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A Night To Remember

by Exakta66

I remember a story that happened to me way back in my high school days. I grew up on the East coast in the Pennsylvania area. Back in the sixties ..

The Art of Seduction and Foreplay

by Silver Fox

Every woman wants to be seduced and experience sensual foreplay before sex.

The art of seducing a woman is teasing her suductively peaking her ..

What the doctor ordered part1

by Teake

This is the first time I have written an article of this type, so I hope you like it. To give you a bit of a back ground to this true story,..

Hotel Sex

by Braboy

My company sent me regularly on trips to some of the more distant towns in our country.
As I am very active sexually ..

look but not touch

by DWB

Stacey made me kneel just by the edge of our bed and said I could only look but not touch. That she was going to tease me like never before. I was not even allowed to kiss her soft sumptuous ..

the long awaited rendezvous.

by modern Hermes

He entered the room, the smile on his face betrayed his anticipation. He wore a green t-shirt over loose fitting blue jeans. ..

Neighbors erotic stories, part one

by sexandthecitys

This story is about the journey of six neighbors who quickly became close friends. They live in a three story building in sunny Miami...

Ms Marca Ch. 28 A Friends Husband

by Marca

I'm married with no kids, 32 years old, 5'10", brunette, 40 DD-23-38. My friends and I sometimes have a girl's night..

Ms Marca ch 30 My best friends husband part 3

by Marca

Tracy had called me the morning that they were going on their trip to France, England and back to France for the next 28 days...

Ms Marca ch 29 My best Friends Husband part 2

by Marca

I looked over my shoulder and he was just smiling at me. His blue eyes looked so sexy. I reached back and felt his cock ..

He Belongs to Me

by Dreamwalker

"This is based on a story I wrote a long time ago. I decided to rewrite it because this is a dream of mine which actually came true! My ..

My Second Woman

by Braboy

As I described in 'My First Time' my very first fuck was with Elizabeth our maid. She got me to put my erect penis into her vagina and I had my very..

busted in the act

by angel01

I was watching my sister's kitten while her and her boyfriend were at work, as reading through the sex problems page in a magazine article i found ..

Merry Christmas, Baby

by Exakta66

Back in the summer of 1980, I was a restless young man. I was a 19-year-old with a natural curiosity and a cocky attitude. The summer of 1980 ..

French Lessons

by starbelliedboy

It was during my first summer holiday since I'd gone to university when it happened. I had gone into town one Saturday afternoon to get some CDs..


by MM

I checked into my hotel room after having a long exhausted day. I decided to hit the mini bar and then hit the shower. As I was in the shower, I ..

Dance Class

by Exakta66

The time that I spent with Lynn, the girl I had met at the gym after my divorce, was rather blissful in many ways. Not only was she fun to be..

Lunch with Mother in Law

by SIL50

WWell I haven't posted a new story in awhile because to tell the truth nothing interesting has happened . It has really been a drought in the bedroom...

The Mile-High Club

by bobdacroc

Dear Diary,

November 12 Today was a warm, November day and I was standing in line, waiting to board my plane. ..

Getting Help With My Story

by Exakta66

For those of you out there who have been closely following my life story you are probably aware that I started writing sex fantasy stories and ..

The Library

by AJ

It had been just a normal day at school, boring and repetitive. Oh how things can change. Tash and I were in the library, working on coursework ..

Moonlight and Roses

by Brassy

The 'Annual Summer Dance' was drawing to a close. I sat in the corner quietly on my own, sipping my lemonade, and looking down at my silver dress ..

The Awakening

by Brassy

As you gently awaken in the early morning light, the warm

sun rays fall on our bodies still intertwined.

Lunch With MIL

by SIL50

Well I haven't posted a new story in awhile because to tell the truth nothing interesting has happened . It has really been a drought in the ..

The Hot Couple

by Andre199

"AAAAHHH, god I'm going to come, oohh yes your hot sucking mouth feels like hot melting butter being poured over my dick, aaaahhhh".


Road Trip Part One

by tenbytwo

I had another business trip scheduled but this time it was in LA. I mentioned it to my wife and thought it would be a good idea to her to tag ..

Seduced by Rosie my mates wife

by merc2544

This is a factual story 100% true. All names changed though.

About a month ago my wife Trudi and i were invited round my mates for a nice meal and some good wine,..

Carnival Knowledge

by Exakta66

The summer of 1980 seemed to hold nothing but promise for this young man. Just one year out of high school it was an easy decision for me to take a ..

Getting A Raise (From The Boss's Wife)

by Exakta66

One of the positive benefits of getting a divorce after nearly twenty years of marriage was my newfound freedom. I had always wanted to move to the..

Flight Lessons

by Exakta66

After my divorce following nearly twenty years of marriage I settled into a condo in Central New Jersey. The combination of not having a wife and the..

Book Signing

by Exakta66

The weather was nice as I drove up to New England. It had been a while since I had seen my stepsister and I had not seen her son since he was a ..

The Window

by Exakta66

After my wife and I divorced the first thing I did after the ink on the divorce papers dried was to move back to the city. I was originally from ..


by Exakta66

I really welcomed moving into the condo after my divorce. The divorce put me through a lot of mental anguish and coming home at night and not ever ..

My Best Friends Girl (She used to be mine)

by Exakta66

Towards the end of the eighties my life was starting to really look up. I was doing well with the telephone and alarm company I was partnered in with ..

The Package (What would you do?)

by Exakta66

One of the biggest advantages of moving into the condo after my divorce at the age of 45 was the many benefits offered. In addition to the luxury of..

The Review

by Exakta66

Back in the early eighties just before I joined up with my friend Rich in his telephone services company, I had an office job at a local securities ..

Window Treatment

by Amaretta

This story was written on behalf of a request made by a friend. I was given the challenge of writing a story about her and her new lover using ..

Sex with librarian

by Gonzalvez007

Hello friends, I am 26 old average looking guy from kerala ,living in
bangalore .I am a fun loving person,never miss any opportunity to..

GMIL's Revenge Pt2 (paybacks are a bitch)

by SIL50

Friday is my normal day off since I work a 4 -10 job, and everybody knows I enjoy sleeping in. So I was still surprised when my GMIL ..

Your Eyes

by Exakta66

One of the things I have always derived pleasure from throughout my life is music. Both listening to music and making it have always been ..