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The Train Ride: Part 3

by NaughtyLiza

There was a common feeling of satisfaction and pleasure as everyone in the compartment lay on the floor or collapsed into a seat,..

The Train Ride: Part 2

by NaughtyLiza

After the group's sexual activity, there was a common feeling of satisfaction and pleasure as everyone in the compartment lay on the floor or collapsed into ..

Dickguy and Sis go south, way south

by Dickguy

A couple weeks ago, both Sis and I were getting so horny, that we decided to have a little mid-winter rendezvous in a warm sunny place. ..

my sexy semi jan and me

by S.A.M.N

This is the story of my sexual experience with my cousin MB’s Wife Seemi Jan. She was staying with her husband. ..

His Sons Fiancee

by A. G. Thomas

That his youngest sons latest girl friend was teasing him was quite obvious. There was no other way her flirtatious behavior could be construed, ..

Another Lucky Break

by Bernie 1933

After we'd recovered from the spontaneous sex on stage, we talked about how fantastic we felt. Never could I have fantasised about a situation like this. ..

A Lucky Break

by Bernie 1933

I was one of a team of maintenance engineers looking after a cinema/stage theatre. At the time it was built it was the largest in Europe,..

A Peculiar Thank You

by KJ

I am quite different than the normal guy. I rarely pleasure myself, I'm not drawn to WWF, and I have always given women my utmost respect. ..

My wife's second job is hard to come by

by Lizzy Ches

My wife Liz works part-time in the morning and she recently started an unusual at-home business to make extra money. ..

The Fantasy House

by Paloma

Friday night Me and You have a engagement to the fantasy house. We must be there by 8pm. We must dress to impress but very reveling...

My Brother-in-law's Birthday present

by Lizzy Ches

My name is Liz and I have been married to my husband for almost 15 years . We have had a great marriage and a equally ..

My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend

by xoxoamberxoxo

My name is David. I’m in a tough situation right now. I have this amazing girl named Shanna whom I’ve been with a little over two and a half years now and she is the best thing ever. We get along great and can talk about anything. She’s smart, funny, sweet, and incredibly attractive. The bad thing is, I kind of have another girlfriend on the side named Svetlana. Or maybe I shouldn’t call her “girlfriend” maybe I should just call her what she is. She’s my little whore, and she’s been my whore for almost a year. The worst thing about all this is the girls are friends, BEST friends. I feel like such a dick. But they are both so beautiful and I love being around both of them but in different ways.

With Svetlana, of course, it’s all about the sex. I enjoy sex with her very much. But other than that, there’s really nothing there. I’ve tried conversation with her several times and it just doesn’t work. We have nothing in common except a rockin’ time in bed, and that’s just not enough for me. That’s why I have Shanna. Not only is she great in bed with a smokin’ bod, but she’s got the brains and personality to go with it. So it seems like a no-brainer right? On the one hand you’ve got a hot chick with a bright mind and a killer personality, and on the other hand you’ve got JUST a hot chick. Seems simple doesn’t it? But it’s not. Because even though Shanna appears to have it all, whenever I’m with her, I can’t help but think of Svetlana. And when I’m with Svetlana I can’t help but think about.. Svetlana. Terrible, huh? I just don’t know what to do.

Let me give you a little visual to help you out here so you can understand the dilemma I'm in. Shanna is about 5'8 with wavy blond hair, green eyes and legs that go on for miles. She's got perfect C cup breasts and this little mole close to her perfectly shaved pussy that's almost shaped like a heart which drives me wild. I love to lick on it when I'm eating her pussy which is her favorite thing for me to do her. That girl loves it when I go down on her, and I don't blame her. I'm great at it.

Svetlana, on the other hand is almost the complete opposite of Shanna. She's shorter at only 5'5 but she's European with loooong wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes like chocolate. Her skin tone is much darker than Shanna's and she's curvier too. Her breasts are a little more full, probably coming in around a D cup, and her ass is PERFECT. That's definitely a huge advantage she has over Shanna, that ass of hers. Shanna's is cute but small, while Svetlana's is round and full and my favorite position with her is fucking her from behind and watching that ass jiggle.

Both girls appeal to my desires in totally different ways and I just don’t know how to give either of them up.

