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Foursome in a Train


It was our second honey moon, reinventing the beauty of sex, i n it all fantasies. ..

Neighbours at play

by Ravs

This is when I was in Bombay for a while staying at my friends apartment. It was a beautiful apartment ..

My Aunty

by Amritlal

I live with my family here in Mumbai. My aunt. She does have a huge pair tits and a round, shapely ass, ..

Remembered festival

by Amrit

The story I narrates u is about my father's friend's daughter Neena (19 yrs 34d-28-36) wow what a great body she has got. ..

old friends


Stacy and i have been friends for years we have always socialised in the same circles and have been very supportive of one another during a crisis, so it came as a total shock when we ended up in bed together. Stacey and i went to school together and have stayed friends ever since and did go out with each other when we were about 15 when all i wanted to do was play with her big tits, like any 15 year old i was infatuated by girls with big tits and stacy does have a great pair. Being such good friends i had failed to notice what a sexy and gorgeous woman stacy had become as to me she was just Stacy my best girl friend. One of our circle of friends steve was getting married so we were all invited to the wedding and prior to that the stag weekend which strangley enough Stacy attended as did Paula and Sue two more of our close friends as it did not seem right to omit them from the party that was going to go down in spain. I have not had a partner for some time due to work and not wanting to date someone from outside our close circle of friends. Well off we went to spain all 25 of us and once at the hotel i found myself sharing a room with three other guys. on our first day in Spain we visited most of the bars in the resort and ended up at a strip club where even the girls attended and joined in the fun After our night out we staggered back to the hotel and this is when Stacy made the unexpected move, we had been together all day and were walking back linking arms when she whispered in my ear that the show had made her feel really horny and did i want some fun. I was unsure what she meant but went along with it and said i am always up for some fun. Once back at our hotel most of the lads went back to there rooms as we were all very drunk and very knackered, stacy though dragged me back to her room where paula and sue were already in bed, we appologised and went into the adjoining room where stacys bed was, once the door was closed stacy pulled off her top to reveal her huge firm tits and jumped me i fell back onto the bed and in seconds we were kissing and ripping the rest of each others clothes off and exploring each others bodies, i was as hard as a rock and it was not long before stacy was giving me one of her expert blow jobs and rubbing my cock between her huge tits which i could not take my hands off. I guess we were making a lot of noise because the door flew open and there stood Paula in just a pair of panties she was greeted by the sight of me standing naked in the middle of the floor with stacy on her knnes blowing me off, we both looked up at paula and invited her in, paula to our surprise accepted and silipped off her panties to reveal the perfectly cropped pussy, her tits were not as big as stacys but they were far darker in colour and had bigger nipples which i adore. Paula apprached me and we were kissing as she took hold of my cock whilst stacy continued giving me a blow job, i could take no more and was soon coming into stacys mouth whilst being wanked by paula. Stacy swallowed the lot, once she had licked off every drop we all climbed onto the bed where i made love to the girls in turn, whilst i was riding one i had to lick out the other, this carried on for most of the night and i came at least twice more once over stacys breasts and once inside paulas lovely pussy. stacy and i are now an item although we do still love to have paula share our bed...

First Time Swing

by Taff70

To introduce ourselves, Debbie a curvy shy brunette 23 years old, 36dd 26 ..

sara had to be ordered but...

by easydescent

After 10 years of marriage any couple goes through some stale patches in the bedroom, Sara and I usually got through ..

The Blind Date (hypnotic)

by Cynthia

I am not sure why I let my good friend, Robert, talk me into this. I am *not* that desperate to go on a blind date ..

Interview - for job or sex

by Handsome

Hi friends, you must have got my introduction from my earlier stories published in this site. ..

A Beginning or an End

by Erotica Journal

Heidi and Jeff have been married for about five years now. They appeared to be the perfect couple to those around them. ..

A deliciously oily situation

by Fat Shaft

I love massaging women that really is an understatement. I love massaging women of any shape, size, creed or color. ..

Caught in Mother-in-law's undies

by Danny

I’ve already told how I came to begin my sexual relationship with my mother-in-law, Doreen, when she was in her mid-sixties: and I’ve also told how I first got to fuck her. Along the way, I mentioned that she had discovered my fetish for wearing her knickers. This is the story of how that happened, based on her own words, as I heard her tell it to one of her friends, who joins us for a bit of fun now and then ……

I came home a bit earlier than usual from a shopping trip. I’d noticed my son-in-law's car parked nearby. This was no great surprise - he often visited and had his own door key (I'm 66 years old, and you never know when there might be an emergency). When I got indoors, though, there was no sign of him. I thought maybe he was in the bathroom.

