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Night Angel

by Stephen Reich

This time of year, vampires are crawling around everywhere. The city of Salem hired me to hunt them down...

Wife Takes All New Neighbor Can Give

by Sharing my wife

One saturday morning we noticed that we were getting a new neighbor a couple of doors from us in the apartment complex ..

The old boyfriend

by Sharing my wife

One Saturday night my wife and I decided to go to a local nightclub to hear a band that we had seen a couple of years ..

Fire & Ice

by Stella Bode

She opened the door to her rooms and closed them again. Sue threw her dagger on the couch and sat down. ..

Hospital Encounters

by Courtney

She stood in the middle of the hall, waiting patiently, her white uniform neatly pressed, and well fitting. ..

An Affair to Remember

by Pradeep Vasudeva

A Millineum of loneliness And then Shiva said to Parvati: "Please let me in. My body is aching with desire...

Sister-In-Law's Lessons

by Nick Gates

I have a story to tell you people about my first sex experience with my sister-in-law when I was just 22 years old. ..

Some one was watching

by Cman

On this night I was staying in a motel room with my wife. We had been out to get some thing for supper. Let me tell you about my wife Kim she is 5'7'' tall 135 pounds 36c/d 28 38. On this night talked her in to not wearing a bra out to eat. She had on an orange tank top and when it is cool out side you could see her nipples. She never like to wear under wear she only wears thongs and most of them are so small in the front that her lips are hanging out most if the time. When we got back to the motel room and parked the pick up and started to the room there were four men and one girl. They were sitting out side of there room. I noticed that the men were looking at Kim when she got out of the car. It was cool out side and you could that she was not wearing a bra you could see her very nice nipples standing up. Her shorts were very tight and with her thongs on her short would ride up and you could see a very good camel toe. The men wear enjoying the view. The girl was also looking and see spoke to Kim. The girl asks if we were in town for the softball tournament. Kim told her yes we were. The girl had on a wife beater tank top and you could see just about all of her full d cups. All of the men were not wearing shirts. They looked like they were in good shape. When we got in the room it was right where they were standing. Kim closed the blinds and when she was doing that all of the men were looking at her thought the window. I could tell that she was enjoying all of the eyeing she was getting. The room we had had a king side bed and not door for the bath room. We start to watch TV and we could hear the people out side of our room talking. The girl asks then why they were looking at Kim so hard. When Kim hear that she got up and when over to the door so she could hear what they were saying. They told the girl that she looked good and that they would love to see her nice titts and see that camel toe up close. Kim looked at me and asks me if I could see the out line of her pussy that well. She was still standing by the door. I told her to the bed and turn her toward the monior and showed her. She told that if she would have knew you could see that much she would not have wore the shorts. Her pussy lips were more showing a lot. I could tell that she mist be getting hot because when we left to go out to eat they were not that big and you could not see them that good. I started to rug her butt and she told me to stop because the people were just out side and they would be able to here us. I started to talk to her in her ear. I ask her to think about what it would be like to have a BIG dick in her pussy. One time we were on a nude beach and she saw a man that had a big cock and I keep asking her about it and it really gets her hot. I told her to close her eye and thing about that BIG COCK and how it would fill her up or if she could even take all of it. I saw it and it was soft but it was 10 inch long or long and almost as big around as a softball bat. By now she is starting to get hotter. I take my finger and side it over the lips of her pussy I can tell that her thong is not coving her lips any more just her blue jean shorts. You could here the men outside still talking. I pull her shirts up higher in to her cunt lips they were getting bigger that I had ever seen them. She was getting very loud with her mons. I have the girl out side tell them come look you can see around the blinds. Kim did not know that she was being watch by the people out side. I started to undo the top button of her shorts. She asks me to rug her clit with my hand I could feel how hard and how large it was she was hotter than I have ever seen her. All of the men were watching and the girl was also watch. When I was ribbing her clit she comes all in her shorts. I kept talking to her about her getting a BIG cock some day and if she ever did I wanted to watch her get. She started to tell what she wanted. She wants to have a BIG FAT COCK deep in her cunt and have her clit licked at the same time. I ask her it she could take all that she said yes please. I pull the zipper down on her shorts and you could see the top of her thongs I had one of her breast in my hand. I started to kiss her bear stomach and the close I got to her breast the louder she got. I put her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it were hard and that made her cum one more time. By now she was talking loud about what she want and that I was in trouble if she did not get it soon. I could see the men out side and they were enjoying the show and so was the girl. I put her shorts down very slow and as they when down I follow them with my tongue Kim was trying to push her pussy on to my too my tongue. Her short fall to the floor and she was stand there in just her thongs and her tank top. You could see all of her cunt. The hair that was on it was only on the top her like to keep it shaved with only a landing strip on the top. You could see the cum that was running down form her bear lips. I started to lick her pussy very lightly on her shaved lips then I licked her clit time my tongue touched her clit she cum for the third time this one was a big one she tried to put my hole face in her pussy she was Cuming so had that she almost broke my nose. I kept this up until she had cum four or five time. That means she and not less than six orgasms and I still have my pants on. The people out side were having fun watching the show and I was having fun showing them the show. Kim still did not know she was beening watched. I ask her to take my dick out and give me a blow job she was great at this. My cock is not small 7 inches long and about 2.5 inches across. I lay down on that bed and she starts to suck my cock after a short time I ask her to take all of it and she does it with easy. I have ask her many time to let me cum in her mouth be she would always say no when I told her to stop that time she looked up at me and said give it to me all in my mouth and I did I cum like I had not cum in weeks. I heard the girl out side say that I bet she could not take Billy cock like that. She said that Billy was two times bigger than the cock she was sucking now. The men all said that she was right. I told Kim come put her pussy on my face and let me eat her some more and she did. She must have cum five or six more times. The whole time she was fucking my face she kept talking about how good it would feel to have a Big Fat Cock deep in her shaved cunt. By know my dick was hard and was ready to go. I put her on her back with her legs in my arms. I put the head of my cock on the bare lips of her shaved cunt and pushed it in her cunt was so wet that she toke it all like it was nothing. I kept slamming her cunt with all my might. I was able to last about fifteen minutes or so. When I was done she roll off and just laid there she told me that she had never been so hot and that she want soon more when I was ready.She told me that she must have had 15 or more orgasm.