Tonight, Svetlana pulled a gutsy move. I decided to have a party at my place and of course Shanna was there and Svetlana and several other people. Around 3 in the morning, Shanna and I are in bed with an assortment of people passed out in various locations of the apartment, including Svetlana. Or so I thought. Shanna was giving her usual “I’m deeply, deeply sleeping” snore, when Svetlana crept in. Shanna sleeps against the wall so I’m on the outside part of it. Svetlana practically crawls in and snakes her hand in under the covers to me. She finds my dick and squeezes it gently, bringing her face up to mine to lick on my ear. I’m instantly aroused and listen for any signs of Shanna waking, but she’s not. I let Svetlana fondle me for awhile and then we begin to kiss. She takes off her shirt and I stare at her amazing tits while I touch and squeeze on her little brown nipples. She pulls the blankets off my body, slowly, gently, and pulls my dick out of my boxers. She puts it in her mouth and begins to suck my cock, right there as I lay on the bed next to my girlfriend of two and a half years. It feels as if it’s the best cock sucking I’ve ever gotten in my life, maybe because of the naughtiness of it, but it takes all I have not to yell out in pleasure when I climax in her mouth. She swallows my cum and wipes her mouth delicately and smiles at me. She pecks me on the lips and strolls out, leaving me wanting more.

So I go get it. I follow her out and we go to the bathroom where we can be alone and lock the door behind us. I yank down her skimpy little pajama shorts and hot pink thong and bend her over the sink. I sink my fingers into her warm wet pussy as I kiss and bite at her neck. With my other hand I fondle her perfect breasts as she pushes her pussy against my hand, forcing my fingers to go deeper inside her, and she moans just loud enough to get me fully aroused, but not loud enough for anyone else to hear. I can’t take it anymore, so I pull my soaking wet fingers out of her warm tight pussy and push my aching hot cock inside her almost violently. She gasps and her head bangs against the mirror at the force of it, but she immediately grabs my hands and pulls them to each of her breasts as I continue to ram her from behind. She feels so good I want to scream. I fuck her this way until I make her cum all over my stiff wet cock, then I turn her around and put her on the sink and enter her from the front. I fuck her until I make her cum again (I’m good at giving multiple orgasms, just ask any girl I’ve ever been with) then I turn her back around and I fuck her in the ass until I finally allow myself to cum. I usually like to end a fuck session with me fucking the chick’s ass, because I don’t like to have to pull out and I don’t like to wear condoms. So I figure ass fucking is the best way to go. Sometimes, I’ll just make them suck my dick right at the end when I’m about to squirt and let a load go in their mouth. Either way, it’s great.

Afterwards, I leave her in the bathroom to clean up, and go back to bed. I lay there awhile next to a snoring Shanna, getting all aroused again at the thought of fucking Svetlana. I almost get out of bed and find her for some more, but I don’t want to risk getting caught, so I just turn to Shanna. She’s a really deep sleeper so she didn’t even wake when I rolled on her stomach and fucked her from behind. I kept picturing Svetlana while I thrusted my cock in Shanna, and I got so excited that I came within three minutes of being inside her. I wanted Svetlana so badly.

I lay there a bit longer and still my boner wouldn’t go away, so I got out of bed and found her. She was lying on the living room floor and she was awake. I was completely naked, cock stiff as a corpse, and I got right on the floor on top of her and stuck it in. I didn’t care that five other people were sleeping in the living room. I didn’t care that Shanna could wake up at any moment and catch us. All I cared about was fucking Svetlana, right here right now, and I never wanted to stop. When we were finished (somehow not waking ANYONE, at least as far as I could tell) I again crept back to bed with Shanna. This time, she woke up, startling me and giving me a good scare too, I have to admit. I almost thought she KNEW what I’d just done with her best friend, but my fears were quickly put to rest when she wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it.

“What time is it?” She asked sleepily as she stroked me up and down. “I’m so horny.”’

You’d think I’d be completely exhausted of sex by now but HELL NO. I love sex and I could have sex a thousand times in a row. I’d make a hell of a porn star, I’m sure.

“Well, maybe you should do something about that,” I said and so she did. Without a word, she climbed on top of me and sat on my cock, wrapping her warm, already moist pussy around my dick and started to rock gently up and down, back and forth. I fondled her perky breasts as she rode my cock and thrust it up inside her, getting it in as deep as I possibly could. Shanna moaned and whimpered and made all those little sex noises that I loved about her as we fucked and fucked. She rode me until she came and when she did, I could feel all her juices releasing against my cock, but I wasn’t finished just yet.

I picked her up off of me and spun her around onto her hands and knees and entered her pussy from behind, jamming myself inside as hard as I could. Just then, the bedroom door creaked open and there was Svetlana, apparently creeping in for some more secret sex with me. Shanna didn’t hear her come in, over the noises she was making, but I did and it turned me on more than anything in this world, Svetlana watching me bang Shanna. As I continued thrusting, I just stared at Svetlana until I came the hugest load I’d cummed all night, forgetting to pull out of Shanna and everything.

