hard, god I was flooding so much, I had never been so turned on, never been so aroused, she kissed me all over my stomach, blew on my shaven hair, then lent to lick my clit, I hesitated, was unsure, said "No don't. It's ok" she told me not to worry, to relax, it was ok, so I lent back & allowed her to run her tongue over my clit, she nibbled me, teased me, sucked at it, I was on fire, I was so close to climaxing even then, she stopped for a minute, looked up at me, i sat up, took her face in my hands and kissed her, I told her I loved her, & with all my heart & soul i did, I felt so much love for her it was overwhelming, she told me she loved me, l lent her over, took control again, I wanted to show her how much I loved her.

I ran my fingers across her face, tracing them with kisses, I showered her whole upper body with kisses, my lips licking her skin, tasting her, nibbling her, she moaned, god did I flood when she moaned, I had made her moan, I was making her happy, exciting her, & it was too much for me, I kissed her small shaven mound, blew on her clit, she moaned more, I was near again to climaxing, just from doing this too her. I parted her lips, and kissed, nibbled, sucked on every part of her pussy, I slid my tongue up and down her slit, i sucked at her clit, i nibbled at her lips, she moaned more, I flooded more, I stuck a finger inside her, she flooded again & I tasted her, sucking up all her juices, swallowing them, god she tasted like wine, I started to finger fuck her, slowly at first, gently, I slid 2 fingers in, then 3, she was so tight, she begged me to go deeper, faster, harder, so I did, she moved onto my fingers, grinding down on them, moaning at the pleasure I was giving her.

I was so close, I was wet through, my clit was throbbing, whilst I fucked her with my fingers & sucked on her clit, then her muscles tightened around my fingers & i knew she was about to orgasm, I couldn't stop, it was too much, as she moaned in ecstasy, I moaned as I climaxed, my juices pumping out of me, as her juices pumped out of her and into my mouth, which i swallowed down, i ate her dry, every last drop, I savoured, I devoured her pussy. That was the first time I had ever climaxed with out anyone touching me, it was just the sheer love, sheer adrenalin, of what I was doing to her, the sheer turn on, that made me cum. I rose up & kissed her again on the lips, I told her I loved her so much, it hurt, she told me she loved me & we fell asleep in each others arms, I had never felt so contented in my life as I did that night.

We have seen each other a few times, since then, spoken often online, we remain close, we have been alone too a few times, but nothings happened, it even took a few months for us to talk about that night, she says she has no regrets, I'm special too her, she loves me to death. I've wanted to make love to her again, but been to scared to make the move, I’ve been to scared to show her how I really feel, you see, she started a new life with a much older guy she met, she had been doing his house up, redesigning it, it was his bed, we made love in, He's the same age as me 43, but the difference is he’s a millionaire, I'm not, she wants for nothing, she's had a boob job to make them larger had her tooth done as even tho they were white, they were crooked, he buys her designer dresses, put her daughter in private school, she loves him, he cares for her, in a way she has always wanted, she's happy, she couldn't ask for more & I'm happy she's happy.

She came home in May, we went out, went back to hers, talked on the bed, she look at me with so much love in her eyes & said I meant so much to her. When she went back to France, I emailed her, I told her I was in love with her, wanted her, needed her, tho I knew she was with Harry her new man, she replied by saying she was in love with him, not me, that night would always remain special to her, she had no regrets, but she was unfaithful to him & he didn’t deserve that. She loved me as a friend only & put me and my kids at the top of her list above so many others. I was devastated, I'm sure she’s just trying to do the right thing by all, I saw her love for me in her face, in her eyes, she told me she didn't want anything to change, she wanted us to stay the same, I'm Ben, she's Eubank lol nicknames we had given each other after this Tinker bell woman had stood her ground in a fight with another woman, I had txt her saying "get sum sleep Nigel Benn, lots of love Chris Eubank" she had laughed so hard & said that’s what we would call each other from now on.

She has carried on flirting with me online, carried on calling me gorgy girl & saying hello beautiful, carried on as if nothings changed, even though she knows I'm in love with her & she says she isn't me, she tells me every time we sign off she loves me to death. I'm going out to see her in August & I'm going to look her in the eyes & ask her that she doesn't feel anything. I know she does, & I know she’s just trying to do the right thing, but it still hurts. I don't want her to leave Harry, I know she is happy & I'm happy she is, I just want her to acknowledge what we have & go with it. I don't know how we can stay best friends if the chemistry that is always there goes, if we can't as she wants stay the same. I want to taste her lips again, touch her, feel her, make love to her, I think about her every day, fantasise about us, think of that night. Am I Bi ? I don't want other women, just her, & in any way possible, even an illicit affair. Does she want her cake & to eat it, is she fair with me, ??? she’s such a lovely person, but I don't know, is it because I love her, I can't see the woods for the trees.

Note to Carson Deeds another author on here.... I hope I have the honour of you reading this story & seeing my note. I have read all your storys,some a couple of times over, why ? because they were written from the heart, you could see all the way through the story,how much you love your girl,I enjoyed them Immensely. I hope you are still happy, still together, I hope you will write more,I get the feeling you are in the States, I'm in the UK, It would be nice if we could touch base, just as a friend is all, although I don't know how on here lol. If not Health, Wealth & Happiness & thanks for the storys xxx ..

More then best friends

by catty1994

It was the first day of summer... I was sitting on my couch waiting for my best friend Mackenzie to call. ..


by Sexygirl69

Riley was one of those girls that everyone wished they were. Blonde hair and green eyes. ..