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anita the sex queen

by beach waves

Anita is the true sex queen, queen of hearts and the deck of card of fantasys , she know how to please a man and when to leave her men full of excitement and desire . ..

Mother in Law discovers my secret

by plumbob999

Well, there I was, standing in the middle of the room, wearing my mother-in-law\'s bra and pants, when who should walk in, but my mother-in-law. ..


by jules

We took new year lunch at an Italian restuarant, i got good vibes from a dark latin waiter, when the meal ended we all noticed the obvious flirtation ..

Sweetest Touch

by Alterra

The night was dark and the wind cold as i walked home from the party, they say that midnight is the darkest time of night, that's probably why i didn't see him staring at me from the trees.

my mother in law jill

by young man

Jills house needed work done so she asked her daughter if i would do the work for her and i agreed, i noticed jill hanging around..

unexpected short love

by johnny g.

hi,I am johnny g.this is story of mine and a girl which changed my life.
as I am working with a mnc and staying at fine sunday morning I was standing in..

Smoke Dreams: A Peek Into The Tortured Soul And Twisted Mind Of A Smoke Fetishist

by George Tyerbyter

ARNING #1 - Salty, erotic verbiage ahead! If you are shocked or incensed by sexually explicit, vulgar phrases and words. _____________________________________..

handjob ejaculation

by tarali

"I want to see that", she said pointing at me crotch when we wee returning from school. I stared at her for a moment..

Quick blow job

by tarali

She sat in the park mostly in the evenings to service young boys who wanted a quick release. A friend had had told me ab out her and I made a beeline to the park to get..

My first blowjob

by tarali

When I was fifteen or so my friends who were several years older than me often bragged about their sexual escapades. I for one never got a chance to try any sex of any kind with any one and so I always felt left out...

Hiking Guide

by trailmovin

I'm often called by people wanting to go into the wilderness on a day hike, but are afraid to go on their own. I got a call from a lady asking if I could schedule her for a day hike in the mountains, to which I replied by asking her ..

Dianne's underware Ch 2

by Braboy

In the previous chapter I had been able to masturbate into Dianne's underwear
After my huge masturbation into Dianne's bra and panties I had a shower and went for a walk.

Dianne's underware drawer

by Braboy

Dianne is my niece. She is 43 years old and has had two children. She has been married for 27 years, she was married young as she was pregnant at the time. Dianne is about 5foot 9 and has a slim build. ..

accidently sent a pxt msg to my mother in law jill

by electric dreamz

im in my early 30's and jill in her early 60's, she is attractive in a suzie-homemaker kind ov way, ..

Dinner best served in a cunt.

by babelicious

So it started out simple, I'd known him from the internet. Jave's got a proper pretty well respected job. ..

Dinner best served in a cunt part 2

by babelicious

The rules made my pussy wet, just thinking about it makes me want to pleasure sir. 20 mind has sure flew past, I was on my way down the flight of steps and was rather shy about my body. ..

Oldies Mine

by Wife's Mom

She happens to be of 50 yrs,- but looking at her you will never find that she is my mother-in-law. She looks at least fifteen years younger,-with all her tight skin & also young face and long hairs ..

The Package

by Jake Jacobson

He would be not much longer than 45 minutes he thought to himself as he neared the doorway at the end of the dimly lit hallway. ..

"You've been a bad girl, haven't you?"

by Solange

I get aroused just hearing his voice on the phone.

As we parted on a previous occasion, flirting as usual and getting us both motivated again, ..

the vampire

by dark fantasy

Lucy was an 18 year old girl. And by christ was she hot, light blonde hair, bright blue eyes, full plump breasts, round ass and eyesthat could kill ..

Losing Virginity to Army Officer Wife

by Melting Dew

Hi There,
Narrating down the true first experience in my teen age. When I was in class 12th,..

Francesca from Italy loses a bet with a foreign

by Francesca

Hi my name Is Francesca,I'm an italian girl of 26 years old, living in Milan. Since this bet I had never thought to have sex..

The return of My Juliet

by Pandora

So... My first story is one of a fantasy of two of my dearest old friends, and an old friend I hadn't seen in years,..

My Horny Mil


Hello readers, let me just say that, as I am writing my story right now my mother-in-law, wife, and father-in-law are sitting right next to me...

Big Brown

by partygirl

Julia was working in the Den when the door bell rang. It was the UPS guy with another delivery. This UPS driver was a substitute driver..

A Tornado

by Brandi

When I saw you for the first time at a gala party, your eyes were
aflame like that of a vampire bat...


by partygirl

Julia was asked to help the BOYS team do a little fundraising for an upcoming tournament. So she called up her contact..

brickie takes a break

by partygirl

As Julia was outside at the table going through her medical records, she noticed that there was some building going on up the street...

yard workers

by partygirl

JJulia was working in the den when she heard the familiar sound of heavy machinery. She knew that her new neighbors..

Drun Beat

by Brandi

The daylight heightened its might, pinching my skin, forcing me to..

Erotic Day part 1

by waggy

You wake up one morning, and with a huge smile on your face, you open the curtains and see what a beautiful day it is. ..

The Sexy Teddy

by Emy Naso

Baubles, bangles and beads, hear how they jing. Maybe, Lucinda, mused. But the gold, silver and platinum counter is better for my bank balance, and doesn't make that awful low-class noise...

Breakfast Club - Part 1

by Byurwildthing

Dropping into a lounge, She unconsciously adjusted her bra as her eyes scanned the early lunch crowd. ..

Breakfast Club - Part 2

by Byurwildthing

It just turned 10:00 am as she entered the specified location. Now wet with anticipation, She found herself finishing the preparation by tieing the black silk blindfold..

Semen Therapy

by tarali

I was once working as an anthropological research assistant in a remote tribal settlement. My work involved living in a primitive village and ..

I Married A Hooker

by Exakta66

What she did for a living, there was no doubt,
Just to make sure there is no misconception,
I normally don't pay, this was an exception,

lost virginity

by cindy

hello my name is cindy,im 18 and i thought i would share this experience with you.a women. ..

The Woman In The Blue Chair

by Exakta66

During the early seventies I was a young man still in my twenties. I was on my own again after my short-lived first marriage and living in a fairly nice apartment complex in a small city...

Tomorrow's World #1 (Sample Chapters)

by Steve Nelson

**Imagine a Future World Where Sex is the very Currency of a Beautiful and Open society. Where humans live all their lives Naked. These humans are Genetically Engineered for Love! ..

Man-handle me baby!

by Monikerr

Its one of those nights where yu r so horny but yet home all alone. Yur fighting with yur boyfriend and you just need a good fuck...