She got up and put on her sweat pants and shirt and told that she want to get so ice and want to know it I knew were the place was she could got it. I told her and she left to got get it. The people out side of the room left the window before she opens the door. They were just sitting out there looking at her when she went out side. The girl was looking in the room when she left she looked at me and smiled. The girls licked her lips and just smiled. When Kim got back one of the men asks her if she was havening fun tonight and she said so far. I got up and went to the door one of them asks if want a beer and we both said no. I was watching the men look at Kim if she knew that they had just watched her get a good fucking she would have turned red. The girls was pretty drunk and she walked you to the window and said you I bet if some one was in this room on the bed I could just stand here and see ever thing that they were doing. When Kim saw her doing that she looked at me and walked over to the window and looked in to the room. She could see the bed and she knew then that what we just done in that room they had seen. AT first see looked scared but then she started to thing about it and it was makes her get hot again. ..

Piping work

by Hot flower

I was called to a house very early one morning. A middle age woman opened the door. She showed me the way to the bathroom ..

My Sexy Aunty

by Nick Gates

This story is about my friend`s mother Nazma. She was around 39 yrs old when this happened and very gorgeous. ..

My Love For Married Woman

by Nick Gates

Hi guys nad gals, this is a story of how I seduced my neighbor who is a married women, well I'm nick from delhi,..

Jacky-my sister-in-law

by Aaron

My wife, April, and I had just been married for a few months when she decided it was time for us to go see her sister ..