I made my way to the bedroom to change into fresh clothes. The door was ajar, and before I got there I sensed motion in the room. Through the crack I saw my son-in-law pumping a huge hard-on in his fist. He was dressed in stockings, suspenders, panties and a slip. I saw immediately that my underwear drawer was open. Everything he was wearing was mine!

I suppose I should have felt invaded, but instead I started to get that tingling in my lower tummy and between my legs. This was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen. Of course, I’d seen his cock before, and even seen him cum, but this broke a whole bunch of taboos all at once - a man dressed in a woman's (my) underwear; secretly watching a man masturbate; being overpowered by sexual desire for my son-in-law! My juices were really flowing. I needed my son-in-law's cock, and I needed it right there and right then!

I walked into the room. The look on his face was a picture - total embarrassment; total fear of what I might say to him or to my daughter; total confusion as to what to do next. I had no doubt what I wanted to do next. I took hold of his cock and began to nurse it back to its earlier rampant state. He caught on quick, and soon lost his embarrassment as he saw how turned on I was by the situation.

While I encouraged his tool back to health, his hands were soon making their way up my skirt, hoisting it up. I could tell that he appreciated the stockings and suspenders that I was wearing just as much as those he wore himself. Easing my soaking wet gusset aside, he pushed two fingers into my cunt. It felt so good that I almost came straight away. His thumb came to rest gently on my clit as he slowly finger-fucked me. Within a minute my cunt muscles were out of control as I gave in to a huge orgasm.

Now I gave my full attention to his dick. I pushed him back onto the bed and took the bulb of his cock in my mouth. It was slick with pre-cum and tasted salty - delicious! I'd always wanted to give a man a blow job, and this was my first. It was better even than I'd imagined. Through the gusset of the panties he wore I cupped my son-in-law's balls in one hand. My other hand held his dick upright while I sucked, moving my lips and tongue along his length.

I felt his ball sack get tighter and his already hard cock get even harder. It was clear he couldn't hold on for long, and I was soon rewarded with spurt after spurt of his delicious spunk in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and continued to suck until I was sure there was no more to be had.

That was the start of a whole new phase in my relationship with my son-in-law. Now he has free run of my underwear drawer. He even wears my dresses from time to time. It certainly gives a lie to those who think you're past it when you're sixty-something.

……. Amen to that, Mum! ..

More fun with my Mother-in-law

by Danny

In the few months that followed our first sexual encounter, my mother-in-law, Doreen, and I got together about once a fortnight on the bed. She'd always wank me off, or cuddle up to me while I did it myself but she wouldn't let me fuck her. Still, I did get her knickers off regularly and, when I was wanking myself off, I'd have them over my cock and I'd shoot my spunk into the gusset. Full marks to Doreen, she'd always put them back on, spunk and all, when we'd done.

She'd found out (another story) that I had a fetish about wearing her knickers and she encouraged me to do it. So it wasn't unusual for her to have her hand inside her own knickers, stroking my cock! That's what was happening this particular day.

As Doreen's hand moved up and down my cock, I got myself up to her, crotch to crotch - lesbian style. The smooth white gusset of the knickers I was wearing was tight across my balls as I rubbed it against her naked cunt. I could tell that she was getting very turned on. She was purring as we ground together and her cunt was getting very wet.

After a while, I put my head between her legs and started to explore her deep slit with my tongue. Her clit stood up erect like a little pebble and she whimpered each time I ran the tip of my tongue over it. I lapped up her juices, which were now flowing very freely. I started to probe her love tunnel with my tongue. Soon I could tell she was gone - off in some ecstatic world of her own. I could tell she'd given herself to the moment. All her inhibitions were laid aside.

I knelt up, pulling my cock out of the knickers I was wearing and began to tease her clit with the tip. She went on purring, obviously loving the sensation. Then, every few strokes, I let my cock touch her hole and she didn't object. The bulb of my cock was slick with pre-cum and it slid easily into her and out again - first just an inch, then two, and finally the whole length.

