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Halloween Night


It was late at night and she was just getting done with paperwork. I walked in the room to see her sitting there at her desk. she was wearing a fairy..

New Flatmates

by Lola-Jade Smith

I'd just gotten a new flat and was looking for new roomates to share with. I was interviewing people and one of them caught my eye. She was tall..

Olivia's Ordeal

by Exakta66

So many things were going through Olivia's young mind as she rode in the back of the van. Though she was uncomfortable from the cuffs and leg ..

In the Cinema

by Lola-Jade Smith

As we walked into the cinema we were both nervously holding hands. we bought our tickets and were shown to our seats. As the movie..

My clit was never so clean

by Pornymomma

Ok this is the story if my first lesbian sex experience.
Me and my friend Leah where both Waitresses at a crappy fast food place ..

Airport Hypnosis

by ca_kimber

I was traveling from Atlanta to Los Angeles for business and my trip did not get off to the best of starts. To begin then handle on my suitcase, ..

On vacation - Part 1

by drew

It all happened while I was in Chicago on vacation. I was in my hotel room on video-chat with my girls, Alicia and Liza, the twin sisters...

New hope

by sarah34

It began with a lesbian black get together invitation. She didn't even want to go but didn't let on to Taylor who she had adored and let go of a year..

desireable passions

by carpe diem

Our lips pressed together as Nicole massaged the small of my back. I hadn't seen her in months due to business trips and phone sex was fun but not the ..

Pleasant Dreams

by Katie-S

After drinking at a night club Monica got in a cab with Stacy and to continue partying at Stacy's place. Monica, quite drunk, could not take her eye's..

lustful concoctions

by carpe diem

The rain beated against the window sill. I just looked out wondering if it would keep like this and for how long. Nicole was in the kitchen cooking ..

Pleasant Dreams

by Kate-S

Stacy began to undress first revealing her red laced bra and thong worn underneath. Monica's felt her heart skip and her stomach churn. ..

My First Lesbian Threeway (LEGENDARY)

by Kayla

When I had first moved in with my best friends that summer, I thought that life couldn't get any better. It had been me, my best friends Justin,..

If Mom Only Knew Part 2

by Daxanna

After my father came in and said his hi's he went to his room to make a phone call. Christy said she had better go and so I could clean up. The ..


by Jess_the_best

I was a 17 year old teen, with a wonderful boyfriend, and I was the most popular girl of my school. ..

Shari's Blind Date

by Deb ~~

It was Shari's first night back from her business trip. Her best friend Monica had set her up on a blind date because Shari was all work no play, Monica..

never ending

by zheiah

I waited for her outside the office. Its been two weeks since e last saw each other. I terribly miss Gy. ..

Consolation Prize

by The Rated-R Superstar

Ninety-four and thirty-six. The same numbers kept repeating in her head. Ninety-four, thirty-six. She knew those two numbers would be etched in her head for a long time to come,..

Scottish fairground delight

by scottishMary

Every year during the summer months the fairground sets up near my home in Glasgow. ..

The hot tub.

by Kayla

My hands were trembling. I had no idea how I had ended up in this position. I had always imagined it,..


by Emily

Fourth of July weekend. My whole family was at my house. Including my cousin Michelle who was 19 just like me. I felt that their was always something between us but i didn't know what...

After School Fun

by ello343

I'm not a lesbian, but Cristy is. I don't particularly like Cristy. But there's somthing about the way she makes me cum....

No Need For Words

by honey_muncher

I'm 5ft7", I have blue eyes, average sized hips, waist and breasts, longish legs, short blonde hair, its normally spiked or flattened down in a messy way, I like wearing baggy boy jeans ..

Weekend with Sandy part 1

by HS_Slut

I had known Sandy for a while now. We weren\'t lesbians, we both liked guys, we were just fuck buddies...

Bailey...Chapter One

by lezy25

My name is Sam Smith and it was my senior year in HS. Everything was going great, until I met Bailey. She was everything I could ask for in a person, only one problem...I wasn't gay...

The Window Ch.2 and Ch.3

by Jersey

“Wake up Michelle, Christine and E are back,” I whispered in her ear while I slowly ran my finger across her lips.  ..

Lovely Sundays

by ElectricRedJ

We’d been hanging out all night. Joking around and watching old movies, drinking a little and smoking a couple of joints. Shannon had always been attractive to me. ..

A Secret Desire (Part 1)

by Mandy

I had known Mellissa and John for many years and their twins, Natalie and Peter since they were toddlers, they were now 18 years of age and very grown up. ..

Stella's first...

by maggiec2204

Stella stared out of the window. She didn't know what to do and strangely, confiding in Vix hadn't helped much. If Vix doesn't know then who does? ..

Stella's first time

by maggiec2204

Stella stared out of the window. She didn't know what to do and strangely, confiding in Vix hadn't helped much. If Vix doesn't know then who does?..

My first time

by Mandy

It was a typical Saturday morning when the phone rang. It was Nina, my best friend. A week before I found myself locked..

A True story of My First Girl on Girl

by Stay_Classy

it was like any other night at the club with my girls... dancing on the stage as always, grabbing the attention of every guy and even some of the ladies in the place. ..

The Window Chapter 1

by Jersey

There I was all excited packing for a weekend getaway to the White Mountains Region in NH. Looking forward to blue skies, sunrise,..


by peter

it was a hot and sticky night.i could feel thet my pussy was sweating and juicy.I began to slowly move my finger back and forth over my clit thinking of jill next door...


by Lisa M

Some locations and team's names are real. All names, and situations are a work of fiction. ..

Aces Pt.2

by Lisa M

Some locations and team\'s names are real. All names, and situations are a work of fiction. ..

A Fun Time


I never thought sex with ME or a girl was so fun. I sat at my computer looking at a nude girl named Hannah shoving vibrators, dildos, cocks, ..

Her Next Door

by Wilma67

It was midnight and i was sitting in bed thinking about the girl next door. About her long blonde hair that curled around her perky tits...

A night full of exciting fun

by Nicole W

I'm sitting in a meeting at work, and slightly bored. Interacting in the meeting very little though. ..

Accounting Challenge

by Luvbug40

Jenn and I have worked together for over two years. We are both in the accounting department of a large firm ..