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Wet Hot Pussy part 2

by Jodes69

My appetite for you is incredible tonight. I am already dripping wet and want so much for your cock in my arse. You hand me a box with a bright pink bow on top. ..

Interstate Adventure

by Adventurer

I was anxious, nervous and excited. I was about to open my new post box to discover what mysteries would be inside. ..

Fantasy 2

by nigel

A few weeks later....... But first here is where we left of last time.....ummmmm ..

sex fantasy

by sexygirl01

I'm alone in my house, its about 9:00. there's a knock at the door, its a guy. he rips off your clothes and starts to suck on your 38-D breasts...


by nigel

This is my fantasy. You are sitting on the couch, dressed in a short skirt and a slightly loose white T shirt. ..

erotic train trip

by lorelei

When I started that trip I didn't thought that it was going to be a memorable one, a trip that will fulfill one of my hottest sexual fantasies. ..

Confessions of a Male Whore Dog

by Mr Winky

Confessions of a Male Whore Dog (Volume One) (The Sexy Book that's so HOT it's only on the Internet) ..

Nights with Mr Blue....and my fantasies

by Horny Helen

There are times when everything just goes a little wild in my mind and vibrates through me like my precious Mr blue. ..

Sandy's Fantasy

by Sandy

I'm 34, happily married for 12 years with two children. I work for an insurance company in the south west of England. I'm basically heterosexual and indulge in a fair ..

The Player's Mother

by Mrs. Maria Ahmed

In only his second year of teaching at the Karachi Grammar School Clifton Campus, the young teacher took over as head of sports coach. ..

The crack in the door

by Imalova Notarita

'That was great!'

'I'd like to do it again'.


My First Experience

by Hrehaan

Hi, I'm Hrehaan Agarwal, 28 male from South Kolkata. I am from a very good family and right now engaged in my Industry as ..

Adventures on Route 66 - chapter 1

by NaughtyLiza

Once upon a time, a very handsome, very sexy man was driving on a very long, very dry stretch of road. ..

She finally loosen up

by Vaguy

My wife and I have had a sex life that dwindled to nothing over the years. I still desire her but she lost interest all together...

my cold night in

by amanda hope

It was another cold satarday and i was stuck in doors in my dark red bra and matching panties eating chocolate ice cream. as i sat on ..

Missing chapter of the Bibi and Dick story

by Dickguy

This is a chapter of our story that occured in the summer of 2006, but somehow eluded being posted before. ..

A way to release.....

by Sexalise

As an oilfield electrician I am not home as much as I should like. My wife and I both are discouraged by this in both companionship and sexual needs. We recently decided to solve this situation. We would often speak of what we both planned to do to the other when I were to finally make it home. We would tease each other to the point of ecstacy via IM's or the phone. It was common for both of us to awake in the morning having orgasmed to a delightful dream of the orated sessions from the night before. It was one night when it got to hot and heavy for both of us not to act on our desires.

I quickly ran to a phone, it was late at night and I was not fearful of being caught. I closed myself off in a room and stripped completely as I called my wife to tell her I was nude. This only made things worse for my wife, I indicated to her that my cock was fully hard, the blood had completely filled my head, my cock was throbbing, jumping up and down with my heart, and my balls were full and aching for realse. This made her loose control and admit to her clit throbbing out of control. I offered to her to help each other out to release our sexual needs. She quickly agreed as I told her to grab her vibrator, she eagerly went to the night stand and grabbed it. I told her to strip all the way down and lay down. She informed me of her juices pouring out of her hole and how I ached to be home to lick every drop of her sweet juices slide my tongue deep inside of her. I told her how my cock was spewing out precum and how it was covering my entire cock. She told me how she wished she could lick my cocks' head and lick all my pre-cum up. It was then I told her turn her vibrator on and place it on her clit, she did so all to willingly, as she told me to grip my cock and start rubbing it. I went into a story that I will share with you all now:

