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Wet hot pussy

by Jodes69

I was so frustrated and was craving a release. I drove to the motel having decided to get there before you to freshen up and make sure every inch of me was clean. ..

Masi Ki Chudai

by Mr Desai

I am a regular visitor to this site and i think it is a great site to know about the experiences of different people. ..

Massage Boundaries

by budman33

I had been seeing my masseuse for months and she was very firm on her boundaries. ..

Cock Worship

by Michael from Phoenix

Hello, my name is Charlotte. I know you won't believe this and normally I wouldn't admit to it, but I am Otis' cock slave. ..

Tempting John

by Obsessive John

Watching my wife push back at my cock always gets me off. There I was on my knees, upright. My cock driving into her pussy. Meeting me halfway on every penetrating push. ..

Candle Lights All Around The Room

by Elsa Casper

As you are standing in the doorway, leaning up against the door. I am sitting on the edge of the bed, hoping that you will come in and see me. ..

My Sex Encounter with Sunita

by Sexy Raj

Hi, my name is Raj and I am writing this just to tell you about the greatest week of my life so far. ..

my girls twin sister

by asus

My girlfriend Eve has an identical twin sister Sara, the sisters are identical in every way as far as i know, they do not dress alike as they have grown out of that. ..

Me & Seemi Jan In Dubai

by S.A.M.N

Hi, my name is M. I am 20 years of age. I am living with my parents in Dubai. I was a bit hesitant in writing this in the beginning, but I wanted to vent my feelings also to someone. ..

My Wife Samples a Spanish Treat

by Lizzy Ches

Recently my wife Liz and I attended a family reunion and we were surprised to see someone we hadn't seen in 20 years. ..

Tod and the Slut

by Bobjj123

Ted Haliyard was a good man in the truest sense of the work. He lived a moral life, circumscribed his passions and kept them within due bounds. ..

My Sweet Bindu

by Yasvi

Hello everybody this is S V from a place called Hyderabad, India. I am 29 yrs, 5ft 7 inches male with a good physique body and a very strong sex drive ..