Wow! This woman never ceases to surprise me. She took me all the way in, right up to my balls, and she could squeeze me with the walls of her cunt too! Neither of us was in a rush to finish, so we stayed like that, slowly pleasuring each other for almost half an hour. Then Doreen put her hands on my ass and started to pull me in harder on every inward stroke. I responded by quickening the pace and our need for each other became greater by the second. It wasn't long before Doreen's cunt muscles were spasming along the length of my cock as she reached her climax.

There's no turning back when that happens and I started to pump the contents of my balls deep inside her womb. I seemed to be cumming and cumming. I suppose that's what happens when a fantasy finally comes true. We were both exhausted after that and just collapsed into each other's arms.

Wonderful! I'd fucked her at last, and she was better even than I'd dared hope. ..

A Sensual Massage leads to an explosive situation

by Fat Shaft

I love massaging women that really is an understatement. I love massaging women of any shape, ..

Summer Day

by Kris

This is not a story, but is my real experience. More over this is not yet over….is still continuing. ..

Shop Door

by Anon!

Noel was having a drink with friends out in town when he glanced across the bar and made eye contact with a girl ..

Our Next Best Beach Day

by Thomas Jefferson

The day after Thanksgiving my wife and I went to a local nude beach. Living in south Florida does have its benefits. ..

wife's night out

by Thomas Jefferson

My wife and I recently went out with our usual group of friends, mostly couples. We went to a bar called Huge ..

After the Mall

by Thomas Jefferson

After our day at the mall, we had plans to join friends for a night on the town. We met several other couples and friends out for dinner. ..

the night of my life

by Mimi Fisk

The best fuck of my life had to be with my best boyfriend ever, and his best friend when we were young teens. ..

Kwang Hi's Story II

by Pensri

Ty really opened my eyes to what sex is all about that first night together. I cannot believe Steve never made me cum all ..

Joaquin Estates - Chapter 2

by Amaretta

Carter Windell noticed Carmelita Jones the night he returned from his trip 3 weeks after she moved in. ..

Joaquin Estates- Chapter One

by Amaretta

There was nothing extraordinary about Carmelita Jones. She was anything but extraordinary. She was not even that attractive. ..

A Fantasy that came true.

by Trucker Dave

I had always lusted over my wifes best friend.From the day i first saw Evelyn i wanted her, i knew guys who had been ..

Customer Services _ The Very Next Day

by Bernie 1933

I'd just completed my last fault and was thinking about Celia. Would she really want to see me again?, ..

The Impossible Breeding

by Dr.T

Chapter 1
It was 1000 hours when Base Personnel called me to tell me that they had a new clerk..

Customer Services

by Bernie 1933

I'd just finished the second of my allocated appointment faults. The telephone company I worked for had ..

The Wedding

by suziq4u

There were 3 or 4 couples we always hung around with after college. Jim and his wife were always the wild sex ..

Welcome Home

by Ruby Tuesday

I am wearing a pale skirt and white tank top with white 'come fuck me' pumps on my feet. I stroll into the airport ..

Kwang Hi's Story

by Pensri

My name is Kwang Hi and I am 19 year old Korean girl live in small apartment in a town right next to a large U.S. Air Force base here in Korea. ..

The Houseguest's Friend

by Ruby Tuesday

I am laying on the bed with my hand stroking my pussy when I hear him come up the stairs. I am too far gone to stop now..

the maid

by Nick

Audrey rang the doorbell of the big house that she had been hired to work at. At 18, she was working as a maid. ..


by Ruby Tuesday

It was a long day and I needed to let off some steam. I couldn't reach him so I headed for the gym. ..

Erotic Dream 69

by Bob

Although I'm happily married for over 20 years, I have a strong sexual attraction to another woman. ..

A Fact - as told by my friend

by gidi

It's true as it happened with me. I am sure readers would enjoy as they go along. ..

Never under estimate a girl!

by GQ

Hi, I am a 35 year old married man with 2 kids. I am in to advertising business. I have few real good stories to share. ..


by Edwin Allen

This is an attempt at an interactive fantasy. I am going to walk you through my variation of a tantric meditation. ..

An Illicit Affair

by Mrs. SD-Belgium

This is a true story. This is the story of my first stray provoked by my hubby. This is how I became a cheating wife. ..

A Magical Weekend..

by Edwin Allen

I paced the floors outside the USA air boarding gates in Boston's Logan Airport. "Damn" I whispered for the ..

the thrill of a life time

by Angel

I was at a party not too long ago and having had quite a few drinks, I began telling the story of a thrill I gave my ..