"Imagine when I get home in four more days honey, Ill be home.. laying on the bed naked waiting for you to come home. When you run up the stairs to our bedroom and open the door you will see me laying there in the nude. I will climb off of the bed.. walk to you slowly, and kiss you deeply, thrusting my tongue inside of your mouth. Staring into your beautiful eyes. As you grab my hard throbbing dick you start to rub it as I undress you fully. I'm going to pick you up and drop you on the bed and start by licking and kissing your toes. Moving up slowly to your feet and ankles, to you calves, to your thighs. I will run my tongue up the insides of your hot firm thighs, all the way to ur pelvis, stopping near your lips, teasing you. As i move my tongue to the top of your pelvice just out of reach of your pulsating clit. You start to thrust ur pelvis at me trying begging me to suck and lick on your throbbing clit. I finally give in and take your big clit, fool of blood now, inbetween my teeth and softly squeeze and your back arches and you let out a long moan as I flick my tongue over your clit softly. I spread your legs with my hands as I lick your clit up and down, sucking and nibbling on it. As I hear you moan I know our getting close to orgasm as I move my tongue to your wet hole and slowly circle it with my tongue. Driving you crazy as you put your hands behind my head pulling me deep inside of you as I thrust my tongue as deep as I can inside of you. Bringing you to orgasm feeling something pentrate you."

"I feel your muscles tighten and release multiple times over my tongue as I rub your clit with my fingers. I feel your hot cream run in my mouth and swallow every last drop of it as you calm down. I move my face up your pelvice, kissing the top of your pelvice bone, your stomache, and then stop at your ample breasts. I kiss them all over, licking periodically, then I take your nipple in my mouth sucking and flicking with my tongue, listening to your moans. I move up kissing your neck and nibbling on your jaw bone as I run a finger between your wet lips and slowly inserting them as I watch your mouth drop open with enjoyment. I reach deep inside of your tight hole and find your G-spot with my two fingers and squeeze it inbetween them giving you orgasm after orgasm. Periodically pulling my fingers out of you sucking all of your cream off of them as you watch."

"You push me off of you as you roll me over telling me you want to give me an orgasm bad. You make me get on my knees so you can lick on my asshole. I let out soft moans as I feel your soft, warm, wet tongue circle my asshole. You reach for the anal ease to numb my tight asshole so no discomfort. While we wait and let it sit I tell you to get on your knees and hands as I lick from your asshole to your clit. You let out loud moans as I smear the anal ease over your tight, pink asshole. We lay there.. touching each other, kissing deeply and passionately. Telling each other how we love each other, and you tell me to get on my knees again. I roll over and you move down to blow on my asshole and softly push on my asshole. I let out a soft moan as I feel your finger penetrate me and move deeper searching for my prostate. You find it and push hard on it, telling me to roll over. I roll over and you start to suck on my pulsating dick, spewing pre-cum out every time you push on my prostate. I beg you to move your pussy to my face again, as you continue to push on my prostate you move your body around to let me lick and suck on your wet clit again. You suck on my dick so hard that I feel the pressure of it all build up in my balls as I plunge my face deep into your wet pussy. I let out loud moans as I spray the insides of your mouth with my warm thick cum. Spewing more and more every time you press on my prostate."

"When I finally calm down you swallow all of my thick spunk, telling me how good it tasted and asking how it was for me. I plunge my tongue deep inside of you as you continue to push on my prostate, licking my softening cock. As you suck on my balls I bring you to orgasm and make you cum in my mouth again, sucking out your sweet cream. As I feel my juices fill back up in my tight throbbing balls from you pushing on my prostate and feeling you suck on my already hard again cock I tell you to get ontop of me. I press my throbbing head on your wet hot lips. I slowly push my big head past your tight lips going in inch, by inch till almost all of me are inside of you. I have you sit on top of my dick feeling the head hit your g-spot as you try to slide further down my dick. You start to rock back and forth, pushing over and over on your g-spot.. giving your self small orgasms with each rock. I reach for the anal beads and lube them as you rock back and forth.. I pull you close to me as I spread your ass checks and slowly insert the first ball."

"Your mouth drops open.. and I tell you to tell me when to insert the next one. As you tell me I insert them one, by one. letting ur asshole stretch over the ball in the middle then plunging it in side of your ass. As I stroke in and out of your tight pussy we both feel my throbbing head push past each ball, bringing you to orgasm after orgasm. Moaning for me to put all the beads in and pull the last one out and re-insert it over and over. I lay back and let you work your way up and down my hard shaft, as you keep making yourself orgasm. You pull off of my dick except the head and run ur fingers around my cock, wipping your white, smooth, sweet cream off and insert in my mouth and watch me. As you start to pump my shaft more, telling me how bad you want me to cum inside of you. I feel the pressure build again in my balls as you move into your "Frog" position and pump up and down as I let out moans. You watch as I reach for your face, telling you Im about to cum. As I moan I unleash load after load deep inside you, you feel my dick spray my thick juices all over ur insides."