Night With Purnima Bhat 2

by Pradeep Vasudeva

This is the proper time to have a conversation with the angelic creature before me I know. ..

The Bath

by Wild Dreamer

The day had been long and exhausting. I arrived home, wanting nothing more than a long soak in the tub. ..

Night With Purnima Bhat

by Pradeep Vasudeva

At 8:15 PM the incessant ringing of the phone startles me. I pick up the phone placed on a table near the bed. It is a male voice. ..

Traveling to a Nude Resort

by Ms Tits

I have always enjoyed flashing my tits to a lonely driver on the highway or flashing my naked pussy to another man during dinner ..

Thong Lover


I had just came through my developing stage and started to notice around our school that thongs popped out girls pants ..

Geek Luv

by Phoebus

And her red hair cascaded down around her shoulders. I had her try the process again after the patch was applied...

Sweet Hitch Hiker

by Phoebus

Waves of heat rippled on the road ahead. Nothing but miles and miles of flat land before me,..

Melanie's Tale

by Phoebus

It was unseasonably warm, hot to not put too fine of a point on it. And sweaty. She could feel the moisture of her own ..

Bodice Ripper

by Phoebus

Or how men got what they wanted, once upon a time. (Very PC - NOT!!!)

"In days of old when Knights were bold, ..

A Warm Summer's Evening

by Phoebus

The evening breeze blew warm and dry. It had been a long hot day and the cold beer in his hand felt good...

Marrietta's day at the beach

by Knight Rossi

The beach gets the libidos rushing in me!!! It is thus that i spend my day at the beach when i am frustrated i let the ..

Perfect Seduction

by Manisha

Hi, I am Manisha, from India. I am married. I am telling you today about an event that happened after a year of getting married. ..

The Tutor -Gots Ta Be (da 1)

by chica

Cassandra breathed in the fresh summer morning air as she walked to the basketball court. Lee had invited her to come see..

The Agone and the Sextacy

by Pradeep Vasudeva

It is a holiday and it is my birthday also. As usual the cat comes sharp at 5.40 PM, stands before the door and starts mewing, ..

Unexpected Quickie

by lee mccormick

My eyes are closed and I'm standing leaning back against the stall door. Etched on the insides of my eyelids were those nipples. ..

It's been too long!

by LuvSammi

You call and to make sure I am home and still want you to drop over. What a silly thought; of course I want you here with me. ..

Held Captive 2: The Morning After

by shadow_dreamer

"Morning," nonchalantly Rod said. "After you get through using the bathroom, we're gonna go into the kitchen and you and your granny are gonna make breakfast."

"Such audacity," Anita thought, "How dare he tell us what to do?"

A half hour later all three were in the kitchen. Rod sat at the kitchen table keeping a watchful eye on the women. Grams set the table while Anita did the cooking, donning only an apron as instructed by the captor. They ate breakfast in silence; all the while none of the women looked at him. Anita knew he was watching her; she could feel his eyes upon her, making her skin crawl.

Anita told Grams to rest while she cleared the table and cleaned up after the mess he made. All, except for one phone, was pulled out of the wall sometime during the night so Rod had no problem letting the old lady go into the living room after he made sure the curtains were kept drawn shut and the front door bolted and locked. Grams didn't want to leave her grand daughter alone with him but he demanded she leave the room.

"What's the matter old lady? Afraid I'm gonna fuck your precious little girl and you won't get to watch, huh?" Sarcastically he asked.

"Humph!" Eloise said as she turned and made her way to watch television.

"Feisty old bitch ain't she?" Rod asked as he strolled over to Anita standing at the sink where she was washing the dishes. "Mmm, you're a sight to see in the morning light," he said running his fingers up and down her right arm.

"Get your hands off of me! I'm trying to finish the dishes!"