Svetlana quickly backed out of the room, but not before giving me a big sexy smile and I just knew that one of these days I would have both girls at the same time, and I’ll let you know how it goes when I do. ..

My Bra fetish

by Braboy

I have always had an obsession with bras and of course breasts and nipples. ..

Eric and Sarah: First Time

by erotically-sarah

It was my sophmore year in high school. i was only 16. eric was 17, but in the same grade as me...

Sex with Mother In Law - 1

by Prem

This is a true story and i swear to god on this because i have enjoyed my mother in law not once but for 4 years...

Little 19-Year-Old Kelsey Part 1

by JohnnyMan

Kelsey is a 19-year-old knockout. The cutest face you have ever seen, complimented with her blue eyes and blonde hair. ..

Hot in the Cold

by Isabella Sexerella

The beach was close to my college, and it was where students would go to mess around. ..

Teacher's Pet 2: Part I

by Fantasy2

I had been chatting with her over MSN quite a bit since our first 'encounter'. ..

The Night Before Christmas...

by NaughtyLiza

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even her spouse... ..

Adventures on Route 66 - chapter 2

by NaughtyLiza

There was no way he was going to pass this up. He started to take off his towel, and she lifted her smooth round ..

Adventures on Route 66 - chapter 3

by NaughtyLiza

It wasn't long before they sped past a sign that they were entering a town. He knew the roads were going to get busy..

Adventures on Route 66 - chapter 5

by NaughtyLiza

Not long afterwards, he was smoking a cigarette and the twins were leaning over the hood of his car, installing the new parts ..

Adventures on Route 66 - chapter 6

by NaughtyLiza

Before long, the handsome, sexy man found himself sitting on a bunk in a small, sweltering hot holding ..

Adventures on Route 66 - chapter 7

by NaughtyLiza

It was late afternoon by the time the handsome, sexy man was back on the open road. He had mixed feelings ..

An Evening With Pallavi Rao 2

by Pradeep Vasudeva

I decide to escort her till the entrance of the five star hotel. She agrees to stay with me till midnight.

Boiling point

by Poison

Before this all happened and by 'this' I mean me having sex with Johan, we where friends. I teasingly called him my sexy best friend. ..

Celia's friend

by Bernie 1933

It had been more than a month since I'd last seen Celia, and her friend Josie had told me that it would probably be a long time before Celia ..

Satisfying a Desperate House Wife

by Jayan

Hi friends I am back with another real incident happened just one month back with me. I am thankful to all the readers ..

The New Doctor

by eroticgrace

We'd heard rumours at the surgery about a new doctor starting in the summer. I assumed it would be another grey haired granddad with an i..

my sexy semi jan in sari

by S.A.M.N

Hi I will like to share with u my first sex experience and how I got involve in all this. I was a little boy of 14 years I really ..

Morag my girl-friend

by skipsixtynine

This an absolutely true story, although the names have been altered, and obviously I cannot vouch for the actual words used in the conversations..

housewife with a young man

by kate

My name is Sheila and staying in a metro city. I am of a medium height with good features. I have good sex with my ..

Dancing on Babhi's tune...

by Ash

It all happened so quickly. In the beginning I was really afraid about the outcomes but now all I can say is that I am really happy that things turned up this way. My beloved elder sister-in-law Babhi Lalita, 7 years older, has always been someone to whom I really looked up to. She was a perfect mother to her 11 year old boy and 5 year old daughter, always cheerful and been a real example since I got married to my wife, her husband's sister. Babhi Lalita and myself came from the same town and we were culturally similar, we had more or less the same tastes. Paradoxally our inlaws lived a traditional life. What puzzled me most was the way we were attracted to each other. I really liked to go to her place and she always treated us well, she loved cooking for us. She was petite and always well-dressed, I secretly loved watching her moves, she took great care of her lovely hands and feet. From time to time, my wife and I used to stay at my inlaws', so I had plenty of time to spend with my sis-in-law and it was like a special treat to me. Her husband seemed not to care much about her, he was way older than her and my guess would be that they had a platonic relationship since it was 3 years now that he was tested positive for diabetes. Nevertheless they were a pleasant couple and my wife and I really loved their company. Babhi Lalita and myself shared the same passion, we loved music. We used to sing-song whenever we found some spare time. I was quite a good musician myself and she was a very good vocalist. Every time there was a family gathering we would sing and have loads of fun together. Most of the time our singing would eventually become the main attraction and everyone would join us. We are also passive drinkers, in rare occasions. Her husband didn't like that fact much, he's been a vegetarian and non-drinker for years now, as for my wife she didn't bother much since I am not a heavy drinker. Drinking wasn't considered to be such a bad thing from where we came.