"You slow and stop to rest on top of me with my wilting cock inside of you. You dismount me and lay on your side and tell me to pull the beads out and replace them with my softening cock. I eagerly pull them out slowly as not to hurt you, and slowly push my soft head on your tight asshole.. and slowly penetrate you. You tell me how good it feels as I reach for your vibrator I slide it into your wet hot pussy and turn it on. You tell me how good it feels to be full like this as my spent cock fills with blood again over the tighness and taboo of what we are doing. I slowly let it get fully hard as I slide the vibrator in and out of your pussy. My cock stretches your asshole slowly till I am fully hard and you tell me to start pumping. I slide my hard dick in and out of your tight asshole.. feeling the vibrator vibrating my cock in your ass. You tell me how good it feels and how close your getting as you cum with me pumping softly in your ass.. as I hear you moan in pleasure I feel an unexpected build up in my balls as I moan outload with you and spray my spunk in your asshole as you look over your shoulder trying to look into my eyes as you cum....."

Needless to say.. it didn't take long for both of us to reach multiple orgasm's over the phone that night. It was another four nights of this, with different stories from both of us, till I was able to go home and have us act these fantasies out. We have added a few things to our sexual stimulates. We have web cams now and use them while I am not home and have alot of fun like that from time to time. We also like to have live web cams on yahoo sometimes, we both like to be watched, and one day maybe to a live audience, so if you would like to watch us then add Sexalise .. we should be on it in a few days.. just be looking for us.. and yes its going to be a good one.. I will be just getting home after 14 days.. who knows.. we might act this one out again.......

Just one night

by sexspence

Brooke was a 23 year old paralegal with along jet black hair that came down to her lower back she was 5'6 in height and a simple 125 lbs. ..

My Wife And The Neighbours Son

by Storyswap

When we were in our mid 20's my wife Louise and I bought our first house. A typical English L shaped 3 bed Victorian with a small enclosed garden. ..

Tantra and the Divine True Lover

by Maya MahaDevi

Tantra (a Sanskrit word meaning "woven together") can be loosely defined ..

Training my wife

by Rudy

My wife Ann and I have had great sex for years. She liked to suck my cock but would gag when I came in her mouth. ..

Encounter with my neighbour

by Hipp master

Hello readers, I want to share my first sexual experience. My name is Arun and presently I am 18 yrs old. ..

Sex club

by davidssexkitten

It had been the most perfect week. She couldn't get over how one phone call lead to all of this. Three months earlier she wouldn’t have been able to fathom what she was doing. She has disowned one girlfriend for cheating on her husband and almost lost another for breaking up with her boyfriend to pursue a new love interest. She was so apposed to the idea of infidelity that she never thought that she herself would ever commit such an act. Little did she know how deep her feelings for him had run. When her Grandfather remarried after the loss of his wife she was so happy for him to finally be with the women of his dreams. She hoped that one day she too would be able to have such joy. When her Aunt left her Uncle after over twenty years of marriage because the kids were grown and she was not happy in their marriage, she thought now that is how my life will end up. When the lady in the saloon said she had just married her high school sweat heart after rekindling at their high school reunion she thought, will I ever see him again. Does he even know I am looking for him? But never did she think that she would abandon everything for just one moment in his arms, for one touch of his lips for just one look into his eyes. She had buried her feelings for him for so long that she had no idea how vulnerable she was to him. He owned her.