Rod laughed then reached around with both arms and cupped her heavy tits. His fingers rolled her nipples, making them grow harder. Anita cursed at her body for reacting to his touch. She finished rinsing off the last of the dishes, placed the plate into the dish rack then reached for a towel to dry the dishes off. She was ready to do anything to keep her mind off of his hot breath upon the side of her neck and his hands and fingers upon her body.

"Forget that baby and come here," he said as he grabbed her by her hips and turned her around.

His lips fell upon hers in an instant, pressing his tongue deeply into her mouth. Anita struggled to break free but she couldn't. Rods arms held her tight, his hands roamed her bare ass cheeks then made their way up and down her back. He untied the bow of the apron she wore. The minute his lips eased off of hers he lifted the apron over her head and his mouth sought her tits, her nipples one by one. Once again she tried to push him away with the palms of her hands but the touch of his tongue upon her hardened nipple made weakened her fight. Before she knew it her head tilted back, thrusting her tits into his face, forcing him to take more of her into his heated mouth. A soft moan escaped from her lips, slightly parted. Meanwhile, one of his hands busied itself by cupping one of her tits, squeezing, groping and feeling the firm yet supple massive globe.

After a few minutes that very hand that held her tit traveled down her flat, taut stomach down to her pussy. He pressed his palm against the mound while his fingers explored between her legs. To steady herself, Anita placed her palms flat onto to edge of the counter of the sink. Rod's fingers brushed against her clit making it grow harder. Anita fought within her mind to stop the tingling sensation he was causing her. It was soon a fight that was lost. Her pussy was on fire and very wet.

"Mmm, what have we here?" Rod teased, "Somebody's pussy is ready and wet."

He inserted his middle finger into her sopping wet hole and twirled it around. Anita gasped and drew a shivering breath. It was a wonderful feeling but she had to fight it.

"No! No! Stop it!" she screamed.

Rod pumped his finger in and out of her hole slowly at first then he picked up the pace. Anita's hips began gyrating and grounding down against his finger on their own volition. He added another finger and another; all the while he was still feasting on her tits. Anita was ready to explode but he suddenly pulled his fingers out, withdrew his lips from her luscious nipple and looked directly into her. Slowly he brought his slick coated fingers up between their faces and the sweet, musky scent tantalized them. Unconsciously Anita licked her lips and watched him suck off her juices clean, off of his fingers.

Rod commented on her sweetness and how he could spend hours eating out her young pussy. Anita just stood there, there was no way she could hide the glazed look of wanton lust in her eyes. Without warning he lifted her up and sat her onto the edge of the counter beside the sink in view of the large window. He pulled her ass to the very edge, lifted her legs by the knees then bent down to bury his face. His hot breath upon her skin felt sensuous. A jolt rushed through her body when his tongue began lapping, licking up and down her wet pussy. She leaned back with her palms planted firmly on the counter to give him better, deeper access and moaned over and over.

Within minutes she had her legs draped over his shoulders, her head leaned back and her hips moved to the rhythm of his tongue penetrating her hot pussy. He used his fingers to spread the lips farther apart and to rub her clit. Anita snapped back to reality.

"Stop it! Don't!" she straightened upright.

Her voice grew louder with every minute and Rod knew if he didn't ease up she would give in and cum. He eased up long enough to say something.

"You love my tongue, baby," he encouraged her. "Don't fight it; you know you love it when I fuck your cunt with my tongue." He paused to lap at her pussy a few times then continued to say, "I want to taste, to drink up that sweet, hot cunt juice of yours."

He plunged his tongue inside of her and sent her shivering with pleasure.

"Oh fuck! No! No!" she began to say. Please…no…don't," her will power weakened. "No…oh…oh, yes, yes!" she panted. "Eat my pussy! Uh huh..." She gave in and placed both hands on top of his head and held him there. "I'm, uh….I'm…" she panted, "Fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!!!"