Things started to get serious between us last Saturday. We were all invited to my wife's uncle place for the end-of-year party. After diner, my uncle proposed Babhi to sing some oldies. By then I already had some beers and two glasses of whiskey, but I was still sober. They requested me to play my guitar. My bad habit is that when I follow someone with my guitar I usually stare at the person in the eyes, simply because of concentration and to get the perfect tempo and feeling. After 15 minutes Babhi Lalita and myself were in our usual trance and that made other people start to join in, the mood was there. At one time, I was looking at her in her eyes so intensely that she noticed and returned me a smile. She was really cute in her apple green churidar and I loved her wonderful brown eyes. Normally since I am terribly shy I would have refrained from starring at her again but I couldn't resist, must be the booze I guess. I was tempted, what puzzled me was that she seemed to be inviting my gaze, she smiled again. My heart was beating faster. It was so exciting and at the same time so frightening, all that happened in front of everyone and no one except us noticed.

That time I realised that it was way getting too risky, I gazed elsewhere, I used to secretly watch her move her feet to the tunes, they were so attractive. She noticed me looking and stopped moving for a second or two then started again. That really turned me on, something strange was happening, I wonder whether she did it on purpose? I am overreacting, I guess? Had a wonderful evening, the food was delicious, it all ended perfectly, it was late, already past midnight and her two kids were fast asleep, was high time to go home. I drove them back home. My wife sat to my left in front and Babhi Lalita was seated right behind me. Her husband and children were already fast asleep at the back. After some times, my wife soon fell asleep too. Babhi Lalita and myself sometimes talked and sometimes said nothing. We often exchanged looks in the rear mirror. Even though the trip home took more than one hour, I didn't notice the time. Finally we reached home, my wife and I decided not to return back home since it was already around two o'clock in the morning. Babhi Lalita proposed us to stay at her place and prepared some tea before sleeping. My wife was feeling too sleepy, I was the only one to welcome the tea. Her husband and children were already fast asleep. By the time tea was ready, I had already changed my clothes, I borrowed my brother-in-law's short and t-shirt. Babhi was in a pink night gown. We sat down after I took out some biscuits from the fridge, she sat in front of me. Her husband was snoring now, I couldn't resist to giggle. She smiled and asked the usual question: "How do you find the chai?" I replied: "Perfect just like you", even I was somewhat surprised by my answer. She paused a second or two and hesitantly teased me: "Thanks and what else do you like in me? I have noticed you watching me several times today, didn't you?" I knew that it was now or never and I had to take my chance, making sure that no one else was listening: "Yes, I find in you a really interesting person, I would love to really get to know you some more" "Is it so?" She starred at me the very same way she did at uncle's place. That was absolutely marvelous, I couldn't resist. I moved my hand slowly and touched her's, she was reluctant she removed her hand. I was confused, neither of us really really anticipated. We didn't say anything, I knew both were terrified, we finished our tea. We got up, I cleaned the table and floor and waited for her to finish washing the dishes. At one moment, she turned and got me off guard while I was watching her butt through her nightgown, she smiled and joked: "You just don't give up, don't you?" I then whispered to her: "Couldn't resist. Sorry." She returned: "Don't be sorry." She was playing the game, I stood up, walked to her, and proposed in a really low voice: "Can we meet?" She said nothing, locked the doors and was about to go to sleep, when she showed me her 4 fingers and whispered: "Bathroom." My wife was already fast asleep, so I didn't bother much to disturb her, I slept on another small bed in an adjoining room. I kept my cellphone in my short's pocket and that would vibrate at exactly 03:58 am. I was really tired and was soon asleep. I woke up hardly but after some effort I regained full conscience, the cellphone was buzzing. I went outside and was going to have a pee, Babhi wasn't there, o well, what can I do more? Maybe she was too tired after all, I tried my best. Just when I was going back to my room I heard her calling me softly from inside the bathroom. It was dark, I got in the bathroom, she was there in flesh and bone. I was really pleased and proud she had been tempted by my invitation even we both knew how risky it was and what disastrous consequences it may have.

