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Young Lust, First Lust. Sweet Devotion.

by Exakta66

I really hate the phrase 'back in the day'. I think it is a tired, over-used phrase and if there is one thing I really hate it is tired..

Anal After dark

by LuvsAnal

I was amazd at how far my first lesbian relationship had gone in only a week. My girlfriend Holly and I were having sex 3 or 4 times a day...

My First Try

by lucioz

I was at university at the time, and like all students find money very hard to come by, not having rich parents, plus not getting along with my mother..

Brightest Star of All

by starbelliedboy

"Shall I help you wash up?" Lucy asked, bringing me the last of the dishes.

"No, it's OK," I replied..

Burlesque Fantasy

by Samantha

Samantha was a Burlesque dancer at a local down town club. She danced every Saturday night. She had been working the same stage..

Car Rental

by Amaretta

"You don't talk much do ya?", she asked the man that was slowly untied the knot of her wrap dress. As the silky material feel away from..


by Amaretta

"Miss Villas, do you know why I called you in here?" He sat in his large mahogany colored leather swivel chair. ..

Threesome to remember

by tarali

I once had a girl friend who worked as a freelance escort .She made good money catering to the needs of rich old men who often sought young female ..

Ms Marca Part 27 Neighbor Across the Street

by Marca

Whether one can outright accepted it or not, your little venture to the world of sex outside of your own marriage does transformer you into an addict...

Ms Marca Part 26 - Old Bill Came Calling

by Marca

I married Tim when I was 29 years old and when I moved into his house I became the neighborhood beauty. ..

Ms Marca part 25 Water delivery guy

by Marca

You ever had one of those days when you've been neglected for so long by your husband that your mind starts to wander a bit?..

Ms Marca Part 23 Being A Hot Ass Wife

by Marca

Hi again, me Marca, or sometimes referred to as Ms. Marca. For those of you who don't know me I am Marca...

Ms Marca part 22 The Shower

by Marca

I had got home late from one of my afternoon delights and found Tim setting in the den reading one of his business magazines... "Honey what are you doing home so soon?"..


by DayDreamerDani

There's always that one guy... The bad boy. The one who could break your heart at any moment. But you can't stay away, his eyes are the reason to ..

Helping Out An Older Lady

by Maartinm

I work in a ladies shoe store.

On this particular day a fairly regular customer was trying on shoes that I brought out for her. ..

My long awaited guest from america to sweden

by Swedish Tease

This is my first of many hot nights that I have to share and tell the whole story to very lucky and hot individual thats loves the snow with hot candle..

can I play with you?

by angelcakes

if I knew anything about musicians I knew that they love to do one thing best. play music. the best pick up line though was the infamous- you should play music with me!..

And His Sister Was Pretty Too

by starbelliedboy

For quite a while I was aware of James' gorgeous 18 year old sister in the last year of school, but I didn't think she was interested in me, and ..

School's Nearly Over

by starbelliedboy

One warm evening in the late spring before our final exams, the first we'd be taking since turning eighteen, when I was round at my half-Japanese ..

First Night Together

by starbelliedboy

"Come with me," Nina whispered in my ear at the end of the party. I'd been chatting with her earlier as she was so beautiful and I have..

Into The Woods

by starbelliedboy

"We'll be back by nine mum," Julia shouted as we set off into the woods. It was a warm summer Friday evening, and we were going to have a look at her secret hiding place...

Don't Tell Mum

by starbelliedboy

"We're going, then," my mum called up. "We'll be back sometime late this evening."

I don't swing that way, do I?

by P.N.

I had heard rumors about this place and finally had the nerve up to come. I was trembling on the inside as I ..

Amandas Vagina Part three

by Braboy

As you will have noted from the previous stories about my prostitute friend Amanda, she is a very sexually active woman.
After the last visit to her studi..

Lord Valeron

by Eros

Valeron had a need.
It didn't matter to him who fulfilled it, as long as it was soon. Otherwise he'd have to take care of it himself.

Indian Massage

by Dick Beresford

At last we've arrived at the hotel outside Jaipur. We check into our room, large with its own private verandah. The hotel has a pool and beauty salon so you decide to book a massage...

Grand Mother In Law's revenge

by SIL50

After being caught by her mother, it\'s been awhile since my MIL and I have any real time together. ..

Martial Arts Workout

by SIL50

After my wife died I took up training in MMA to have something to do and get back into shape. ..

The latest Meeting with Sis

by Dickguy

As you regular readers may recall, about a year before my wife passed away late in 2006, her widowed sister ..

Fantasy 4

by nigel

Your legs are wide open, and you yell at me to not stop, your panties are now soaking from my licking..

Ms Marca part 20 Just a hotwife pickup

by Marca

I'm cool around men, any man, until they slip it to me and after that if they got anything between their legs that will make me see stars, ..

Ms Marca part 19 I just can't say no

by Marca

I was at the bar in the den of the county club with Tim and two other members listing to them talk about golf. ..

Amandas vagina Part 2

by Braboy

Amanda was getting ready for me her next client.
She was gently washing her vagina and her anus on the bidet and the warm water ..

Grandmother in Law's Revenge

by SIL50

After being caught by her mother, it's been awhile since my MIL and I have any real time together. ..

Fucking My Masi

by Mr Desai

I am a regular visitor to this site and i think it is a great site to know about the experiences of different people. ..

MIL goes black

by SIL50

I was sitting home bored to tears when my MIL dropped by rather unexpected. She said she couldn't stay but left me..

Back From The Dead

by Bobjj123

Barry Smith was an Air Force officer - a graduate from the academy and at the top of his class during every phase of his flight training. Serious and sober, he had been all business even as he was..

Ms Marca part 16 - My MAN, Jake!

by Marca

My man, Jake, can fuck me silly! Stupid silly! I've never been with anyone that can fuck like him! He really knows how to use what he's packing to do me right! It fills my ..

Ms Marca part 15

by Marca

Now being a 30 something-year-old housewife, I don't dress sexy everyday like I did in my single days, when I had to make a living using my looks. I do dress up whenever the opportunity ..

Ms Marca part 17

by Marca

I had got home late from one of my afternoon delights and found Tim setting in the den reading one of his business magazines....