She wasn't ready for the three months that came after that one phone call. She would have lost weight before calling him had she known. She would have already left her husband, she would have done so many things. But that is not how this hand was played out. She had many opportunities to play things differently. She could have run off with him so many times before. Why now? What was so different now? She wanted to tell him the answer but she didn't know herself what was different. All she knew was that she had never stopped thinking about him, loving him, wanting him. She knew that she wouldn't make him happy any of those other times, she wasn't happy with herself so how could she make someone else happy? She was finally in a place in her life where she was happy with who she was and she knew what she needed and wanted and wasn't afraid to ask for it. She was finally ready to fall in love, really fall in love and live happily ever after with no regrets. She knew that once she stepped on that plane she was committing herself to him for the rest of her life. Her greatest fear was that he would no longer want her. That he would never leave his wife for her and that she would be the other woman for the rest of her life. She thought she could accept that this was the price she had to pay for missing so many opportunities with him. This was her penance. She knew in her heart that she would be devastated every time he bed his wife, every time he kissed her, every time he held her hand, opened a door for her or lay naked next to her. The thought of him with another woman, even his wife, made her sick to her stomach. How long would she be able to live like that before it destroyed her?

She wasn't going to concern herself with these thoughts now. She only had this week alone with him and she was going to make use of every minute she had. They had spent the early part of the week in Houston. She had given herself to him, body mind and soul. She was madly in love. She would have done anything for him. They made love, and had passionate sex. They kissed and held hands. They learned each others bodies all over again and again. It was heaven. How could anything top the last few days?

There were a few things they had always had in common. Their ability to please one another and their desire to try new things, to push the envelope to experience the unknown. They both were excited by the thought of getting caught doing something taboo. She knew this and was ready to up the game. Her comfort zone was much larger than he remembered, but so was his. In order for them to experience a new first together she was going to have to really step out of herself and be wild. This scared her and thrilled her.

She called ahead and got them on the guest list. She had gone shopping before the trip and had just he right outfit for the evening. They had slept in that morning and even taken a nap that afternoon so they would have all the energy they needed for the evening. She had no idea what she was going to do or what she was going to be willing to do but she knew that just going to this club was a step in the right direction. They stepped out of the car and made their way to the door. Once in, their senses were overwhelmed with all the opportunities that the night had to offer. They took the tour and asked questions about the rules. Once they were comfortable they walked around exploring all the rooms and their options. They watched people having sex, bondage, ménage-a-trios, group sex and more.

They decided to make their way to the dance floor. They danced together touching and flirting. It was a packed house but no one was watching them. They were in their own world together. She slowly began to remove her dress while dancing with him. He was eager to help. She stood in front of him in this crowed dance floor in her lingerie and high heels. She had not lost all the weight she had wanted to lose but she looked hot. She had worked hard for him and it showed.

She danced close to him so he could feel her against him. She was so aroused as was he. They decided to go into one of the rooms and lay down. This particular room gave them the sense of privacy however others could watch them through a three way mirror. Her panties were crouch less and her bra peek-a-boo so there was no need for her to undress any further. She was still a bit self conscious about her tummy and he knew this so he didn't press the issue of her getting totally undressed in the club. She helped him to undress and then climbed on top of him. She slide him into her so that he was deep inside her and then began to move the way he liked. They continued to pleasure each other for hours.

He was unaware that when they arrived she had noticed a very attractive woman and had asked her to join them later than evening. She knew that he hated to wear protection but this was going to be a must if he was going to be in a total stranger. She could see that her special guest had arrived and she reached over to take out a condom and placed it on him. Before he realized what was going on she had rolled him to his back again and stepped back from the bed. She watched as the invited guest climbed on top on him. She then climbed on him as well sitting behind the guest. She wrapped her hands around the guests body holding her. The then began to move slowly as to show the guest what pleasured him. Once the guest got the rhythm down she began to touch her breast and kiss her neck. Then she moved over to his face and straddled his face letting him lick her clit. She was kissing the guest at the same time and they were touching and feeling each other. He was so close to cuming but he wasn’t sure what to do…. ..

evening of lust

by davidssexkitten

Once she is in her house, he drives to his hotel and checks-in. Lying awake on his bed, he remembers the first time ..

Neither one could understand the ecstasy!

by anonymouss

They were still in high school and he was having trouble with a math project so he asked her to come over to help. ..

Trip to Cornwall

by Mungus

I would like to tell you about a recent trip that I took to see my sister in Cornwall...

accidental fuck

by nisha

Hi I am nisha from hyderabad, India. I am 29 now. It is strange but my first sex was 'accidental'. ..

Needing a screw...

by Kayelle Love

I was feeling so horny. well thats nothing new. i'm always horny! i was sitting on the floor wrapped in a towel with a screwdriver ..


by Kayelle Love

It's his hands that get me. I could sit there for hours. Just watching his hands. ..