We did nothing for a short time, we both waited for a reaction. I started playing with her hair curls, she had wonderful black long hair by the way, gave her a kiss on the forehead, and then looked her in her eyes. She was helpless. The first move was a frightening experience, but somewhat really exciting too.

It was still dark and all I could hear was my heart pounding, I took her face in my hand and soon our lips met, that was our first kiss, it was wonderful. We kissed again, this time with more guts, playing with our tongues, I couldn't believe it, I was french-kissing Babhi Lalita.

We drew closer and we were soon caressing and feeling each other. She could certainly feel my male hardness I guess, all that was so exciting. I was feeling her boobs. She returned the caress. I kissed her on her neck and licked her ears in the way, she seemed to like it a lot.

I caressed her hair while unfastening her nighty, soon her bra was off. By that time Babhi had lowered my short and was now caressing my penis. She was meagre, petite, she gave birth twice, could even see the scars from the cesareans, with small boobs but just enough, she had nice juicy nipples. I took them one by one in my mouth, she was loving it.

I removed her underwear, she became really shy when I moved back and had a real glance of her nudity, my dream was finally coming true. Her body was still really nice to look at. Smelling her underwear I looked at her: "Been praying for this moment since we met, you have such a wonderful body, I can't wait" She confessed: "Me too, I really happy to have you now" With a little bit more confidence I teased her: "Your pussy smells so good"

By the time I was removing my t-shirt, she was down caressing my butt and soon swallowed my penis completely into her mouth, she took me by surprise, but could I have asked for more? I was standing in the bathroom and couldn't resist watching the way she was doing it, so passionate, slowly enjoying every little moment of it, getting harder everytime her lips moved on my cock. Her mouth was making small noises, she was really good at it, I was in heaven, Babhi Lalita certainly knew exactly how to please me. I stopped her when I couldn't stand it no more, I wouldn't certainly want to waste such a pleasant moment. That made me really thankful to her, I cuddled her in my arms and told her gently how happy I was to have her. Feeling our naked bodies against each other was really special to us.

That would seem absurd but our relationship grew in such a way that our little adventure that night seemed like a logical step, we were really having fun and were genuinely loving it. We really needed that. I simply said: "There are just some things that cannot be explained". She was so cute, she approved my sayings by her look in her big brown eyes. Slowly I knelt down on the bathroom floor, she knew what I had in mind, she drew closer and spread her legs a little. I could not resist smelling her feminity as she willingly approached her pussy to my mouth. Her nicely trimmed pubic hair was looking silvery with her cunt juice, all that had made her really wet. I was now having her in my mouth, one time gently licking her clit, one time playing with her lips, I loved her taste, she was frowning. I noticed that she was also rubbing her erected tits secretly, I could feel that she was loving it. The poor she shouldn't be neglecting her body in such a way, I wonder when was the last time somebody pleased her that way. She was getting horny, she was now guiding my head between her legs, she begged: "Ash, eat me please." Even in my wildest dreams I would not have thought about someone telling me such words, we were talking the same language, she was definitely playing the game and loving it as well. I thrusted my tongue though her wet lips, she spread her legs some more. She couldn't stop moaning slowly when I started burying my tongue deep in her back and fro, I remember I was also biting her lips, I was eating her pussy. Soon by her body movement and her moaning I knew that she had her first orgasm. My mouth was full of her juice. She looked at me, helped me to stand up, the smiled at me the same way she did at uncle's place, her brown eyes lit up her my heart. We were out of control. I said: "I love you". We kissed passionately again. I was hungry for her love and was at her mercy, she whispered in my ears: "Honey, take me now, I want you now." I wowed: "Honey!?!" She turned, bent herself and spread her legs. She grabbed a piece of a towel and put it in her mouth, that was certainly not the time to wake up the neighbours. I couldn't wait no more, I started slowly, had no problem whatsoever penetrating her juicy pussy. Taking Babhi Lalita that way was like a deliverance to me, it felt so good, it was so warm and welcoming. My Babhi was moaning slowly, the sweet voice that I cherished so much was now singing to my tunes, without really thinking I removed the towel from her mouth, I wanted to hear here her calling my name again, that was really special. We've been playing a very dangerous game and at that very moment we were at a point of no return, we couldn't care less about the repercussions. The only thing that counted was that we loved each other.

I accelerated, I was fucking her really hard this time, giving her what she really deserved. I knew that I could not possibly resist longer after all this, who could anyway? I was starting to come, Babhi reached out her hand and started fondling her clit with her finger, that time she didn't hide, she was good at it, my first thought was that I should propose her to masturbate in front of me some other time. We were both coming at the same time. She refused energetically when I was withdrawing myself from her, she wanted me to come in her. Everything was so out of control, I only wanted to please her. I filled her up, it was so good...

