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Neighbors erotic stories, part three.

by sexandthecitys

Lindsay sat back all eyes still on her, when Alex picked up the bottle of Vodka and refilled everyone's drink. He was asked if he had a story to share...

Seducing a Beautiful Woman

by Silver Fox

Met this beautiful woman at a business meeting.
As our conversation continued I asked her if she would join me for dinner. She accepted we went to a near by restruant..

Dear John Letter

by Dreamwalker

Sometime the pain from my health problems disrupts my routine; however, I do not let it rule my whole day. Like today, I'm up way too early but only ..

A lunch break

by Brandi

I wanted to complete my transitional project before going on a long mountain trip. After tiring hours in the crammed library, my deferred ..

My First Time

by Braboy

At the age of 17 I had never had sexual Intercourse. I had spent a lot of time fantasizing about it but the chance had never come along where I could ..

Sex With Best Friend

by Dakshya Khanna

It all stated when we where 21, 1 week before her birthday I took her to Hawaii, it was just her and me, when the day of her birthday came up That ..

Beginner's Meeting, A Play (Third Stab At Humor In Sex)

by Exakta66

Scene 1: A church basement. An odd looking assortment of people are sitting on metal folding chairs arranged in a circle. In the corner is a table with coffee and donuts...

Dream Job (Every Man's Fantasy) (First stab)

by Exakta66

The California Board of Education meeting once again ran late into the night. The stale air became stifling in the August evening as the air ..

Bang You Hard

by Exakta66

I want to bang you, bang you strong,
My cocks so hard, wide and long.
I want to bang you in the night,
Bang you hard with all my might.

Pete And Joe Get Laid (Second Stab At Humor In Sex)

by Exakta66

Pete and Joe have been friends all their lives. As such, they have shared quite a bit in the 30 or so odd years they have known each other...

Lost Tribe

by Exakta66

As I sat at my desk I was literally counting down the hours. It was only two more hours till the end of the day and the start of my vacation. A well ..

Happy I Went To Work (A Job With Benefits) Poem

by Exakta66

Hornier and hornier all the time,
I'm lucky horniness isn't a crime.
Checkin' out the new girl at work,
She probably thinks I'm such a jerk.

Johnny And Mary (A true story)

by Exakta66

Now Johnny knew Mary since they were little tykes,
Running in the field, riding their bikes,
Like other little kids, they stayed out all day,
Doing their chores, later they'll play,

Eve (A true story, OK maybe not)

by Exakta66

Hello people. Hope you are doing well out there in Fantasy Land. What, you say you are not in Fantasy Land? Oh you will be soon. Don't worry, because..

The Queen

by Exakta66

I am so ashamed. I am just so ashamed of myself, you have no idea. I have been so bad I should be punished by one or two of you fine looking women. ..

Nothing So Fine (Classic poetry)

by Exakta66

There is nothing so fine,
As your behin'
Come over here,

The Talk (Fifth Stab At Humor)

by Exakta66

Hello everyone. I know I talked about my ex-wife and mentioned my daughter briefly, but I never mentioned my son. His name is Mike. I just had to ..

Cum On Baby (Take Me To Chicago 1962)

by Exakta66

Alright, I've been playing you people...I'm sorry, but that is just the way it is. I've been taking the easy way out, like the song says. I've been ..

Sex Fantasy TV, A Play (Sixth stab at humor in sex)

by Exakta66

Scene 1: A television studio set sometime in the future. Three couples are seated in front of the main TV camera. The show's host is standing in front ..

Seven days of pleasure

by Kilo2266

Ok, so I work really long and hard. However I get one week a month off. One day while at work,..

To Tease or Not to Tease

by Babygirl

Today is Saturday and the Bulldogs are playing the Gators at Stanford Field. Nick and Eryca have a two hour drive to get to the game. ..

The Meeting

by Babygirl

On a breezy and pleasant afternoon, Meyah had a scheduled meeting with her friend Brice. ..

Beyond Desire

by Babygirl

After a long and stressful work day, Diamond calls and tells her man, Jase that she is on her way over. As she pulls into the driveway..

Vampire's last desire

by Vampire

I never loved any woman, or care for somebody more then i care for myself, it's looking normal and people say its good becouse nobody else will put you on first place infront of them...

The Drama Teacher and The Student

by Player21

I am Anthony, I am 6ft and i weigh about 165lbs. I had never been the most attractive guy in school, but i did have alot of very attractive female friends. This story tells of one friendship that goes beyond anything i had previously been involved in.

