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by marthax

Brianna had been my best friend since we were 15. We hit it off amazingly and have stayed best friends since...

A lustful recollection

by Frenchgirl

Anna had come down that morning to realize that Betty had left. Bummer. After a great night of wild sex, the girl had just left. To Anna, it just didn't add up...

The little red dress

by Babydolle

I took one last look in the mirror and was pleased with my appearance, I smoothed my hands over my curves and smiled. I looked hot and I wanted everyone to notice me..

Spring Break... Part 1

by MidnightHarvest

It was late on a Thursday night around 11. I was texting my best friend Brandi about the guys off of SuperNatural. That's when she asked if I ..

My friend's friend

by MixedBabydoll

There she was. A stunning dark chocolate woman so beautiful and so delicious that she made me wet on the spot. ..

My First Love

by CLM2010

I had waited 9 months to see her again. She was the new girl my senior year, I had started talking to her and knew I was in love...

Veronica, Part 1

by jonez

I had finally achieved my dream job, owning my very women's only gym and day spa. One of the perks of this job was that I got to use the gym and, have massages, facials, pool and spa all free. ..

New Dress

by Denise

You have a function to attend. You need a new dress. Something
conservative but alluring. You search the shops, racks and rails until ..

Dance floor sex

by Bi-Beaut

"Want to come to a club?" Sammie had been living with me for a week now. We seemed to get on like a house on fire, which was strange for me. I usually hate other girls.
"Um." I pondered.

The Girl in Red Lace Panties

by Chrissy N

When came to my sex, I guess you can say i was sort of a late bloomer. I didn't start showing an interest in boys until my late teens, early 20's...

Allyson and Zoe

by Allyson

I want to fuck you. I have wanted to since the day we met. Your so fucking hot and when i see you my pussy gets soaked and leaks thru my panties. ..

The storm & events

by nicole19

It was a normal February here in virginia, untill it started to snow. Mrs. LaTourrette came to tutor me in english...

What an amazing trip along the path of eroticism.

by angie

My mind enduring, patient yet eagerly seeks eroticism. I crave heat. Sparks are within and I want to set others on fire. ..

horny bad girl

by ellie

"RING!" Emily's alarm clock went off, she sprung up and ran down the. stairs to take a shower. As she toke off her clothes..

Two Nights with Beth: Part 1

by JessieKennedy69

Beth has been one of my favorite adventures in a long time. Beth is tall and tan and brunette and oozes sex appeal...

Boarding Boobies

by illmakeyourlegsshake

As I ran to greet my best friend Kiera, I could not help but notice how gorgeous she looked. Petite, tight, sun-kissed skin, with long wavy blonde hair, and the most gorgeous green eyes...

Sexy cop

by ilovemysexycop

I was speeding through town, eager to get home when blue and red flashing lights sped up behind me...

my lesbian sex 1

by cocorocha

There I was. Waiting in my apartment for her. I had been wanting to give her a surprise of a lifetime! I was wearing her favourite meal...

My first time

by Ang3l

So it was the afternoon before homecoming. Me and my friend decided we would go to her house and hang out...

Dirty bitches

by Sexy sas

I had been invited to an Ann summers party it was a friend of a friend went along open minded ..

my first time......

by wa..girl

I had been talking to this girl online for about 3 months... Let's call her 'Tem' we were getting along really well hit it off excellent, so we decided to take things to the next level...


by Rachel

I am a twenty-five year old professional woman, unmarried, who had just broken off with her boyfriend a few months before...

Mans Fantasy, a Woman's Nightmare

by sex-edu

It's been over a year since I stepped foot on this street. The last time I was here the moment was filled with tears, yelling, and hurtful words...

Bedding the Babysitter

by silkstockingslover

My name is Megan. I am a 35 year old single woman with a two year old child.

True Passion

by Star eyes

I was with some friends having a good time celebrating the end of a sticky breakup with my ex boyfriend. we'd all had alot to drink and i was feeling ..

Her first time.

by cummingqueen,

I was playing with myself when my best friend Megan rang. 'Hi Lauren!' She said 'Hey!' 'Wanna come over? ..

Drunken Encounter

by ChemicalAngel

My friends and I had been out that night, in the local gay bar, intending to get drunk and have a good time; ..

Making of a sex slave

by sophiebabez

I'm a research scientist for a major pharmaceutical company and I started for this company right after I graduated from college and at my interview I ..

Bath Time..

by Your Fantasy

I was in the bathtub when I heard Cara come home.
"Ella? You home?" She shouted.

First time

by ianandtracey

It all started before I met Ian. I was married, not much of a sex life, in fact we were both married, with no sex life...

Bridget ..my first

by Regan

I just met Bridget a couple weeks ago at hockey
try outs-we changed together and showered together but in a no sexual way...

my lesbian encounter with my bestfriend

by Brooke963

It was a very rainy day when this went down. I was bored and my bestfriend Pam had came to town from South Carolina...

Latina Lesbian squirt

by Eva1

My name is Eva and I am a 22 year old Latina Lesbian and this is my story...

The First Time I Met Kendra

by TheInnocentGirl;)

She was my friend Jakes ex gf, I was hanging out with Jake one night and she dropped by to say hi and speak to her mom (who was upstairs with Jakes mom). ..


by Horny_Bi-Sexual

she was my best friend. and i was straight. we were best friends since 5th grade weideverything together...

Seduction in the supermarket

by sexyj

Kate woke up that morning feeling like nothing had changed in her life since she was twenty four. ..

Sunshine Strip

by Tracy L.

PART 1 One summer, quite a few years ago!..

Sex with my Mom's Bestie

by Mrs. Bossom

The names Holly. I'm 21 and have been a lesbian ever since I was 15. I have been with a lot of women,..


by Kitty

It was a spring afternoon when i got a text from my best friend Macy
Can i sleep @ u place?..

Never too rough.

by Lesbian

For months Hally had been thinking of a change. She would lie on her bed thinking of girls. She didnt believe she was a lesbian she just thought he was curious...