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Slutty Behaviour

by Amanda Marais

It's the 6th of September 2004 at the moment , and I am writing a short story about something that happened about four years ago . ..

Room 32

by Amanda Marais

From time to time, my sweetie Edwin needs to go abroad for his work for a few days or a week. Last night he left for Hungary. ..

Arlene - Part One

by blotanhunka

There are many friendly women, but few wanton women. Women who love love kissing. Women who love having their nipples kissed and sucked . ..

Servicing Sara: The Beach (Part 2 of 3)

by Brockleigh

"Son of a bitch, it's hot..." I said to myself aloud as I wiped the sweat off the back of my neck. 103 degrees, and ..

A Study In Seduction

by Brockleigh

I don't think I could've been more uncomfortable.

Here I was, thirty years old and back in high school. ..


by Brockleigh

"Jesus, Doug, you can't just do that!" I yelled at my business partner.

"Just watch me." Doug said in response. ..

Photo-Shoot, Part One

by Brockleigh

I looked over my equipment one last time before packing it away. Digital camera. Three memory cards. Camera Base. Tripod. Laptop and accessories. ..

I Never Knew How Close Friends Could Become

by Angel_Eyes

Ok, first I would like to say that this is a true story, but the names have been changed for obvious reasons. ..

Chrissy & Andrea Become Even Closer....

by Angel_Eyes

As the weekends went by, our nighttime adventures were heating up with each one. I have one particular weekend in mind that I am going to write about this time. ..

The Truck Ride

by Angel_Eyes

All four of us kept up our weekend escapades, trying to convince ourselves that we would never take it any further than any of us could handle. ..


by sillygerl

She could feel the passion with his stare, and longed for his lips to touch hers. She met him at his hotel room on friday night. ..

Excellent Workout

by Pensri

I guess my neighbor was not lying as it look like William have large cucumber in his pants.As my eyes refocus on his face, he is smiling at me...

A Lingering Love

by Sweet Silent Writer

I am sitting here waiting for you. Two hours, that is all I have to wait. Yep. That is it. I have too wait to read what you are going to say ..

The Party

by CLBiggs

Wayne and Samantha had a dinner party about every six weeks or so. They weren't really parties, just a time for family that ..

Halloween Party

by bizr

We had been invited to a Halloween party that a friend of mine from high school was having, and I wracked my brain to come up with a costume that was unique. ..

The Dream

by Poet_mistress

The night was windy and cold. It was time for the Nor'easter to start. I was in my living room looking out the window watching..

Suite Sex

by Nicola34

After the nooner we had, I couldn't wait until we were able to meet up
again.  The chance arose as I had a conference to attend which meant
that I would..

Switching up

by steyener

The following story is true. It is about how I became intimate with my wife's sister. If you are against infidelity then I strongly suggest you not read any further...

Switching up-2

by steyener

About a month had passed since my last story. Karen's sisters were due back up for another visit. ..

The Game

by Carmenica Diaz

'I can't stand it!' The words leapt from his tortured lips and I smiled.
'I think you can,' I said softly in what I hoped was an encouraging tone...

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

by Sarahhh

When we kissed goodbye and parted I knew we'd never meet again. Love is like a dying ember and only memories remain. ..

The Library

by The Watcher

By 8 am Friday morning, it was already sweltering in our house. Not even a cool shower could extinguish the flames. ..

A Visit From Vince

by The Watcher

Library (PART II)
My encounter with Vince at the library may have been brief, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. ..


by Piston Pete

No matter who it is, everyone always has that one person at work that is just knock out gorgeous. I'm no different, and at my place of work....

The Sleep

by Randy teacher

I was sleeping the other night when I woke with a strange feeling near my mouth, I looked down and saw a black body laying very close to me. ..


by C. Thomason

Having woken up as the rays of the warm sun started peeking through the curtains to the room, She lay gazing on his masculine
form. ..

Konrad's Memoirs, ch 1

by Nikkie Logan

I cannot really call this a chronology of my life as it is not detailed enough to deserve that title. ..

Konrad's Memoirs, ch 2

by Nikkie Logan

I had no doubts that she was excited and what I told her was true; I was certain she was dripping wet with excitement. ..

An Extraordinary Phone Call

by C. Thomason

Tell me what you're thinking about C.....

I was thinking about how hot I was getting just thinking about writing that story.
It has my kitty doing clenches as we speak. ..

The Massage

by C. Thomason

You walk into the room and I'm sitting painting a ceramic house that I use every Christmas to give as gifts. ..

Good Mornings Don't Always Start With Folgers In Your Cup!

by C. Thomason

You come to conciousness from your slumber to find me lying beside you with my head on your shoulder softly nibbling at your ear and the nape of your neck,..


by C. Thomason

As I lay here tonight listening to the patter of rain on my window, the soft rhythm of it begins to make me drowsy and I feel my eyelids getting heavy as ..

Never Say Never

by GF, Lisa

Well, I always swore I'd never let anyone fuck me in the ass, but I found out that the old saying "Never say Never." ..

Unbridled Passion

by Joiphulone

Zack had a long day and was starting to regret having a last minute appointment at the end of his shift to meet the new CEO. ..


by Kandy

When you get home from work, you remember your wife is gone for a few days.  You kick off your shoes and strip down to your shorts. ..

Laurie Fucks Her Way Through A Friends Wedding Weekend and More

by Cleveland

The last time I had seen Laurie she was the cute teen down the street who hung out with my wife's sister. ..

Bus Stop

by Telephoneman

There was about a dozen of us in the bar. The usual Friday night crowd, straight from work. I loved these evenings. ..

Forbidden Encounter

by Zas

I Iaid in bed last night, and the memories of you came flooding back, I was naked under the sheets and began to touch myself, ..

Cari Fucks A Freshman

by Cleveland

It was pouring and I was soaked through my BVDs. The cold early autumn rain was not an excuse. I had to deliver my Intro Psyc paper, which was already a day late. ..

Erotic Encounter

by Zas

I was in a restaurant waiting for some friends, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted you, just sitting there watching the world...