In the bed with aunt

by dishu

The story that i am going to tell you is a real story of my hot experience with my aunt. i am sexy looking guy medium built black hair and blue eyes. my uncle is a millionare and often busy with his business all the day.suddenly he had to go to new york for his meeting. one day my mother told me to pack my bag as i had to go to my aunt.i was shocked to hear this and asked her why? she told me that her aunt was alone at home with her 2 year old daughter and as their area was prone to thieves so she had asked me come at her place. my 2 months college vacations had also started. i was so happy that the aunt that i love so much will be living with me for 1 whole month. i quickly packed my bag and straight went to her house.i rang the door bell.and there was my hot sexy charming aunt.she greeted me in such a way that i had never expected. she hugged me a little. she put her left arm around me but i as usual hugged her a little with both my arms around her and i could fell her massive boobs penetrating in my ches. sorry i forgot to mention about her figure. she is 40-35-38. she usually keeps her red long ass length hair open. she was wearing a translucent saari which showed her cleavage. her blouse was low cut from back so while hugging her i deliberately put my both hands on her bare back. it was such a nice feeling that my cock started growing hard. she took me inside and we sat on the couch. as she sat down her pallu( front part of the saari which covers the breast ) fell down to her stomach but she didn't noticed it. i was playing with her daughter but my eyes were on her boobs and the ample cleavage that she was showing. i could not resist this and went to the washroom. i quickly took my cock out and started jerking it vigorously. behind the door i saw her panties hanging. this made me so horny that i took one of her pink panties in my hand and started rubbing it on my cock. her panties were a little wet and appeared as if she had just taken bath. it was such a pleasent sensation on my cock. i was imagining he nude in my mind as if i was taking a bath with her. in a few min i came out and did not even care to remove her panties from my hand. my load was so much thick and it came all over her panty. i hung that panty there on the door and went out.---------------------------------------------------- Time passed away and night came. i changed my clothes and sat on the table for dinner. while she was serving me she was leaning forward to put food in my plate. when i looked up i was shocked to see her big massive melons in her blouse. she was braless and it appeared they would fall out if she bent a little more. then i went to my room and slept there thinking of her. after sometime i noticed that she was coming towards my room. she came and asked "why r u sleeping here" she told me to come to her room and sleep there with them. this was such a dream come true. i went there and slept on her bed with her daughter in between. she went inside the bathroom to change. when she came out she was wearing a beautiful cut sleee top and a lower which extended till her knees. she was looking so sexy. she put off the light and slept on the bed. whole i was looking her. her boobs were erect in the air. after sometime she woke up and looked at me. i pretended that i was asleep. she put on the dim light and took her nighty out of the almirah. she headed towards the bathroom but stopped in between and started removing her clothes. i was amazed to see her. as she was not wearing a bra her boobs sprang out like a spring. now she was completely nude in front of she wore her nighty and was heading towards the same time i got up and she was shocked to see me. she asked whether i was awake. i said no.she asked whether i would like to have a glass of milk as she had a habbit of drinking milk at night. i agreed and told her that i would make a milk shake for both of us. at this time a very naughty idea came to my mind and i took slepping pills from my bag which i had brought with me. i went to the kitchen and prepared 2 glasses o milk. then i put 6 tablets in her glass and went to the room. i gave her her glass and she drank the whole milk in one gulp. now we slept and i knew that she was completely trapped in my trap. I got up and touched her to check whether she was asleep and yes she was. I placed her daughter aside and slept along her. I kept my hand on her and started massaging her from top to bottom touching her bombs her back and her ass. Her ass was in perfect shape and i could not remove my hand from it. I pulled her more closer to me and her boobs were penetrating in my chest. My hand reached down and started rubbing her legs and pulling her nighty up. I placed my lips on her lips and started kissing her. First slowly and then vigorously like an animal eating it's prey. I inserted my tongue inside and it touched her tongue. Now her nighty was up till her waist , i inserted my hand in her panty and started pressing her ass. Slowly i moved my hand up till her boobs came in my hand. They were so huge that i could only manage half of them in my hands. I reached down at her pussy and started massaging it in a circular way slapping it in between. It was a low cut nighty from behind and had buttons in front. I took her over my body and her boobs pressed on my chest. At the same time i was french kissing her. My tongue rolled deep inside her wet mouth. I unbuttoned her from front and if her bra had not supported her boobs they would have fell on my face. Now i completely removed her nighty over her head. I was assaging her up and down from her neck to her ass bumps. As i was kissing her lips for the past 20 min they had got swollen. I removed her bra from her shoulders. It now became loose and her boobs protuded out more on my face. I started sucking her boobs vigorously. I had also removed her panty. I pressed her so tightly on me that she was not able to breathe properly. I sensed my cum building in so i quickly removed my pants and in one big painful stroke i ran my whole 7" meat in her. She made a little sound "uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaa" and i knew that she was also enjoying it in deep sleep. I slowly increased my tempo and i was fucking her at 100 jerks per minute. Her boobs were making to and fro motion so i kept my face in their way and they were hitting my face. I was about to cum in her when i thought i would impregnate her so i pulled my dick out but i really wanted to cum inside her so i pushed my dick in her pussy in one jerk. Her pussy was so tight and painful and she again let out a moan "aaaaaaaaaaa" which excited me so much that in one second i reached my speed and now her pussy was wide open. This time i bursted my hot seed in her pussy. I did not want to end this so early so i took her off my body and placed her on the bed. I put my cock in between her boobs and pressed them hard and started moving to and fro. This was so pleasurable that in few seconds my cock became hard and this time it even grew half a inch. I was so much lost in passion that i did not even came to know that i have again sprayed my thick shot on her face. I saw her mouth was open so i inserted my bonner in her mouth. With each stroke i moved deeper and deeper in her mouth until my bonner touched the walls of her throat. I continued it and after few min i again felt it building in my balls . I shot another load into her mouth but she was not swallowing it. I remained in that position for sometime until my cock got soft. I started dressing her up and again my dick got hard. I couldn't help myself so while dressing her i stared pressing her , kissing her cupping her melons and it nearly took an hour for me to dress her. In the morning i woke up early to see how would she react. When she woke up she sensed something salty in her mouth (it was my cum) and she swallowed it inside , even licked her lips. Then she asked me whether i had added something salty in the milk. I simply nodded in front of her. Now every night we drank a glass of milk and the rest you can think yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!