Her pussy gushed its sweet cum onto his tongue and seeped out from the sides of his mouth as he tried to drink up every drop. He rubbed his nose against her clit sending her into yet another wild orgasm. Rod was unable to take it all in and some of her juices ran down between her ass cheeks, over her ass hole, and onto the counter.

All while this was going on, Eloise was fast asleep with the television volume loud enough to drown out what her grand daughter was doing in the kitchen with their captor. One of the neighbors watched the whole show through his kitchen window. He stroked his cock as he watched Eloise's grand daughter sitting on the counter having her pussy eaten in plain view.

Rod carried Anita over to the dining room table and laid her down on her back. She was still trying to catch her breath while Rod quickly removed his clothes. The neighbor still had a good view although he had to move to another window. He watched as the young buxom woman got up on her hands and knees then faced the stranger and took his cock into her mouth. It was better than watching a porn flick.

Anita sucked on Rod's cock hungrily while he rocked his hips back and forth, feeding, fucking her mouth. Her large tits dangled beneath her; her nipples scraped against the top of the table making them harder. The sounds of her mouth sucking on his hard cock filled the room.

"Mmf," she mumbled with a mouthful of cock as he reached under and pinched her nipples.

"Damn you're one hell of a cock sucker for a virgin," he growled. "Suck it good baby, suck my dick!"

Anita need not hear him say anymore. She sucked as hard as she could; her cheeks sunk in and the slurping, sucking sounds permeated the room. The neighbor's eyes closed slightly as he imagined those lips wrapped around his cock. He wished he was a part of the live show.

"Fuck baby!" Rod growled as he pulled his cock out from her mouth abruptly.

A loud popping sound emerged the second his cock was released from her tightly, pursed lips. She looked up at him in question, wondering if she had done something wrong.

"You are so fucking good!" he exclaimed. "If I kept it in a second longer I would've blown my load…but I prefer somewhere else."

He told her to turn around and get onto her back. Anita moved as quickly as she could and set her ass just at the edge with her legs up in the air, spread wide open. She was ready and more than willing. Rod took hold of her hips, lined his cock up with her wet opening then plunged deeply in one swift move. Anita gasped loudly. Rod kept the rhythm of pounding his cock into her causing her to moved up and up across the table. He pulled her back down and she reached for the edge and held tightly. He kept up the heavy pounding a few minutes then slowed down and pulled his cock almost all the way out, leaving the head just inside of the entrance of her soaking pussy before he would slam his cock into her using his lower body strength. Anita's breathing grew deep and erratic. Beads of perspiration formed on their bodies; Rod's dripped down onto hers.

"Fuck me!" she cried out. "Fuck me harder! Harder! Pound my pussy with that hard cock of yours!"

"You got it!" he said breathing heavily.

He rode her hard and deep and their bodies slapped together as if someone was hitting their hand upon bare skin. Anita pulled, twisted and pinched her nipples. Her head tossed side to side. Minutes later she had another orgasm and she reached out and grabbed onto his arms while her body shook. It took a minute or so for her to calm down, for her orgasm to slow to a stop. When she stopped Rod pulled her off of the table, turned her around and bent her over. He pressed her upper body onto the table, smashing her tits under her.

Quickly he picked up where he left off and pounded her from behind. Her juices dribbled down her inner thighs to her ankles and feet. She had so much cum to give. It didn't take long before her tits began to hurt so she propped herself up slightly and bucked back to meet his every thrust. He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and kept on pushing his cock in and out.

"That's it, fuck my dick," he told her over and over.

After ten minutes or so he pulled back out and climbed onto the study dining table. Anita soon followed and knew what to do next. She climbed up and over and straddled over his cock that stuck straight up like a flagpole. She reached down and under to take hold of his slippery cock and held it steady. Slowly she lowered herself onto him feeling the tip slip inside of her. Once she had an inch or so insider of her she released her hold and worked her way down, taking a little more of his cock inside of her. Once she had his entire length inside she lifted herself up and hovered with the head still inside. Then she came down hard. His cock speared her deeply and she loved the piercing feeling.