10 years to Betsy

by mario ronbo

My mother-in-law, Betsy, came over today. She was supposed to come tomorrow when the kids don't have school. ..

Hottt experience.....!

by Kumar

Hi , this is Kumar. I am working as Engineer . I am a regular visitor of this site . ..

bieng a male is tough

by funky kuamr

My name is funky.I live in india.I am 18yrs of age now. All you females think that ..

Brothers lonely wife

by thorpy

My Brothers wife. I could not believe my luck, this happened just the other day whilst my brother was away with his mates on a stag weekend in Spain. My brother who is 24 is married to sally who is just 21 and is absolutley gorgeous. Sean my brother had asked me to look out for sally whilst he was away and had told her to contact me should she need anything as her family live a fair distance from us, Sean and sally have a new house just a few miles from my house and dont really know anyone in the area yet. I have secretly fancied sally since the day Sean first brought her home but never let on to anyone. Sean had been away just 24 hours when sally phoned me on my mobile and asked if i would join her for dinner that night as she was lonely and wanted me to do a little job for her, i agreed and could not wait to finish work. Sally is a very petite girl being only 5\'2 tall but she has enormous breasts and a stunning figure which she always shows off. I raced home and showered and slipped on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and set off for Sallys, on my arrival i was greated by Sally who was also in a pair or shorts and a white vest type top that showed off her huge ceavage and it was clear she was not wearing a bra.sally who had clearly just showered herself smelt wonderful and looked amazing. We had dinner and chatted about Sean and almost everything, it was nice as we had never really spoke in depth before. Sally finally got round to the job in question which was to get some items down from the loft for her and to put together a new bedroom suite that she had purchased in flat pack as a surprise for Sean. I recovered the goods from the loft then set about the furniture and soon had to remove my top as it was so hot, this clearly had an effect on Sally as her nipples were soon very erect hich had an effect on my shorts which were now showing my semi erect cock staining to stay concealed. Sally was helping me and looking hot herself and was clearly sweating as much as i which made her vest top wet and made her huge nipples visible through her top. Sally then made the move i had hoped for, she said your not concentrating on the work in hand are you trying to look at my tits, i said well they are wonderful , blushing as i said it, Sally then whipped her top off to reveal a perfect pair of breasts and launched herself at me, we just fell to the floor kissing passionatley as i groped her huge breasts, within seconds we were both naked and she was giving me a wonderful blowjob as i played with her nipples with one hand and fingered her wet pussy with the other. Sally the worked her way into a 69 and we gave each other loads of oral pleasure as i continued to fondle her breasts, Sally came a number of times before i finally shot my load into her mouth which she gratefuly swallowed and carried on sucking me for ages something no other girl had ever done, when she had cleaned me up she lowered herself on my still hard cock and rode me until she had come again, i sadly could not manage yet. Sally was far from embarrased and then said right lets get the rest of the furniture done then you can stay over and we can repeat this later. I soon had the work complete, we showered and went to bed where we repeated the earlier act this time she dreesed up for me in stockings and a sexy basque along with hells and asked me to give her anal as my brother refused and she wanted to experience it. I happily did anything she asked and even came over her huge tits which was my fantasy,and stayed with her until Sean returned home, so far i have not had the chance of a repeat but hope to soon...


by Trucker Dave

My first time as a Strip o gram,,, It was decided between my wife and i that it would be better if i went alone ..

20 Minutes of Rain and Miracle called First Sex

by Handsome

Hi to all. I am Vijay. She was Shruti. She took me to the world of ecstasy and excitement..

A Glimspe Of My Fantasy About Her

by Handsome

In dictionary the word 'Mature' has various _expression and cognation but for me the only definition of the word is the ripen. ..


by Arfina

You stand in the room the note said. You hear the door open and you see a rectangel of light with a shadow in the middle. ..

A Nite To Remember

by TnTSpice

it is late saturday nite, ur comin out of the club and u c me, it is a hott summer nite and i am dressed in a low ..

2 year anniversary

by liz

you take me to a nice resteraunt. we sit at a table with a nice white table-cloth that drapes all the down past our seats away from everyone. ..

Fucking Justice

by RG Brown,Sr.

After a horrible week at work and a court date from hell trying to finish up my divorce an this judge from hell over ..