After some times, gaining some of my strength back I withdrew myself, she turned and I grabbed her in my arms without say a word, we've done it, we've now been officially tagged as unfaithfuls. We remained in the dark for minutes without saying a word, we were both feeling guilty conscious, I asked her why she prevented me from withdrawing she said she just had her menstruation. I then kissed her again on her cheeks and then her lips and finally proposed: "Our love should remain our secret treasure" She agreed. All that lasted for 15 minutes approximately, we just hoped was that no one noticed our escapade or no one heard us. I got dressed in no time, got out of the bathroom, she closed the door, no one outside, went to pee again and washed myself, it was around 4:20 am, and went straight to bed. As for Babhi I think she had a quick bath and did the same. The following morning, we all got up late, we had some lunch together. Strangely Babhi Lalita and myself acted as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, no one noticed...

Horny and Erotic Sex in a Train

by Kumar

Hi friends . This is Kumar from Mumbai , India . I have a great sexual encounter to share with you all . This was a short while ago from now . I was travelling from Mumbai to New Delhi by in a 1st class A/C compartment and in my coupe was a lady travelling alone as well . She was a little plumpy female with a figure of maybe 42 - 36 - 40 and with a real good bustline and a face that resembled a model . She was wearing a saree red in color and really revealing her figure . It was the rainy season and as such the compartment was mostly empty and in my coupe we were the two of us only . Initially we just sat on our berths bang opposite each other and the train started moving . Initially nothing happened but once the T/C checked our tickets and moved off she passed a smile at me and asked me my name and as too what I was doing in Mumbai etc., etc., and I asked her her name and where she was from etc., and she said that she was from Delhi and was a divorcee . We kept chatting for quite some time and then we had our dinner and then our chat continued for a while by the time it was around 10.00 p.m. aprrox., After finishing her dinner I noticed that she was trying to reveal her thighs by moving up and down her berth and her saree kept slipping off her blouse revealing her boobs quite too often . All off a sudden she asked me if she could change her clothes as she was too uncomfortable in the saree and I asked her why was she asking me this as she could go and change in the washroom as per her convienience to which she replied that as the saree would get wet and dirty she prefered to change in the coupe itself as it was closed to which I said I had no problems . The moment I said no problem she undressed her saree and I was just boomaranged by her figure and my cock was just as if it would bash out from my trousers . She was looking fucking gorgeous . She tried to reveal more and more to me by trying to fold her saree and then asked me if I could turn around for a while so that she could undress her blouse and petticoat to which I said no problem and I just pretended that I had closed by eyes and was looking out of the window but to be true I was watching her undress with my blinked eyes and she knew that I was watching her undress and when she undressed she just threw herself on to me pretending that she had fallen off due te the moving train and said sorry to which I said it is fine . But the way she threw herself on me was such that her huge boobs came straight in my hands and it was the real experience of a lifetime . The best thing was just to come . She asked me if I wanted to enjoy some good sex with her . Initially I was hesitant and I said that I would not prefer the have sex with a stranger to which she said that it would be the experience of a lifetime for me and to be frank I was also waiting for that great moment of a lifetime . She locked the door from inside of our coupe and then started to undress me slowly . She slowly pulled out my 10" cock which was rock solid by then and was amazed to see the size my cock and then told me this was the reason she left her husband who had a cock of just 3 - 1/2 inches when erect and always left her unsatisfied . She took my cock in her hands and closed her eyes to feel the warmth of it and in a few minutes I could feel that she had got the thing she wanted . She slowly undressed me completely while with one hand she was sucking my cock like a lollypop taking it till the throat and then pulling it back with all the sticky water flowing out when she removed it out . I pulled her towards me and opened the buckle of her bra and the boobs that I saw were the experience of a lifetime . They were just too big and horny and when I touched the nipples they were real hard and she started screaming with joy when I just pressed them hard with my hands . I needed both my hands to hold one boob as it was that big . She made me sit on the berth with my legs wide open and then started sucking me up and down piercing my ears with her tongue and licking me like a choclate . As she was sucking me sitting down I slowly pierced by toe fingers in her cunt down and she was wet like anything . She was getting mad and started sucking me cock for one time and then sucking my ass the other time . This went on for about an hour after which she could not resist more and asked me to fuck her hardest I could . 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