My drama teacher and I had always been sort of friends. She was stunning, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes and a body that could make you cum in your pants. She was only small in build, standing about 5ft 8 at most, but with more than ample breasts, flat stomach, perfectly formed ass and legs that seemed to go on for ever. I would often stay behind after class (my last class of the day) and ask her questions about work we had to do, this would usually lead to us talking for close on an hour sometimes. The more we talked the more i started to feel attracted towards her, until eventually i couldnt help but start fantasizing about her daily where as before it had only been on the odd occasion.

During one of our talks we started talking about sex for some reason. We were both embarrased but i was intrigued and from what i could pick up she seemed to be as well. During the course of our conversation i mentioned that although i had had girlfriends i was still a virgin. She said to me in her pitch perfect voice,\"When the right girl comes along it will happen\".
I replied,\"I already know my perfect girl\",
she asked me who it was.
Replying with a confidence that surprised both of us i said looking directly into her eyes,\"You\".

She moved from the otherside of her desk to the side i was stitting on and sat on her desk right in front of me. She was wearing a vest over a white long sleeve shirt, with a plaid skirt that stopped just above her knee. She lifted both her legs and put them on my chairs arm rests, letting her skirt ride up her legs giving me a great view of her perfectly smooth legs.

I put my hand on her ankle and slowly slid it up the her calves stopping at her knees. I leaned forward and started kissing my way up the inside of her thigh starting just above her knee. The higher i got the quicker her breathing got, stopping just short of her pussy, i breathed in smelling the musky smell coming from her aroused pussy.

I stood up and leaned forward to kiss her sliding my hands the rest of the way pushing her skirt further up. I pull her vest up over her head and chuck it in to the corner, i untuck her shirt from her skirt and start unbuttoning it, sliding the shirt down over her shoulders i start kissing and gently biting her neck, i work my way down to her breasts still contained in her bra, she pulls back and undoes the clasp at the front of her bra. I dive in to her chest kissing her breasts, sucking and biting down on her erect nipples. She starts moaning and groaning as i tease her nipples, i undo the buttons on her skirt ;i unwrap her like a present i would get on my birthday or at christmas; quickly and without any regard for the wrapping, exposing her already soaking crotch.

I lift her up with one arm while using the other to pull down her white cotton panties. Placing her back on the table and after completely removing her panties completely, revealing her recently shaved pussy, I lower my self between her legs, I briefly kiss her wet pussy lips tasting her sweet juices on my mouth, I put my mouth back over her aroused cunt and start probing her with my tongue. I lick up and down her slit a few times before settling in to a rythmic circular motion around her clit. She arches her back as i flick my tongue over her engorged clit, i raise my hand to her pussy and insert a two fingers into her wet hole and start thrusting them in and out while continuing to lick her clit. After a few more moments of this she explodes in to an orgasm.

Once she finished coming down from her climax she reaches over and hooks her hand in my belt and pulles me towards her. She undoes my belt buckle, followed shortly by my zipper, with a quick yank she pulls down my pants and jocks finally freeing my rock hard dick from its restraints. She takes my cock in her hand and starts to wank it, after a few moments of this she gets on her knees and starts licking my balls, the feeling of which nearly causes me to blow my load but somehow she keeps me from going over the edge. She then proceeds to take my cock in to her mouth all the way until i feel it hit the back of her throat, holding it there for a few seconds she pulls my dick out, takes a deep breath before taking my dick in to her mouth once again this time not as deep and she starts giving me the best blow job i had ever had. As i feel my self approach the end i pull out my dick and cum all over her face and tits. Once my balls had completely drained themselves she starts cleaning herself up scooping up my cum with her hands and swallowing every last drop that was on her.

As i sat in my chair recovering from an earth shattering blowjob, my teacher was once again sitting on the edge of her desk with her feet on the arms of my chair, with her pussy positioned right in front of me she started rubbing her clit with her one hand while withe the other she was sliding three fingers in and out of her still wet cunt. This sight was causing me to get hard again, as she saw my reawakening cock she smiled and gave me an inviting look daring me to ram my hard cock deep inside her. In a second i was standing up and leaning over her once again sucking and biting on her nipples, as i did so i could feel her hand guiding my cock to the entrance of her wet pussy. Once i felt her holding my cock in one spot i drove it home with a hard quick thrust of my hips that caught her by surprise. I quickly settled into a rythmic thrusting motion that she seemed to enjoy immensely, all the while i continued stimulating her erect nipples. As i felt myself nearing the end i started quickening my thrusts, until eventually we both came harmoniously, clutching our bodies together melting into each others arms. We both lay there exhausted from our love making. After awhile we got up and got dressed exchanging glances and smiles as we did so, once we were both fully clothed we exchanged one last kiss before I left and went home.

For the rest of the year we would steal away together as much as possible quite often losing ourselves in each other.


