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Sex With My Sisters Best Friends

by Alyxxc

I pulled her nipple hard and turned it, enjoying the way she screamed my name. Alexis grabbed my tits and palmed them while Lucy lapped at my clit. ..

My Day Job

by Andrea

This is a true story. I had just moved to a new Town and needed Part time work.
I saw an Ad in the paper for part time help in house ironing light housework.

Becoming a lesbo

by Panty pee-we

I\'m an attention whore, finally realized I have a thing for older professional, interesting, smart women. It all started when I was 7. ..

Lindsey and Stacey's home-made movie.

by Goofiegumdrops

I was at work one day when I heard a very familiar voice behind me say "hi babes! Working hard are we?" ..

Now what and later? Part I

by J Barth

I can't get Lisa out of my mind. Since last evening nothing in my life is the same. How could it be? What happened was so totally unexpected ..

Birthday Gift

by Bec

Hannah had just turned 18 and to celebrate, her and her best friend Lacy, went to a beautiful tropical island. ..

First Night with Sister-in-law


ince the moment Kanchana has seen her little Sister-in-Law, Lalitha, the bride of her newly married younger brother, Kanchana has been longing to bed with her, ..

Blackmailing a friends daughter


Like me, Jaya a divorcee, was in her early 40s and had a child. I'd only known Jaya for about 5 years, and I'd grown to care for her very much in that time. ..

The Beginning of Inspiration and The End of Frustration

by Dr. Imagination

I am a 34 year old married woman with 2 kids and 2 dogs. The dogs keep me sane and the kids keep me active...

F cup friends get together agian, true story.

by Tara34f

A few years ago I use to train with my best friend who suddenly had to move away due to her job, we trained out to keep our bodies nice and firm but mainly to firm our breasts..

Big Boob Fun

by Zoe32F

This was my first experience in having another big pair of breasts doing all sorts of things to my breasts...

Lesbian Ghost

by DarkStar

Four young women, in their 20\'s, dressed in leather, walks deep in the woods, as they stumble around, pushing branches away to get through, they come upon a house, they search ..

A Lesbian went after a married women

by Kelly

A real life lesbian sex storie

When I was younger at 14 my mom\'s friend ..

The Rescue / Part 1

by Sappholust

The warm wind came off the mountains and blew into the wide red and brown canyons of stone. The day had turned cloudy after a marvelously bright and grand early spring morning in March...

The Rescue / Part 2

by Sappholust

Samantha walked into the rustic, bustling coffee shop where she trained her gaze upon a barista who she knew from the spa. Sam was wearing her skin-tight denims with a white, ..

The Rescue / Part 3

by Sappholust

On the long journey across the state, Val thought about her new relationship with Jill and how she had cleaned up in such a short amount of time. ..

my horny roomate

by kristy walker

hey lizy pass me the ball.britney yelled from across the field.i threw the ball far,the took my shirt off now only ..

2 horny roomates

by kristy walker

I walking to my my room nervosly.my roomate seemed to be acting strange ever since she broke up with her boyfriend tony.she hadn't told me what happend.when I..

Defeated in a Female Naked Challenge

by Tracie-Louise

Last week I was at the house of my boyfriend, Mike, and decided to set him a bit of a saucy challenge- I bet him that he couldn't help but get an erection the next time he saw me naked. ..

How I became a Lesbian

by Kamille

It was a late night and I was extremely tired. I went to be and turned on my television set. I flied through the channels until I found something I actually wanted to watch... ..

My Best Friend

by rae

Faith was my best friend since kindergarten. We'd been through everything together - the good times, the bad times - everything. I wanted to go out with Faith and she knew it. ..

One unusual swimming lesson

by Vicky Lachman

Before I had this experience, I would have always considered myself as straight. Okay, so I shared an apartment with three other girls, but they always have and will be friends...

It would be special for me

by Dream angel

Still . . I would have loved having date with Sophie, although I'd never attempted to find out if it was possible. It would be special if I could be her escort to be with her to fuck herself with me along to make the night special. ..

A day at the hotel with my bestfriend. part two

by lesbianteen15

After she said that she stood up, "I'll only be a minute, and I have a surprise for you." She giggles and ran to the bedroom. ..

A day at the hotel with my bestfriend

by lesbianteen15

It started off as a normal hot Summer day, Teagan and I were sitting by the poolside soaking up the sun. We were there for the Summer vacation and thought it would be fun to go to Florida for a week. ..

Dancing with Sam

by Sexy Rebecca

Sam and Rebecca have only been friends for a little less then a year. They were both stunning girls. Sam was thin, tanned, blue eyes and long brown hair. ..

Lena and Janet

by lenapants

I've always been curious about what it would be like to be with a woman. I've kissed a few girls when I was in high school but nothing like sleeping with a girl at all. ..

Behind closed doors

by taybaby

So it all started when her mom went to the sore. Yes, she is a college student living at home to save money. ..

A night in old Greece... ;)

by HispanicChick

Hestea was walking down the street when she saw a new store. Hestea was a mall addict so she stopped in front of the window to look at the modern clothes on display...

kaylee & racheal

by xxkikixx

It was Monday night and Kaylee was bored, she decided she wanted some company so she invited Racheal over. Kaylee had always had a soft spot for Racheal but she knew Racheal..

Lustful Dreams

by NorCaliGirl

A knock at the door startled Nadirah from her reverie. Who would be knocking on her door, unexpectedly, at just before midnight?..

Essential richual

by magnum

Alysha was A 5ft 7in red head with cute freckles across her nose, just enough to make you want to look twice and shoulder blade length hair, neatly put up or tied back in a tail, she didnt have huge breasts but they were a perfect size for her frame and enough ..

swedish secrets

by alexa

I usually didn't notice girls like Cassie, well not until I read her journal. I was head cheerleader, long black hair, curvy body, I spose you could say I was stuck up. ..

friends with benifits

by alexa

I was exstatic after the phone call. I would finally see her!
I was so excited. My best friend Holly...

dirty secret

by alexa

True story
It was my first day of collage, and I sat in my first class for the day physics...


by alexa

Cindy was new in town and had already made a bad start spilling a bottle of water on the head cheerleader...

Wakeup ;)

by leswolf

Clair was sleeping so soundly, nobody could wake her up. Until Krystal, her girlfriend started kissing her soft nipples tenderly.

my best friend (which is a girl) and i (girl) had sex! hawwt!

by lesbofreak!

Okay, my bff elesia came over to spend the night. we were texting and we never had sex before. ever. no lesbian, no straight. so we wanted to know what it feels like to be fingered and licked...

My First time

by Iman

My name is Angel Dawn I am now 19 years old this story happened my freshman year at college. I had Graduated early from high school and received a full scholarship to a well known school in my state. ..

I often wondered

by Liz Purser

Sometimes you lay in bed, well I do, and just wonder about things you've never done. I was half asleep and it was warm and my mind wandered and so did my fingers. ..