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Maggie and Gary

by Bimba

The red headed young woman was sitting at the bar. It's been a long time since she was out by her self...

Soul Searching

by Lulabell

Oh, what a day! First it was the usual stuff; high humidity caused a bad hair day. Then my car wouldn't start, ..

The Waiter

by Cagey

Janine and I discovered that we were really turned on by watching each other have sex with other people. ..

Heat wave

by Pinkcandiecorn

I lived on the fourth floor of a pretty nice apartment building downtown. It was nice, quiet and in a great location. ..

Teacher's Pet

by Amanda Marais

So far in my short life I have fallen in love with a teacher only once. It all happened in my last year of high school ..

Summer Job

by Amanda Marais

Since a very young age, I felt the need to stand on my own rather than always relying on my parents for everything...

My caring Sec(X)retary-Part 1&2

by csn61

Part 1
I ran a large Engineering consultancy organization in my hometown in India and about two years back I recruited a Mrs. ..

Seven days, Seven women-Part I

by csn61

Chapter 1: the storyline:
I want to describe the incredible fortune I have landed in terms of being able ..

Encounter with Steve

by Nicola34

It was Friday night and everyone else had already left work, that is all except me and the Maintenance man Steve ..

The Zippless Fuck

by Close Encounters

We were in our seventeenth year of marriage. My wife and I were geographically separated. ..

Cooler Times

by Kjeirstin

"How are you doin' today?"
"I'm okay, you?" He grabbed a drink from the cooler I was restocking...

My Second Time With HIM

by Kjeirstin

March 3, 2002
"Study hard, I'll see you later," I said to my brother as I shut the..

My First Time With HIM

by Kjeirstin

Joslin, Chase & I left my house & went swimming for an hour. We went back to my place & grabbed some necessities. ..


by Kjeirstin

"Hey, can we stop there?" I signaled to the Hobby Lobby we were about to pass...


by Oceandreamer

Deanna and I had been at the party for about thirty minutes when I caught sight of the stunning, ..

Rose Lane

by Kristen

In the Ninety's I lived in a great old Victorian house on Rose Lane in Bend Oregon. ..


by Phoebus

She reached over and turned out the light.

Another night alone. ..

Good Clean Fun

by Phoebus

Hot water from the shower cascaded over her body, washing away the day's worries and stress. ..

The Club

by PoisynAngel

The beat was heavy and bodies were writhing all around him in the fog filled room...


by Paul C

"Can you tell me how the photocopier works, please?"

Her shadow fell across my desk. I was alone in the accounts department that lunchtime. I'd heard that the photocopier in personnel was on the blink and they would be sending somebody up to use ours but I hadn't expected Tracey. She had only been working for the company a week. Just about every single man and a few married men in the building had asked her out but, as far as anyone knew, without success.

I looked at her tits then into her lovely blue eyes then back to her tits. They were enormous. Well into the forties. The material of her pale green 'V' necked sweater was stretched taught across the nipples. You could clearly see the indentations they made.

She cleared her throat.

"The photocopier," she prompted, "can you show me how it works please."

I scrambled to my feet dragging my eyes from her tits and fighting the urge to reach out and hold one.

"Yes, certainly, sorry, I mean, this way."

If first impressions mean anything this was not a good start.

"This way please." I tried to lead her and guide her at the same time whilst looking down the 'V' of her sweater at the two firm looking mounds of flesh on display.

We tried to pass through the doorway at the same time and for an instant her tits were squashed against my chest. I felt them flatten against me then, looking down, watched as they sprang back into shape.

"Well?" She said.

I looked at her face. She was smiling.

"Have you never seen a pair of boobs before?"

"Not like yours." I gasped.

I could feel myself blushing.

"They're nothing special."

"They're wonderful. So..."

My voice trailed off. What was I doing? I was standing in my office discussing a perfect strangers tits with her. To make matters worse I could feel my prick growing.

"Big? Were you going to say." She placed the papers she was carrying into the feeder tray on the photocopier. "It's a family curse. My mother and my sisters have all got big ones."

"I wouldn't call it a curse."

"You don't have to carry them around all day."

She placed her hands on her hips and arched her back. I thought the material of her sweater was going to give up the unequal contest and tear. She relaxed, her tits slowly settling into place.

"You can close your mouth now." She said, placing two fingers under my chin and lifting it.

I closed my mouth.

"I want to do it back to back." She continued. "The photocopying, not that."

She was looking down to where my hard on was stretching the material of my trousers.

I turned away.

"Don't be silly. I know you've got one and there's nobody else here. A girl likes to know she has this effect on a man. It'll soon go down when it realises it's getting nothing from me. Now, the photocopying."

I showed her how the machine worked. She stood close by my side. I could feel her nipple brushing my arm. It would be a long time before my prick went down. She took over the controls and set up her copying. It would take about fifteen minutes.