Impregnating the family part one

by Braboy

Sharon is an Indian lady who is 42 years old and has two daughters. Sharon got divorced about three years ago and now lives with her two daughters next door to me.

random encounter

by shavenisbest

I had been getting bored with a normal sex life and sought to perhaps fill a few fantasies i'd come to realise existed, so I joined a chat line with the pure..

Good Neighbor Part 2

by tenbytwo

Weeks gone by and as usual, I was traveling. It was a Sunday night and I was talking with the neighbor outside, husband and wife...

Good Neighbor

by tenbytwo

It was a weekday morning and the alarm went off to get up and ready to go to work, I decided to call out sick. I made ..

the Less Noble Queen

by tpansk

I have always been mortally afraid of dogs. That's why I always stay on the good side of Lady Alyse. ..

In Flight Entertainment

by tenbytwo

I was wrapping up a two week business engagement/contract in New York and couldn’t wait to get on a plane home.  I was scheduled to depart NY ..

Mr.- Part 2

by tenbytwo

This is not a fantasy, it's something that I do all the time.  Travel is a requirement for my job and I travel ..

Seducing my sister in law

by Jon Jenkins

My wife's younger sister moved in with us a couple months ago to save some money. She's extremely hot but a bit shy...

only for decent females

by c.k.reddy

I am a 30 year old bangalore guy from bangalore helping my dad in his business.I am a great sex lover and have a high libido and sex drive ..

Forbidden- Your Cock is so Good

by Jodes69

I kissed your mouth and you hesitated at first. As your tongue slipped into my mouth the tingle of my cunt made me grab for your hard cock...

Ms. Marca Part 1

by Marca

MY PRIVATE WORLD: My name is MARCA I’m married (more on this in a different story) and at 33, it's nice to know I can still easily find young studs to explore the world of sex with, they find my full figure alluring. ..

My adventure into Self Bondage - Caught

by Dream Man

My name is Shane and I'm a male in my mid forties and I reckon I'm in pretty good shape. ..

The road to Vegas

by BeachBum

My wife and I have been married for 13 years and she is just beautiful. She is tall with blonde hair down to her ass and has perfect 38c boobs. I have the honor of fucking her every day! ..

My real story

by Raajvirsinh

This is a true story rather my fantasy come true. I had given an advertisement in the news paper for a girl as receptionist cum ..

Gum massage during Fellatio

by tarali

My girl friend has many talents but sucking a cock to satisfaction is not one of them. She could never take cum in the mouth and on the rare occasions she went down on me she would pull out at the last moment.

So when Ramesh one of my closest friends suggested I try a professional blowjob to know what it is all about I jumped at it.

Professional blowjob artists in the Bombay’s infamous red light area are one of the best in the world. They take up their trade very seriously and fine-tune their art to perfection. In order to provide heightened sensation during fellatio the really good ones get all their natural teeth replaced by dentures and remove these dentures during a cock suck to offer a kind gum massage on the cock.

Ramesh knew a girl who he said was really good and we went to her shack for an afternoon session.

I estimated her age to be around twenty and found her very attractive with small firm breasts, a narrow waist and small buttocks to match. She was wearing a loose jacket under a thin sari that she wore it in a very sexy way with part of her tummy exposed below the navel.

There was no hassle about her charges and she accepted Ramesh’s offer of Rupees hundred per head without any hesitation and I walked out to sit and wait outside while she serviced Ramesh first.

After what seemed to be over fifteen minutes Ramesh emerged buttoning up his pants. The girl followed him and spat what I thought was Ramesh’s semen. She then squatted beside a bucket of water and began to wash herself thoroughly gargling water from a mug and spewing it on the plants near the water spout.

After she had finished she looked at me and I followed her inside her shack and sat on the low cot. She gently pushed me backwards till my back was flat on the rough coir mattress. Within moments she had pulled my jeans and underwear away and I was spread eagled with my thighs wide open and my feet firmly on the floor. My cock was pointing upwards, oozing pre cum that dripped down past my balls through to my buttocks.

She adjusted her sari and squatted between my wide spread legs and placed her palms on my thighs to stretch them further. She surveyed me for a moment and then went to work. First she clasped my wet and stiff cock with one of her palms and milked it gently pulling and pushing the hard cock up and down and running a thumb on the underside to drain the pre cum. she held my balls gently with her other hand and started a gentle squeeze that felt heavenly.

The accumulated pre cum inside the pee tube gushed out and drained down the shaft. She then placed a thumb on the under side of my cock and pressed the bulging pee tube and holding it in that position bent forward and placed her hot wet lips on my cock head. I first felt her wet tongue flicking over the pee hole and then I felt a gentle pressure of her gums on my cock head just under her warm lips that had enclosed the head. I then felt her tongue swishing over under and around my cock head sending waves of sensations drilling through my pee hole deep inside my bowels.

