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Missing You...

by Ruby Tuesday

I woke up this morning and reached for you.. you were not there so I went back to sleep and dreamt you were... ..

Xmas Party Surprise

by Trucker Dave

This happened Just last weekend at my works Xmas party. Last weekend my wife and i attended my ..

A night with a sexy girl co-passenger

by Kumar

I had two interesting experiences during train journeys so far. I shall explain about one of them here. ..

It was a bad day until.....

by Dave

I had been having a real shit day, it was Christmas Eve and i was still working delivering goods to People homes ..

Sinners and Angels Part 1

by Angel Of Fire

Jesus! Who was that knocking? Rob grimaced he was right in the middle of jerking off- anything to bring relief after a long hot night of performing in front of thousands of screaming fans. Hastily he pulled his pants up and opened the door, a girl! Of course! Another groupie! Before he mutter "K K's down the hall." The girl smiled, despite his discomfort Rob couldn't help notice how very pretty she was. Long dark hair like a lion's mane a doll like face and eyes unlike any he'd ever seen before- clear light amber with flecks of green. A smile formed on her small pouting mouth.

"I'm sorry if I disturbed you, I must have gotten out on the wrong floor". The girl explained in voice that was a blend of little girl and mature woman. Rob looked at her keenly. If that was a excuse it was a good one.

"Come in." He said simply. In a breathless headlong way the girl explained she was supposed to be meeeting friends for drinks.

"Use the phone if you like, its in the other room".

"Thanks" she said.

Rob wondered what was really going on a he listened to her whispered conversation. But he had no chance to form a strong opinion because she was coming out it was then she stumbled slightly.

"Watch your step! Are you okay?". Rob took her arm and helped to her feet, she was shorter than he maybe just 5'5 and dress in a long black skirt, boots and some sort of cami top that showed pretty well formed cleavage. Rob didn't give much mind to breasts usually but these had his attention.

As he was helping her up she swayed slightly against him and the girl touched his bare chest to sready herself. Rob's skin tingled where she had touched him and he nearly flinched. For a moment or two they stood regarding one another and suddenly they were all over each other.

That this made no sense didn't trouble Rob, he was lonely and horny. Why should everyone else have all the fun? And did it matter so much that this wasn't a guy? He needed connection, he needed responsive flesh. And she was here and willing. And after a bit that mattered not either, nothing did except his tongue in her sweet mouth and his hands on her body. How different women were! So soft and pliant. The absence of body hair and muscle and male scent was almost off putting. Rob was afraid of hurting her at first. When at last they were naked he explored every portion of her body, she was curvy voluptous girl with large round breast and very prominent nipples. Rob sucked on them and the girl began to moan and caress his cock in such a way he knew he would come in a matter of seconds if he were inside of her. And though he hated to break the mood Rob searched out and found one of many cockrings he kept with him as well as some lube. Continuing his exploration of new territory Rob touched her mound and somewhat awkwardly spread the labia so he could get a good look.

"Why its lovely". he said in surprise. No judge of pussy Rob found the pink flowerlike folds fascinating. Venturing in he gave her a kiss there and gasped and thrust up at his mouth. Using his tongue Rob ran a wet trail all over her pussy, marveling at the salty sweet taste.

"K K would be proud of me". Rob thought as he found the clitoris and for the next 10 minutes he didn't think at all except that now he could add pussy eating to another list of acomplishments. And he must have been good at it because the girl moans became louder and louder especially when he began to gently suck at the clitoris, it grew bigger and finally she began to tell him: "Whatever happens just don't stop, ooh please don't stop!" And she began to shudder and shriek and her thighs went around his head and neck as her body jerked and Rob could hear her crying out.

"Oh God! Oh yes! OOH YES!!" And then she was shoving his head down harder into her pussy and hitting his shoulders with fists. Rob loved it! So much so that she had to push him off. Her body was flushed and shaking, Rob figured she would need time to regain her engergy and was astonished when she began to whisper:

"Do it to me! Please do it to me!" And it happened so fast, he was mounting her and entering her. And there was the incredible hot tightness, the creamy wet tightness all around his hard dick. He fucked her slowly at first still afraid of injuring her and then he felt her fingers raking his ass and he just let loose pounding into her as their moans became cries. He was sure everyone in the hotel could hear them but he didn't care on and on the went. First on her back, then she on him riding him very hard her pussy was so hot and tight that when Rob finally did remove the cockring and went hard doggy style he came so hard it seemed to originate in his spine and then to his cock balls and entire body. His fingers grasped the girls hips and actually lifted her off the floor as he was fucking her. He howled with pleasure that seemed to go on and on. Finally collasping together, bodies sated and slick with sweat. The last thing Rob remembered befpre he fell asleep was the girl whispering; " I love you Halford, I love you".


A night with a sexy nurse in nursing home

by Kumar

Once, a friend of mine had to be taken to a doctor, about 40 KM away in the outskirts of the city around 11.00 PM ..

Affair with a Hot & Sexy Woman

by Kumar

Hi Guys, this is Kumar. I'm a 36 year old guy working in Kochi. Today I'm going to tell you a real story that happened ..

A Sexy Train Mate

by Kumar

This is Kumar, I wanted to share one of my experiences with u guys hope u find it interesting. As part of my work ..

A Tour with Sindhu Teacher

by Kumar

I am Kumar from Kochi. I would like to tell u all guys about my encounter with my teacher. Her name Sindhu (name changed)..

Waiting for Purnima: The e mail Female

by Pradeep Vasudeva


True Love a/k/a The Right One Baby!

by Kitty Kat

I was driving one day and pulled to the side of the road. This nice looking sexy man came and asked me was I lost...

Off Duty

by Carl

A few years ago i was a cop in rural England and whilst working on a difficult domestic case i became very ..

A man...

by liz

It's a quiet night and you can hear the crickets chirping. I'm sitting on my bed in my white see through button down ..

The Agency

by Luigi

Nearly ten years have passed since I started work at 'The Agency'. When I began I had a whole bunch of ideas ..

teacher substitute

by gurly-wurly

It was one day, quite a long time ago and i was feeling extra sexy. I had woke up, my pussy hot and wet. ..

Three Steps To Heaven

by Jon Brown

I was an unemployed bachelor maintaining a healthy interest in loose women up until the hot summer of last year when ..

At home silent in Melbourne Victoria

by Ray

our silent meeting, the watching, the listening, the kissing, the touching, the licking, the sucking, the fingering, ..

Sex with a demon

by Claudia F.R

It was perhaps the most terrorific experience that I have had, it seems a little incredible and for some people it will be ..

Study Break

by Darcy Viking

I was sitting here, trying to write, running the tip of my pen over my lips, and all I could think of was you. ..

The Dinner Party

by tony woodcock

I felt something light and delicate touch my inner thigh, I flinched a little at this unexpected occurrence I looked up at Jim, ..


by Phoebus

It felt good in her hands. Wielding it with grace and style, she could feel the raw power of it. ..

Fun in the tub

by Nicola34

With so many of life's little things, and being a single mom I often go days on end without being able to pamper myself. ..

Sara Vs. The Space Aliens

by happydog

The rain beat against the windows as Sara stretched luxuriously in bed. It was cold and wet outside, but inside, ..

Playing Solo

by Nicola34

As I sit down in front of my computer with intentions of doing my
homework when other thoughts cross my mind.  ..

An Expierence of a Lifetime

by Nicola34

I was talking on the telephone with a male online friend of mine
actually we had been talking for quite sometime, and we, even ..