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by NutNut

I will call her Idol. I won't reveal her identity. At least not directly. But she is beautiful. Beautiful and perfect and smolderingly sexy. A singer...

Jamie & Sam

by NorCaliGirl

I had met Samantha back in high school. It had been instant attraction for me..

Sam My Best Friend

by youngin

The last time I saw Sam was last year before we both headed off to college.
Here she is now, a year later, in my empty house..

my best friend Amber Part 1

by 18year old

I just turned 18 this year and had my first lesbian experience when I was 16 so I think its fair to say I am highly experienced with licking girls ..

Tinny Sardines and Sweet Pussy

by Esperanza_Hidalgo

This is a little romance/stroke piece where two women experience sex in a public venue. ..

On Location

by booblover

I got the call in early April of that fabulous year and was told I had the job on the movie, ..

secrets......part 2

by dr.addi

So...there she was standing infront of me, looking extremely hot in her light blue bikini. ..


by dr.addi

I've always been attracted to woman, but never thought that i would actually be with one. ..

The Encounter

by Loui

I decided to go swimming one day as it had been so long since I last went. Whilst I was in the pool I noticed this girl looking at me,..

Jailhouse Love

by NorCaliGirl

I trembled with anticipation as I removed my shirt and pants and then my bra and panties which I stuffed under my blanket in the cell I shared with Kya. ..

Wedding Blues

by Love Stories

Heather Fairly had always thought that your wedding day was meant to be the best night of your life..

Unlikely Lovers

by Love Stories

Sophie sat on the sofa in her apartment, just relaxing, wearing a black shirt and tight blue jeans. Her long, dark hair cascaded down her back as she untied it and closed her eyes...

Unexpected lick

by ChloeAH

Well my name is Chloe i'm 18 years old and am not a virgin.. i have always been into guys and never once thought about having sex with a girl.. until now...

me and my bff

by sexwithmybest

It all started when my best friend came over were 15 we sat down to watch a movie on the couch my sister was in the next room we were under a blanket I was in massive t-shirt with nothing..

2 girls 1 vibrator

by LesbianErotica

Lexie was a sexy 18 year old girl with luscious breast and a big soft ass. She was very hot as she had full plumped lips. She had wavy dirty blonde hair that covered her nipples when it was down...

bottles and pussy on camp

by 18year old

My best friend (jacki) and I had planed to go on a camping trip for a few nights. Knowing others would be at the same camp site we didn't care...

school's no longer boring...

by KFury

I slumped in my desk and stared blindly at the chalkboard. My monotonous Spanish teacher recited the proper ways to conjugate Spanish verbs! blah, blah, blah, blah...

My Best Friend, Happens to Be...

by only one lonely one

Me and my Best Friend were having a sleepover, and We rented Jennifer's Body. ..

Feisty Fems

by NorCaliGirl

"Eat up," said Melina's detective hubby Jamie as she sat at the table to join her too-thin wife for the breakfast she'd made. Melina worked hard throughout the week cooking and cleaning, ..

Marital Bliss

by NorCaliGirl

Detective Jamie Delgado pulled up in front of her house. As a homicide detective, the sight of her beautiful wife of one year always soothed her..

Schoolgirl Crush

by NorCaliGirl

Jodi eyed the tall, dark woman from across the room. Despite the fact that the gloominess of the room cast the woman mostly in silhouette, Jodi liked what she saw...


by shadowlev

Days like these, when I have the house to myself, I drink in the details. An easle stands in the bedroom with a canvas perched upon it. ..

The dance studio

by Queenk123

So at my dance studio there is this hot and very sexy girl. Her name was Katie. She was on of the teachers for the little kids. So one night I was closing up and Katie was still there..

How I Discovered I Was Lasbian

by tex_ass

One night, my best friend Robyn was sleeping over, and there was no one else home. Robyn was sleeping, but I was still up. Robyn is one of those ..

A Message To Remember

by NorCal Edie

My name is Chantal. A little bit about myself, I am a 44 yr. recently divorced (was married for 20 years to a man) mother of two grown sons. I am ..

Pleasent Surpise

by LeeLa

I haven't seen my best friend from middle school in years. When I was younger, I was always attracted to females, but knew it was ..

Desire- part 1

by Lunasee

I never desired, I never lusted. I simply sat back and watched the people moving around me. I watched the way their lips pulled up when they smiled,..

Best Massage I Have Ever Received

by Edie of NorCal

Hi my name is Chantal. A little bit about myself, I am a 44 yr. recently divorced (was married 20 years) mother of two grown sons. I am often told I am attractive..

Love Finally

by KFury

I see putting your books away in her locker and my heart begins to pound in my chest. Yo briefly glance at me and I can't breathe. You are so beautiful...

my first time

by sexy bitch

i was having sleepover at my friend jordans house. i had known she was bisexual for a long time. ..

Ashley & Katelyn

by NorCaliGirl

Ashley had a crush on Katelyn, one of her four college roommates for a while now...

A week alone. Day one

by H-H-Horney

I was getting really nervous, waiting for Tanya to come over. My mother was away for the weekend and had left me and my twin sister Demi ..

My Hot Step Mom

by Ashley_Davis

I turned 18 years old this year and my parents have been split up since I was 5.My father got remarried a few months ago ever since ..

I officially like girls.

by Monikerr

So I'm like 16 and my boyfriend Brandon calls and wants to have phone sex. I'm all for it but my best friend Chelsey is in the bed with me. He keeps..

Wedding Invitation

by Luvbug40

There was going to be a marriage. No it wasn't mine, thank God. I had already done that nine years ago. The results.... still married, no children, two careers..

Why You Should Try Playing To Get

by Colbe09

you walk upstairs and into your bedroom looking rather fuckable as usual in your tshirt an jeans, i am lay back against the pillows on your bed wearing ..

Our First

by Krystal

It was the single most amazing night of my life.

It was a monday morning when my phone went off, buzz buzz..

Tia's Date with Courtney

by NorCaliGirl

Tia had a crush on her co-worker Courtney and was thrilled when she invited her to her secluded little trailer in teh woods of NorCal. They spent the ..

Boarding School

by LL_

All Girl Boarding-Schools tend to get a little wild when girls are cooped up month after month together. I had been going to one for around a year..


by bobdacroc

Tammy watched as Amber walked past her in the cafeteria. All week she had been waiting, hoping an opportunity would present itself to get that girl. ..