"THANK YOU FOR READING MY STORY" please reply me about my story on my email..

the maid

by sachin

It was a typical sunday morning. I am a bachelor, but not a brahmachari and certainly not a saint! ..

seemi bhabi and red blouse

by S.A.M.N

This is a True story which was happened 2 months back. My name is M and I am a ladies garment designer. ..

Romantic sex session

by Dirty_lil_bitch

The front door opened and my fiancé called through the house, "Hey babe, im home"..

When I watched Jayde AT IT!

by paul199

A few years ago I moved to England and started living with my Aunt Mandy. My Aunt had a caretaker as she was elderly and disabled...

Seemi's dress designer

by S.A.M.N

Her name is Laila. What a treat for eyes and perfect to arouse me. I am a ladies Dress Designer. First time she came to my shop was around ..

Cousion of Seemi bhabi

by S.A.M.N

Laila was my Seemi Bhabi’s cousin. She was married and workingwoman. Laila was a very sexy woman with 38, 28, 38 & 5’ 7” figure. ..

Single Mom turns horny

by Sexy Single Mom

My son had left for work about 6:30 AM so I had the house to myself, or so I thought. ..

My sweet sexy seemi bhabi

by S.A.M.N

I am M 18.And all this happened with me from Last three months. I have a cousin's brother who got married with my Lovely bhabi. ..

Seemi Bhabi

by S.A.M.N

I am MJ writing my experience. My Bhabi’s name is Seemi. She is fair in complexion. Her figure is 38-30-36...

I' m Seemi Jan

by S.A.M.N

I am a 33-year-old married woman. My name is Seemi. I am married to M previously name used as MB. ..

My Wife Gets Double Teamed

by Lizzy Ches

My wife Liz and I have been married 15 years and recently we agreed to open up our marriage where each of us could pursue other sexual partners. ..

cinema - hot trailer

by malcolm ramsden-frankland

Its early afternoon as we sit in an almost deserted cinema. Nestled together on the back row we settle..

My wife's young stud

by Lizzy Ches

My wife Liz likes to flirt and prick-tease guys and once in awhile she follows through with it and I am fine with it. ..

My Sexperience with a Horn Housewife


Hi Readers! I am a 28-year-old, well-built, tall & handsome guy. I work in a multinational business house here in Richmond, Virginia. ..

The offer he couldn't refuse

by Amaretta

"Mr. Popoff, this is no longer working. I am going to have to report you to CPS. Your drinking has gotten out of control ..

My Wife's Poolside Encounter

by Lizzy Ches

It was a hot summer afternoon and my wife Liz and I were hanging out by the pool along with my brother-in-law ..

Play Therapy

by Amaretta

She pushed her long reddish-blonde locs out of her face and replied with a crooked smile, ..

My Sexperience with a Horny HousewifeW


Hi Readers! I am a 28-year-old, well-built, tall & handsome guy. I work in a multinational business house here in Richmond, Virginia. ..

