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London Escorts | Sure Delights | Escort Christina Story

by suredelights

The naughtiest and wildest London Escorts have a similar passion in common with their favourite clients. The soft skin, the sweet scent,..

Romantic&Sexy Love Story

by SexyLesbian18

"On the road again," I sighed. Golden Ray's of sunshine danced on the windows as the car travel along the motorway. "London here we come".

The magic stick

by Midsky

The twins wanted more then to watch a movie

I walked over to the local swimming pool, I was going to meet Jake
Amy and Travis there.

Morning In The Park

by Exakta66

After nearly 20 years in a rather unexciting marriage and finding myself single again at the age of 45, meeting Joyce seemed a bit like a dream come true...

The time of my life.

by SexMaster

It all started in a club, I was the midnight bartender who takes shifts at midnight until A man waled in, towards the bar and sat down. I walked up to him with a sexy movement in my hips. ..

hired Help

by Welikeu

A few years ago an acquaintance ask me if I had a job for his young eighteen year old nephew who was about to graduate from high school...

Spirits of the Sleeper

by A. H. Arbinger

The sparsely attended college mixer had an underlying formality to it although Pastor Gabe did his best to get the boys and girls to talk to one ..

Afternoon with a Dominatrix

by Caribena69

It had been a very long week and he had been very distracted. Her need for him had grown until she felt she could no longer contain her desire. So she began to scheme ..

Mother In Law ( true story )

by Bernie99

This is a true story,some people might think I am crazy but I am happy to share this adventure with you, so do not hesitate to comment...

20 years sexual frustration finally relieved

by justmell

This "mother in law Fantasy" ex mother in law actually is more an ex son in law story and differs from most you'll read in two ways. One it's coming from the Mother in Law, two, it's actually true...

It's been a while

by stlrcipsi

We leave the restaurant and it seems to take forever to get home. When we finally get there we get stuck talking to my roommates for a bit,..

With Priya that Evening

by namitasluv

It was a figure slander, straight, fair, and with a mystic meaningful smile on her thin lips...

Spirit of the Sleeper

by Allan H. Arbinger

The sparsely attended college mixer had an underlying formality to it although Pastor Gabe did his best to get the boys and girls..

Mother in Law - take 3

by A2Z sex

The next time Carol and I got together was when she had booked a slot at a crafts fair near to where I was working...

Angela for Christmas

by Luckiest Guy In The World

Christmas is almost hear and I can't wait. Angela came in tonight waring a bright red push up bra and matching panties...

J Part 1


I call her J. I was just returning from a night party, it was 20mins to twelve am, i was afraid the police might catch me, but i kept going, ..

My Husband's Friends and I

by Hot wife

My husband has a number of friends, but he is very thick with two of them. Their names are Mohit and Harish. Both are tall and handsome...

Naughty Mother in Law 2

by A2Z sex

Since the first time my mother in law and I crossed the boundary she has been insatiable. At every opportunity she has made sure..

Me and my Mother-in-Law

by emen4u

This incident happened a month ago. Firstly let me introduce my mother in law. Her name is Ananthi and she is 45 yrs old..

Breaking the virginity

by f*kid

It was winter vacation and as always we were going to have winter camp trip. Me and my girl friend..


by shagmilf46

Mrs Jones carried a chair out into her entrance hall and placed it carefully facing the frontdoor...

the storage room

by young_kitty

I've been working at Sally's restaurant for six months now and I was used to the long hours and the annoying customers, but I always smiled and looked at things in a positive way...

Hook Up Aunty

by kamyak

This story takes place towards the end of my high school. I was over eighteen and..


by KarmaCC

Years ago I use to get a call from my belly dancer girlfriend to come over and video her new dancing outfits...

Never Fuck a Stalker

by Karma CC

A few years ago I met this lady by accident and we exchanged cell phone numbers. A few days later we started talking about different things we had in common. ..

Bunny and Vee

by Karma CC

When I retired and moved to Las Vegas I met several women in different casino's that were lonely quite agressive. ..

Massage Parlour

by Braboy

I saw the advert in the Massage section of one of the daily papers. ..

Kolapuri Murchi


The drive was pleasant. I started from Pune at 1 pm and in June weather the sky was cloudy. ..

My Wife Ada Cole no.1

by Don Jaun

The adventures of Ada are all true, this is the first. Sitting in the car park we noticed men comming close to our car and looking in...

Crazy Days

by Periyar

We spent most of our weekends at the cabin near the
lakes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I..

Mother in law take 2

by A2Z sex

Well after my first experience with my mother in law I kept a low profile just in case she had a guilty complex about our previous sex session...


by trixipixie

The evening had started innocently enough. At least on her side.

Kean sighed grabbing the round of drinks, and moving through the crowded dance floor, checking out bouncing breasts and wiggling asses as he did...

Mother in law

by A2Z sex

My mother in law had been flirting with me for a while in person, over the phone and even by email. ..

Me ex calls the shots pt. 2: the club

by The Tables Have Turned

I've begun accepting the fact that my girlfriend is no longer just mine to have. I've asked her a bunch of times what she does,..

Fuck Angela II

by Luckiest Guy In The World

It has been a while since I wrote about fucking Angela well I am here to tell you she is as great as ever. We have just returned from a cruise and ..

My ex calls the shots

by The Tables Have Turned

It had been about a year since I had broken up with my ex, and I hadn 't been able to sleep with another woman since then. My fantasies of her became stronger every night...

Watching the Wife

by SIL50

During her time in college my wife who was in her early 40s often met in study groups with several other students. The groups were both male and female a ..

Naughty Mother in Law

by FunFunFun

My mother in law has her own business selling beads and findings on the internet. ..

How Rupa tasted Mumbai\'s special adam\'s fruit

by Ranjit

Rupa is a stout woman, by profession a primary school teacher in her late thirties... Her hubby works in a govt owned Indian company engaged in petroleum exploration...


by Bi66ar

You are in our garden next to the pool and the sun is beating down on your smooth tanned wet body. You are wearing a tiny white bikini..