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Good Neighbor - Part 3

by tenbytwo

So I walked in my house and into the bedroom only to find my wife standing there looking at me. ..

Bathroom fuck

by Player21

Im standing there completely naked, still wet from the shower i had just taken. As i reach for my towel the door bursts open, ..


by Brandi

The exhausting competition seemed bigger than life. I had won the peerless grand prize, and a fancy golden bough rested on my exuberant crown again...

Stranger on the Shore

by Dick Beresford

It's week two of our holiday in Greece and your skin has taken on a silky, light bronze colour. We have found a secluded beach where each day we take a fabulous picnic..

Sweet Little Lauryn

by _G

In my first year of substitute teaching at my old high school, I met Lauryn. The teacher who was supposed to be teaching Lauryn ..

Ms Marca part 14

by Marca

One of our other neighborhood friends are named Jay and Nancy Cone, who had know Tim a long time and live just a ..

Ms Marca part 12

by Marca

I woke up early the next morning. To be honest, I hardly slept at all the night before. My mind was filled with so many thoughts..

Ms Marca part 13

by Marca

Whether one can outright accepted it or not, your little venture to the world of sex outside of your own marriage does transformer you into an addict. ..


by Dickguy

I was the first child born to what you could call a typical pre-WW2 English family. ..

Spur of the Moment

by CallyFornication

In my defense, my boyfriend never satisfied me. Not once. I was driven to cheat by my sexual frustration and it really ..

Teenage Fantasy

by MzBi4LyF

We\'re sitting on my bed kissing and touching. He starts caressing his hand up my thighs between my legs lickin n kissn my neck wif his ..

Ms Marca part 10

by Marca

I married Tim when I was 29 years old and when I moved into his house I became the neighborhood beauty. As most of you know I have a 40DD chest, ..

Ms Marca part 11

by Marca

Tim got home from his trip and I was scared to death that Tim would come home some evening and let me have it, that he was told about my whore ways. ..

Ms Marca part 9

by Marca

Tim was home from his trip and I had spent the last few days getting my feel of big cock that would need to last me for the next week or so. ..

Ms Marca part 8

by Marca

Jake was to come build the new work shop this week and at the last minute Tim called me and said he had to go to ..

My Wife Fucked by a Monster Cock

by tenbytwo

It was only a matter of time before my wife would want to try fucking another man with me watching. We’ve ..


by jj

My wife loves the feelng of a strange mans tounge deep in her pussy ! So one evening we met a guy who replyed to our add on line ...

Best Friends Sister

by merc2544

Just last weekend i went to call on my best mate as arranged to go out on a pub crawl as was usual on a Friday evening. ..

My husband helped my mum with her computer

by UKHornyMandy

My husband John had never really looked at my mother in a sexual way (or so he tells me!) but a couple of weeks ago all that changed..

Crossing the Line

by Byurwildthing

It was in the morning about eleven when my phone rang. “I there Gorgeous..." It was Her, the woman with whom I was having a something. Its '..

Ms Marca Part 7

by Marca

Over the next few months I gave Jake our old handy and yard man access to my body. I did what he wanted me to when he wanted ..

Ms Marca part 6

by Marca

The next morning long before day light I woke thinking of Jake and his big cock and what time he might be coming over. I ..

WHy SHould the GUYS Have All the FUN

by Eye Opener

Amishi was glad to be leaving for the Airprt to go to Parents House. Since Four days she was wanting to leave, she could only when her husband went out ..

Ms Marca part 5

by Marca

The next few weeks after my one night stand at the night club with the young hung hunk, and doing the AAA bug guy, I was beset by conflicting emotions. I ..

Ms Marca part 4

by Marca

Just a few months after our wedding and about two weeks after my one night stand with the college hunk, I was getting that itch once again. It had been a busy ..

Z at the Adult Theater

by Z&Me

Z was really pissed with good cause.   I had cancelled the next three day weekend visit with her to my place, in a town about 50 miles ..

Wet dreams

by Gayme

I just finished picking up my friend from the train station. He was visiting for a while during March Break. University wasn't going the ay he planned and he was kinda depressed at the time...

Diary of A Dancer, The Business trip

by Erica69

I was a few months into my new career as a dancer and things were really starting to click. Being the newest babe in the mix, ..

Fun might have ended

by SIL50

This might be my last story about my sexual adventures with my MIL. Sometimes things take a wrong turn  and earlier this week it did...

This Day, Our Day (1)

by Echo

I wake up. My eyes blink and I turn, letting go of you only for a moment to look at the clock. ..

Ms Marca Part 3

by Marca

Tim and I had found each other! If there was such a thing as soul mates, then that was us in a nutshell. I was the sick puppy and he was more stable one who ..

Ms Marca Part 2

by Marca

This is more in the life and times of my wild and wicked ways.  This is about me… just a part of my life!


swallow me

by sousou

I did not know her name till the next day. It was a Saturday evening, and in Belgium. Everyone was going out for fun. ..

twin sister lucy

by MRSMERC2544

I think I might well be the luckiest guy alive. I had been seeing Dave for 18 months now and i has an identical twin sister not know i know...

Gardening with my MIL Pt 5

by SIL50

This might be my last story about my sexual adventures with my MIL. Sometimes things take a wrong turn  and earlier this week it did...

Gardening with my MIL pt.4

by SIL50

This is so fresh I'm still sweating as I write.  My MIL has just left after our weekly lovemaking session and this has been the wildest yet, in my opinion...

unhappy friend

by merc2544

I was at home alone having just finished a night shift and the wife was at work as were the children (grown up). I was getting ready to go to bed but ..

the loepard woman part2

by BeachBum

As i poured the first round of drinks, Heidi explained to Marie how she wanted to be my second wife, she would have her own place ..

The road to Vegas part 2

by BeachBum

Marie and I made love the whole weekend, when we were on the way back from Vegas we cuddled in the car on the drive home. ..

More Gardening with my MIL

by SIL50

This is so fresh I'm still sweating as I write.  My MIL has just left after our weekly lovemaking session and this has been the wildest yet, in my opinion...