"I think you had better sit down before somebody else comes in." She said walking to my desk and sitting on the edge.

Her skirt rode up to above mid thigh. I think my prick grew an inch. I sat down with difficulty.

She smiled.

"What's your name?"

"John." I replied.

"My name's Tracey."

"I know."

"What else do you know about me?"

"Only that most of the men in the building have asked you out." I suddenly blurted out.

"Oh." She said and pondered for a few moments.

"How many have I said yes to?" She asked.

"I don't know."

"None. They only want one thing and that is to get their hands on these."

"I can understand that."

She was very easy to talk to. My prick was slowly starting to go down.

"I thought you were different. The other girls said you were a nice quiet boy."

Shy around girls, they could have said.

"Do you have a girl friend?" She suddenly asked after looking out of the window at the busy street below for a few seconds.

"No." I admitted.

I'd never had a proper girlfriend. I'd been out with girls but whenever I sat next to them in a bar or in the cinema I'd spoil things by trying to go too far to soon.

It was my turn to look out of the window.

She seemed to make up her mind.

"I have a late lunch today. I was going to go to the pub but I can't go in there on my own. What are you doing for your lunch?"

I thought of the sandwiches my mother had made lying wrapped in tin foil in the bottom drawer of my desk.

"Oh, I often go to the pub for lunch." I lied.

I didn't even know the way there.

"Would you like to come with me?" She asked hesitantly.

"All right." I thought the words had become stuck in my throat. "I have to wait for Jim to come back."

"Come by personnel when you are ready." She smiled at me and squeezed my hand.

"It sounds like my photocopying has finished."

She stood up and leaning towards me smoothed down her skirt. I look into the 'V' of her sweater. My prick started growing again.

"I hope you can control that when we're out." She nodded towards my prick.

She collected her photocopying and left.

I willed the minutes then the seconds to pass until Jim returned. I didn't do any of the tasks I had been given to do over lunch so I begged him to cover for me and hurried down to personnel.

The other girls in the office were coming back from their lunches.

"Hallo John. What do you want down here?" Sally asked coolly. I'd actually felt her tits in the cinema before she slapped my hand and then my face before storming out.

"Is Tracey here? We're going to lunch together."

"She's already gone, with Martin."

He was the deputy sales manager. He drove a flash car and earned a lot of money.

A lot more than I did.

"She didn't say anything about going out with you." Sally continued. She called around the office. "Did Tracey tell anyone she was going out to lunch with John here?"

It was met with laughter.

I turned away and walked slowly up the flight of stairs to the accounts department.

Jim was doing my filing and I could hear the photocopier going in the next room.

"I thought you were going out for lunch?" He asked as I sat at my desk and took my mother's sandwiches from the bottom drawer.

"Changed my mind." I said unwrapping them.

Potted meat and cucumber slices. I took one mouthful. It tasted like cardboard. The office started to fill up. Mary, the Managers PA, came in, looked at me and smiled. I saw her talking to some of the other staff as they came in. There was a lot of looking and sniggering behind hands and computer screens. I tried to shrink in my chair. I imagined Tracey having told them about my hard on and how she had arranged to go to the pub with her. How stupid I was. No girl is going to go anywhere with a man who gets a hard on looking at her tits.

Tracey came into the office during the afternoon. I slipped into the photocopying room and watched her from behind the half-closed door. I saw her speaking with the Managers PA then with him. She then left. I worked on. Slowly. Wishing the afternoon would end. At last it was five to five and I could start clearing away.

Mary walked across to my desk wearing her coat prior to leaving. She carried a pile of folders.

"Can you photocopy and collate the flagged papers by first thing Monday morning?" She asked.

I looked, there must have been fifty flags.

"Have a nice weekend." She said and was gone before I could protest.

I would have to either stay on for an hour or come in sometime over the weekend.

I choose to stay. That way I wouldn't have to endure the looks and sniggers as I left.

I opened the first folder and removed the sheets I had to copy and went into the photocopier room. I started copying the papers one at a time.

"Need a hand?" she asked entering the room and standing by my side. I looked down at the "V' of her sweater. I could feel my prick growing. "I wanted to apologise for this lunch time."

"Leave me alone," I snapped, "You've had your fun. Everybody had a good laugh."

She sniffed. I dragged my eyes from her tits and up to her face. She was crying.

What had I done.

"Look." I said. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

I pulled my handkerchief from my trouser pocket and handed it to her. She dabbed at her eyes, handed it back and smiled at me.

"I can understand you being upset. It wasn't what you think. Well, partly it was. Martin said he had something important to discuss with me that couldn't wait. I got into his car and he drove us to a pub outside of town. He didn't say anything about what was so urgent until we were back in the car when he put his arm around me and felt me."

"Where?" I asked.