The effect on me was devastating for the sensation was absolutely original the like of which I had never experienced nor even imagined. I shook violently as if in pain but actually I was under extreme pleasure.

I tried to relax and enjoy the sensations but I could not do that nor control myself. I had to be squirming and thrusting my buttocks upwards and or stiffen my thighs and wrap it around the girl in frenzy to dilute the pleasure. I even remember lifting my legs up and waving it in the air at one point of time.

The effect of this agonizing pleasure had now forced me to build up one of the largest load of cum in the shortest possible time. I knew I would now uncontrollably burst that load with explosive force any moment. I had always prided myself about my ability to retain ejaculation as long as I wanted but I knew I could ever do that with this girl working on my cock.

I knew my load was ready and I had the sickening feeling I was about to ejaculate and end it all prematurely when she suddenly changed tactics by stopped the exhilarating tongue swishing and with a quick shove pushed her mouth firmly down sucking the entire length of my cock into her mouth. She then pressed her gums hard on the base of my cock to almost cause pain. Any chances of an imminent ejaculation vanished. I realized she had used the classic technique of stopping premature ejaculation although I was not one who suffered from that ailment.

A moment later I felt her gums relax and she pulled her mouth out and I heard her giggle. How do you like it She asked?

In a hoarse whisper I said fantastic and suddenly with a fit of extreme emotion I threw my arms around her and kissed her firmly on the lips. I remember doing a similar thing to my GF when she first gave me a blowjob.

She let me kiss her several more times and then rose up and turned around and sat on the floor close to me facing my cock. In this position she resumed to massage my swollen cock. I could now throw my arms around her waist and I did that promptly and held her close to me by pressing her body on my waist. I then went around groping for her tits. She had no bra and her jacket was loose and I grabbed her small hard tits that were more like conical soft rubber objects and squeezed one and then the other twirling the hard pointed nipples gently.

I then groped around to locate her crotch. I wanted to feel her pussy. I lifted her sari and her skirt up and pushed my hands over her small buttocks and then worked around to touch her pussy. I was not sure she would let me do that but she spread her legs and that was encouraging. I found her pussy and it was clean-shaven and soft with fleshy mounds. Her pussy was wet at the hole and I was surprised for I did not expect a prostitute to get hot over her client. I then pushed a finger inside her hole and I was again surprised to find it extremely small and very tight. She tightened her vaginal muscles a few times and I also heard her giggle. Her cunt muscles gripped my finger tight.

I suddenly got an extreme urge to fuck her in her cunt and when I suggested it to her she shook her head vigorously without turning around and said she would never let anyone fuck her.

I though that was strange but before I could say any thing I felt her lips on my cock head once more. With a slow but firm suck she drew my cock deep inside her mouth and hit bottom where I felt her gums once again pressing on the root. I felt a sudden load of thick spit on the cock head. This mixed with my pre cum was a thick lubricating fluid over which she began to milk my cock running her soft gums over it up and down. The sensation brought back the load of cum I had built up earlier. I tried to relax but could not and resigned myself to the fact that she was working for the final show down.

My tummy contracted as the tension began to reach a climax and my thigh muscles went hard and rigid and then with a powerful heave upwards. She had her arms around my waist and her palms under my buttocks and held me tight and rode me as I struggled to contain the pleasure and shoved my hips up and down rapidly. I held her tight to steady myself and almost crushed her soft waist and tummy when the explosive force blasted me. I blacked out momentarily When I recovered a moment later and I found myself ejaculating in rapid spasms into her mouth. She had her lips tightly enclosed around my cock head sucking the semen out and her gums tightened around the crown of my cock head as I drained my load in several short spurts of intense ferocity.

She did not remove her mouth for a considerable amount of time but kept sucking the head and nibbling the rim around the pee hole with her gums. I dropped as if dead on the cot and began trying to relax and waited patiently for her to pull out but she took her time. When she finally removed her mouth I lay back limply my entire body pulsating and twitching in various places.

When she rose up I sprang up myself and catching her threw my arms around her in a tight embrace and kissed her deep in her mouth and felt my own cum she had stored there to spit out. Unable to hold it against my assault she pushed the load out and it drained it down my neck and hers. She laughed loudly and began to wipe her mouth and neck.

You liked to very much she said bending down to wipe the semen on her tummy. Yes I said and fishing out my purse took out a few hundred-rupee notes and thrust it into her hands. It was several times more than the Rupees hundred we had agreed upon. She looked at it then shoved it under her jacket. You are grateful she said and kissed me while I groped again for her cunt and she spread it for my benefit and felt around her smooth soft pussy. I want it I said but she said no not that. Not for any one. I am a virgin and will remain a virgin rill I die she said.

Needless to say I visited her several times during the next couple of months but one fine day I found another woman occupying the shack. The girl had left to another place without leaving any forwarding address.