"Oh fuck, yeah! That's it; ride my fucking cock!" Rod loudly said.

Anita rode him long and hard. Her massive tits bounced and swayed as she lifted and slammed herself down, impaling herself with his cock. At one point she slowed then sat down with him buried deep inside of her. She jerked her hips back and forth a few times then rotated her hips in a circular motion making sure his cock touched every millimeter of her pussy walls. Rod loved what she was doing.

"You're so fucking hot! Fuck that cock!"

Anita began to pick up the pace and rode his cock. It seems hours before Rod finally had had enough and wanted to fill the young pussy with his cum. He grabbed onto her hips and flipped her onto her back, keeping his cock buried deep inside. It was his turn now to take control. He took hold of her legs, bent then at the knees and pressed her thighs against her tits. This caused her ass to lift up off of the table giving him deeper access.

Rod held her legs in place and plunged his hard cock into her depths. Anita was enjoying how deep his cock felt inside of her. She took hold of her legs and Rod concentrated on pounding into her. They were both groaning and moaning loudly. Their sole spectator was also doing the same as his hand furiously stroked his cock to the rhythm of Rod's cock pounding the young woman's pussy.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Rod grew louder with each thrust. "Oh, Fuck!!!"

Streams of cum spewed into the depths of her pussy as Rod exploded. He leaned hard into her and kept his cock buried until his balls emptied their sacs. At the same time the neighbor came; crying out as his cum sprayed out onto the window he was at, watching the couple next door on the dining table.

Once spent, Rod fell onto Anita in exhaustion. His weight pressed down on her, making her breathing a bit difficult but she didn't mind. She too came when Rod emptied his cum inside of her.

Minutes later Anita screamed and pushed him off of her, "Get off of me you brute!"

Her balled up fists pounded on his chest as he leaned over her. Anger now filled her eyes. Rod frowned and sat on top of her, holding onto her wrists.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" angrily he asked.

"You…You fucking, rapist, bastard!!!" was the last words she screamed before everything went black.

Her left cheek burned when she opened her eyes. She looked around and discovered she was back in her grandmother's bed. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the posts, once again. Tears began to well in her eyes as her body shook from fear. ..

Held Captive - Chapter Four: Taken for a Ride

by shadow_dreamer

Jake waited for Rod to open the back door of the van and watched the two women with fear in their eyes...

Alexandra Ch. 01

by shadow_dreamer

Chapter One: Sweet Awakening
Alexandra laid upon the bed moaning to the pleasures her boyfriend's tongue was providing to her erect pinkish-brown nipple. ..

Alexandra - Chapter Two: Breaking Away

by shadow_dreamer

Alexie's parents, Estelle and Eugenio, eventually found out about the two and a confrontation ensued one evening. ..

Alexandra - Chapter Three: Their First Night

by shadow_dreamer

Curtis climbed between Alexie's legs and took hold of her slim waist. This was their first night together, ..

The Office

by Amaretta

"I'm so sick of this shit! Those skinny White bitches, looking all hungry and shit, get all of the fine men. ..

The Next Door Neighbor

by Amaretta

"Andrea, my dear, I am so sorry to hear about your loss." he commented as he pulled her into his arms for a soothing hug. ..

Guess who

by Restless

An advantage of working late is the quite, which caused me to be so focused that I did not her the footsteps behind me. ..

First Love

by ravenwinn

Natalie could not believe she was so far behind. She had mismanaged her time today big time. ..

Karressa part one

by ravenwinn

"This is going to be a great day." Karressa said to her little eight year old sister, Kendra ..

Karessa part two

by ravenwinn

Karressa woke up next to Cater he was holding her breast in his hand stroking her nipple. ..

Weeken in Vegas... Part Two

by BlacCatt2000

After having a fantastic first night in Vegas; Keli decided she needed to sleep in the next day. ..