"Here." She replied, holding her left tit. "He said I was gagging for it and he was just the man to give it to me. I screamed and hit him. He calmed down and drove me back here. He made me promise not to tell anyone what had happened. He kept looking at me during the afternoon. I couldn't stand it any longer so I came up here and asked if I could transfer too this department. Your Manager says you have a vacancy at present."

"You would want to work in here?"

"Yes." She replied softly.

She looked at me for a few seconds then she turned and looked into the main office.

"Everybody has gone home," she said, " there's only you and me here." She took two paces towards me. I turned towards the photocopying machine and sorted some of my papers into a neat pile.

"I feel I should," she hesitated then continued, " I mean you haven't had a very nice day and it's my fault."

"It's all right." I managed to say wishing my prick would go down but she was so close. I could feel the heat from her body, smell her perfume.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and turned me to face her.

"Can I do something to make it up to you." She said and stepped forward, squashing her tits against my chest, to kiss me lightly on the lips.

She stepped back.

"I know," she said, taking one of my hands and placing it on one of her tits, "you've wanted to do this from the moment we met. Haven't you?"

I nodded, gently massaging her tit. I could feel the nipple hardening against the palm of my hand. It felt as hard as a bullet. She breathed deeply. I placed my other hand on her other tit. She smiled and closed her eyes.

They felt so firm, so warm as I lifted and squeezed and rubbed them. She took another deep breath, releasing it with a sigh.

"You won't tell anybody. Will you John?"

"Of course not." I promised.

"Stop a moment." She said suddenly.

I tried not to look or sound disappointed. After all, I'd held the biggest pair of tits I'd ever seen for as long as I had held all my previous tits put together.

She looked down at my prick. Straining to get out of my trousers. She looked up at my face and smiled then pulled her sweater from the waistband of her skirt and slipped it over her head.

"Help me with this." She said, turning her back to me. I pulled at the strap across her back and fumbled with the hooks and eyes that secured it. The weight released at the front almost pulled the straps from my hands.

Leaning back against me as her bra fell to the ground she guided both my hands onto her tits and ground her as cheeks slowly back against my prick. I found my hips moving in time with hers. I squeezed and felt and lifted and weighed her tits. Letting them drop them picking them up again. A series of little moans and sighs escaping from her all the while.

"Let's lie down," she said, pulling me to the ground with her. I lay by her side. One arm behind her neck I felt her tits again. They were wonderful. There were little pimples on the brown area surrounding her nipples, nipples as thick as my little finger. Instinctively I lowered my mouth to one and sucked it between my lips. She arched her back pushing more of her tit into my mouth. I sucked and sucked and sucked. Then I swirled my tongue around the nipple then I sucked some more.

She was starting to gasp and moan. She caught hold of my wrist and pushed my hand between her legs lifting her hips from the floor as my prodded at the soft flesh between them. Pulling my fingers hard against herself she moved them quickly from side to side. I heard her gasp, then groan, as every muscle in her body seemed to tense. Then with a sigh she relaxed. I lifted my lips from her nipple and looked down on her face. She was sweating.

She breathed in deeply twice.

"Thank you." She seemed to have difficulty speaking. "That was wonderful."

My rock hard prick was pressed against the outside of her thigh. She smiled at me then reached down and rubbed it through my trousers. I almost came then and there. I breathed deeply. Pushing me onto my back she unfastened my trousers. I lifted my ass from the floor to help her pull them down then off. Kneeling by my side with her tits dangling in front of her she pricked up my prick and pulled my foreskin back and forth. I grunted and lifted my hips. I watched as she licked her lips and lowered her mouth taking the tip of my prick inside. Her head lowered and raised, then lowered and raised again.

"Have you anything to wear," she lifted her head and asked breathlessly. "I'm not on the pill."

"No," I said shaking my head, " I don't."

She looked into my eyes.

"I've never done this before." She said lying on her back. "Get on top. No, further up."

At first I tried to lie between her thighs then with my legs outside them but she caught hold of my prick and pulled and guided me over and above her until my knees were by her hips and my hands were on the ground above her head. I looked down and watched her lay my prick in the valley between her tits then fold them around it, holding them in place with her hands. I moved backwards and forwards, feeling her warm flesh surrounding me. I quickened. I heard her gasp and the tightness relaxed. She'd moved one of her hands. I could hear it moving inside her panties. Taking my weight on one hand I reached down and pushed her tit back against my prick. I started moving again. Panting with exertion. I could smell something. Something must, almost fishy. There was a tingling in the end of my prick. It grew. I felt her tense beneath and her hand join mine on her tit. The smell increased. My prick felt as if it was growing even larger and my balls were tightening.

With a gasp I came. My first load landed on her nose and mouth. I lifted myself up from her as she used her hands to milk the rest from me. I watched as it landed on the nipple of one tit, then in the valley then on the other. Feeling my balls with the fingers of one hand she worked my prick with the other until I had nothing left to give.

I lay on my side and looked down on her body. Her cum covered tits. Her tits covered with my cum...

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