Fun in the Sun

by Dickguy

Dickguy and Sis have Fun in the Sun

Dickguy made a trip to Florida last week, to meet up with Sis once again, and spend the week at the Sun N Fun airshow in Lakeland. It was as much for a sexual romp as it was for the aviation end of it. We had been together in Key West in February, but could hardly wait to get our things together again. About a week before I was to head south, Sis asked me to not jack off and make myself cum, so that I would have a super large load of nut cream for her. I had to use some restraint to keep from getting myself off every day, as I have been doing since my wife passed away in 2006. If you have read our earlier postings, my wife Bibi was instrumental in getting her widowed sister laid, for the first time since her husband had died in 2004. The girls asked me if I would be the one to satisfy Sis's hunger for a stiff cock. It all worked out just fine and I fucked Sis several more times while my wife either watched or actually participated. After Bibi passed away, Sis and I have been together several times and the sex gets better every time. I arrived in Florida, Sis met me at the airport and we proceeded to the nudist resort we stay at near Orlando. She couldn’t wait to get our clothes off and she asked if I had cum in the previous week. I told her that I managed to hold off, so that I would have an extra large load of cum for her, anywhere she wanted it. She grabbed my cock and pushed me back on to the bed and commenced to devour my cock like a kid with a candy bar. She always liked to gently squeeze my balls while sucking me, and commented on how full they seemed to be this time. She was so anxious to suck out my load, that I didn’t even have a chance to turn her around so we could get into a 69 position. With about 2 to 3 inches in her mouth, she was pumping the part of my cock that was not in her mouth and I was ready to open the flood gates of my nuts. I started to ask her where she wanted it, but to no avail. She kept me in her mouth and I spasmed 6 or 7 times, filling her mouth with what seemed like a cup of sperm. I pulled out and quickly moved up to her face, saying, push it back into my mouth. I did take probably half of what I had pumped into her mouth and then went down to her pussy, spread her lips with my fingers and forced all the cum I could, into her warm, wet vagina, kinda packing it in with my tongue. When my mouth was empty, and I still had a hardon, I slipped it into the very well lubed cunt. Cumming again was out of the question, but we both really enjoyed the feeling of her contracting vagina walls, and with very little effort, she had a great orgasm, expelling all the cum I had put into her and a very nice load of her own. I went back down and licked her clean, as she also licked whatever was left on my cock. It was then time for a nice warm shower and dinner.

The next morning, we were off to Lakeland for the air show, where we both work as volunteers. Each evening, we would get away from the airport as soon as we could, in order to get back to the hot tub and pool at the resort. After a nice soaking in the hot tub, we would wander over to the poolside resturant and have a nice nude dinner, with dozens of other equally nude couples. If you have never tried that life, you are really missing something. After dinner, it was back to our Villa and an other romp in the bed. I got Sis off at least once a day and sometimes twice, by licking and sucking her beautiful smooth pussy. That second night, we did a nice shave job on each other. I enjoy shaving everything between her asshole and her belly button, and she does the same for me. She much prefers to suck on my ball sack, when it is hairless, I feel the same about her whole genital area. I hate those pubic hairs between my teeth. On Sunday, we went back and tried something we had done a year or two ago, that is getting a can of aerosol whipped cream, and covering her pussy and my cock and balls with a pile of foam and licking it off each other in a 69 position. If you like whipped cream and the taste of cum, it just doesn’t get any better than that. We did use chocolate once, which was pretty good too. One time when Bibi and I did that, I poked a couple cherries into her pussy and sucked them out with the cream. No cherries this time around. As usual, all good things had to come to an end and Sis dropped me off at the airport on Tuesday morning, and we had to say bye bye until July when we will get together again in Oshkosh, for the next airshow. I think we are having a pretty good time for her being 69 and me almost 71.

Dickguy and Sis ..

Fast Food Quickie

by Alice

My boyfriend and I like to hang out on this particular fast food chain because it has a second floor that doesn't filled up too often...

Hot Game with Aunty

by Kumar

Hi guys n gals around the globe, this is Kumar here from kerala ,thanks to girl-directory for setting up such a nice website, let me tell bt myself,I m ..

My Gorgeous Neighbour

by Kumar

Hi Friends, let me share you my one and only experience which I had with my neighbour. First let me introduce myself, this is Kumar from Kerala. ..


by Lucy

Patricia leans back against the bar, arching her back to thrust out her breasts, and smoothes her short tight skirt over her thighs. She lifts her ..

Immagine me next to you

by Milo999

Immagine me in front of you,I let your mind to dress me. Slowly I am moving towards you,I touch you lightly,I go round you on your right ..

Sex with my Mother In Law

by MyWickedTongue

Well I finally got up the nerve to go for it.

We had a major icestorm a few weeks ago and my wife and I lost our power for a ..

a husbands revenge

by lynn

Hi, my name is Lyn, I want to tell what happened to me. A few months ago. I know I've been a bitch and a stupid girl. ..


by ProFyrFytr

I find you alone one night. I am peeking in thru your window. You see me but continue with what your doing, ignoring me. ..