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My best friend's wedding

by Mr. X

I am 27 yrs, 5ft 7 inches male with a good physique, hairy body & a very strong sex drive & I have a 9 inches ..

Fucking Angela

by Luckiest Guy In The World

APRIL 2006 It was Friday morning and I was sitting at my desk thinking about Angela. ..

A Run With Jane

by Big Matt Phelps

Some guys would be too ashamed or embarrassed to tell the story if it happened to them, but I'm going to talk ..

oral sex in india

by namits

I was 18. she was 42. This is the story of my first sexual experience but probably i need to give the background ..

My first time with my Mother-in-law

by Danny

I guess I never really thought I'd ever get involved with my mother-in-law, Doreen, for a number of reasons. ..

sexy godess down stairs..100%true

by feeling good greece

im 33.. a greek guy, and have the greatest luck in the world a few months downstairs neighbour a sexy ..

a week in paradise 1

by Mie Nielsen

( Monday )It was a hot summer day in an exotic island and I should pick u up in the airport, ..

a week in paradise 2

by Mie Nielsen

( Tuesday )Next thing I noticed was u kissing me till I was awake, it was morning...

a week in paradise 3

by Mie Nielsen

( Wednesday ) I woke up again at 8 and stood out of the bed and went out in the kitchen and made breakfast to the both ..

a week in paradise 4

by Mie Nielsen

(Thursday )I don't know why, probably because we got asleep in the afternoon, I woke up early in the morning before ..

a week in paradise 5

by Mie Nielsen

( Friday )This day should be special in its own way; today we were gonna rent a boat and some diving gear, and go out ..

a week in paradise 6

by Mie Nielsen

( Saturday) I woke up with the sun in my eyes u were still sleeping the boat rolled nicely on the water,..

a week in paradise 7

by Mie Nielsen

( Sunday )I got out of bed and took a bath and afterwards I started packing my things together even thou I never wanted ..


by Edwin Allen

He stopped and looked around for the hundredth time. The entire world was covered in snow. ..

The boss knows

by Anshu

Working as Engineer for an important construction firm, I often had to contribute efforts with my boss on ..


by Tina

I walk along the beach thinking of the happy times we share, admiring the waves flowing near my feet. ..

The Journey

by Kenny J

The Journey He met her at the airport when her late night flight landed. She was nervous, this was the first time she ..

How would you like to fuck Rick tonight?

by IWH

The evening begins with my husbands best friend and coworker Rick, stopping over after work for drinks. ..

The Kitten

by Leelion

She was known as "The Company Kitten" - The Sex Kitten, and I was about to do something bad to her that I ..

Hot Tub Pleasure

by Sean

My Name is Sean, I am a 20 year old University student. My sexual experience has to do with an empty house, ..

Sex with a Married Woman

by Wickedhusband

This is a story about a sexual relationship between a married man and another man's wife. ..

Sex with a married Woman Part 2

by Wickedhusband

The next day I called Kristen and told her I was coming to her house. She told me that her husband was still out of ..


by Tropical Dreamer

Bill and I have been friends for close to three years. Our only intimate journeys were some very steamy phone sex ..

Home Alone

by Kumar

My name is Kumar. I am 32 yrs old. I am a married guy .My height is 5-8 ft with good body and big shaft...

Mothers sister

by rahul

i was on a tour with my cousins and aunts.I had a moms sister who was married but was just ravishing with big ..

My wife's true second adventure

by Larry

We had a close pal, also from HS, who was single, and a ladies man, and he was always flirting with Carol, who admitted ..

My wife's sister

by Dickguy

My wife has a sister who is three years her elder. Sis has been widowed for 6 months, after 45 years of marriage and ..

My wife's sister revisited

by Dickguy

Bibi and I made a trip half way across the country to visit with her sister for a week. ..

The Unexpected

by Diana Kincaid

One week after I had left my boyfriend Jack, I received a text message on my cell phone from an unfamiliar number. ..

Asian Wife Surprise

by Billy Bond

This story I am about to tell you happened in the Philippines when my Korean wife, Kim and I were stationed ..

"Do you think he's into it?" Part I

by Just Havin' Fun

"Do you think George will be into it?" asked Ally.

"I'm positive," Gina giggled. ..

Interior Design!

by Becky

I came home from a hard days work at the office to find the house empty. My partner had gone away on a business trip ..

How I Got My Wife To Try Black

by floridaguy2001

I have always fantasized about getting my wife to have sex with other men especially a black man. ..

My Sexy Mother-In-Law

by floridaguy2001

My name is Matt and I am married to a wonderful woman named Linda. We have been married for about 5 years. ..

My Sexy Mother-In-Law Ch. 02

by floridaguy2001

We barely had time to get dressed as John came in the door. ..

Lessons from My School Teacher

by Nick Gates

The title itself will give you some idea about this real life incident which happened in my life 5 years from now. ..

Phoebe's Guide to Oral Sex: The Pleasure of Fellatio

by Phoebe

Notes on oral sex, from a woman who considers herself an artist on the subject. ..

Helping Hands

by happydog

Sunday morning, the phone rang. It was Alicia, the lady next door ..

My First Sexual Act

by Nick Gates

This is a real story about my first sexual act with a woman. It happened in July 2004 during my first vacations from my first job. ..

Hardcore Model Search

by GuyJD

I've been in the business of erotic modeling for three years already and I love every minute of it. ..