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Erotic Couples - for those who like to see mixed sexualities. Bi-sexual stories are published and available free of charge.

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Breakfast in Bed

by Joiphulone

Ann awoke and quietly slipped out of bed. She looked at Brad lying on his back totally oblivious to her movements exhausted from last night's incredible sex no doubt. ..

Erotic Pleasures

by Joiphulone

Brenda could feel the warm summer sun on her as she walked through the meadow towards the top of the hill. ..

Cyn for Short - The Earlys -Chapter 1 - Discoveries

by CraCyn55

That sounds ominous, but I'm taking the day off from work, called in sick actually which may be reasonably justifiable. ..

The Early Years -Chapter 2 - Anxious to Learn

by CraCyn55

After almost over reacting when Eddy (My high school boyfriend), brought sexual excitement, and a little dominance into our budding relationship ..