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Julia the Cougar

by Cougar Lover

I first met Julia in Cambridge MA where she was working as an adminstrator for a college...

This was my first time...

by Lapiz

This was my first time...
That day I had got out of the house rather early and after a hasty breakfast and quick shower, I needed to catch a subway train and reach the new college in the city...

The Stranger

by KittKat

I gripped the doorknob, heart beating, unsure if I could go on. I wet my lips and finally turned the cool, bronze metal silently. Behind the other side of the door was complete and utter darkness...

Ms Marca Part 37 Back to my old tricks

by Marca

I tried to never let co-works of my husband ever know about my outside world. Most of my girl friends are women ..

first time sex in class

by reshma

I am aryan, 27 years old staying in Delhi.The story I am going to tell is few years old...

Ms Marca Part 38 Word about me was getting around

by Marca

Tim and I were at Jack's house for one of the neighbor hood backyard cook out get together one night. ..

Seducing Mamony

by Ranjit

Mamoni is a distant sis in law from my wife's side. She is a virtuous woman in her late thirties, few years senior to me. But the most attractive part of her ..

Little Red-Cap

by starbelliedboy

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl, loved by everyone. By the women and girls because she was so kind and polite to everyone and never lost her temper, by the men because she was..

Ms Marca Ch 36 Back to my old tricks

by Marca

Tim and I had been in Houston for three days, he on business and me on monkey business, will I had gone with the intention of meeting up with one..

Ms Marca Ch. 35 Sex with my hubby

by Marca

I was at the kitchen sink when I heard the garage door hubby was home from a long week...shit I hope he is beat...I don't need any sex ..

Could be you!! M/F

by Fox Trot

Giving this a try
As you lay on the couch I gaze upon your succlent looking body. Watching the TV you have no idea whats going through my mind at this time or what I have in store for you in a few monents...

My shy wife transformed.

by Phil mywife

We had been married for just over two years...everyone told me how lucky I was to have such a outstandingly beautiful and charming wife. ..

Ode To The Lap Dance

by Exakta66

So much energy, seemed she'd never tire,
She soon had the crowd eating out of her hand,
Watching her was more than I could stand,

Healthcare Reform (A nurse fantasy)

by Exakta66

As I drove over to the new healthcare clinic, I was a bit apprehensive. I truly hate going to doctors. ..

Bicycle Ride

by Doc

It started off as a local rails-to-trails weekend bike ride with an eclectic group from work. Over the summer, as it got hotter and hotter, fewer and fewer of our coworkers arrived..

Baudelaires Cane

by Texas Dancer

As an art student I often go gallery hopping to keep up with the current artists in my area. I was quite taken by some very sensitive but erotic nude paintings done by a local artist named Marc Duhon..

Love And Haight (67Goat's story)

by Exakta66

Change has a way of passing slowly through a small Pennsylvania town, like an old man window shopping on a Sunday afternoon. ..

Going Down Slow (A Poem)

by Exakta66

Part your legs I'm going down slow,
Tonight you'll be my little ho,
I stick my tongue between your lips,

Master At Your Craft

by Exakta66

You're truly a master at your craft,
The way you hold and stroke my shaft,
The way your tongue starts to glide,

A hot encounter at your ex's party

by Maggiee

Your feeling on a low as you enter your ex's house. It's fancy dress so last minute you'd flung on a short black number, black gloves, and a pinned tail. As you enter,..

Sexual Healing

by Exakta66

I recall the evening like it was yesterday, even though it 's been over ten years. I stared down at the table and mindlessly picked at my food while my wife sat silently across from me. ..

Webmeets Diary Ch. 05

by starbelliedboy

As I have recounted in previous entries to this diary, once I finished university I decided to go traveling. I spent the months between doing my exams and leaving using my favourite..

Rising Like The Tide

by Exakta66

The summer of 1966 rolled around like any other year in sleepy, small town Pennsylvania. While most of the town's residents may not have even noticed, things were actually going pretty good for me. ..

Night of Passion with Shwets

by Pradeep Vasudeva

In the normal course, my meeting with Shweta would have never taken place. I have been granted leave but no one is willing to assume charge while I am away. I have to change my travel plans at the last moment...

My Second Woman Part 2

by Braboy

Later that morning after some wonderful sex in different positions we were lying naked together on my bed.....

Love and the Law. chapter 1

by tom craven, susan adams

Hi, my name is Jackie, I just read one of a friends stories and it got me to thinking about my own life and a few things and fantasies I have and had. I'm an attorney at a very successful and prestigious law firm...

My night in Heaven

by Danny Rod

My heart beats faster and faster, the bathroom light goes off and the door opens...

Road Trip Part 2

by tenbytwo

Well the first afternoon and evening after our drive to LA was uneventful. I did however, notice that the room we were in was perfect for my favorite thing to do at a hotel and that was jerk off in front of the window and look for someone watching...

Ms Marca Ch 32 Pool Time with the Neighbor Kid

by Marca

I am what all the young studs describe as a MILF. I'm a 32 year old housewife that looks 25 if I might say so. I work hard to look good. I workout everyday, swim, and keep my body fit...

Ms Marca Ch 34 Old Friend new kid Part 2

by Marca

I'm a very sexually horny woman, some people might even say I'm crazy about sex or even nymphomaniac, but I really love to fuck. My husband Tim is 20+ years older than me and I at 32 have it my prim years when it comes to sex. ..

Ms Marca Ch 33 Old Friend, New kid

by Marca

I didn't shut the door to my bedroom as I prepared for bed. I knew my old neighbor's grandson, Rick would be watching even though I knew it was wrong...

Going Down Slow

by Exakta66

Part your legs I'm going down slow,
Tonight you'll be my little ho,
I stick my tongue between your lips,
As I hold you firm by the hips,
On your back, feet in the air,

Be My Little Whore Tonight

by Exakta66

Just spread those legs open wide,
Just call me daddy as I cum inside.

I hear your moans, I hear your cries,
Just wrap me in those perfect thighs,

My husband, My Bitch!

by Tracy Peters

I guess I was a bit wild when I was younger but I thought I had it all out of my system when I met my husband...

The hotel room

by Dreaweaver

It had been a long trip. He looked forward to some sleep. It didn't matter that it was a hotel somewhere off the highway. ..

neighbors erotic stories, part two

by sexandthecitys

As soon as their conversation and stories took an erotic connotation, five pairs of eyes rested on Lindsay...

Husband watches as wife has sex with his friend

by alwyan

I am an executive and live a high standard of life. My wife Reena is a house wife. She is beautiful and has explosive curves. She measures 36-34-36. ..

Ms Marca Ch. 31 My best friends husband

by Marca

Tracy had called me the morning that they were going on their trip to France, England and back to France for the next 28 days. ..

What the doctor order

by Teak

This is the first time I have written an article of this type, so I hope you like it. To give you a bit of a back ground to this true story..

The New Year's Eve Dance (I Will Survive)

by Exakta66

Never forget the music that is the soundtrack of our lives, for if we let the music die, something inside us dies along with it"for Mary"..