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The Joy of Masturbation

by Dickguy

It has been almost 2 years now, since my wife Bibi and I first posted Erotic Stories on a web site.

We both enjoyed making those posts and will always wonder what the readers thought of them...

my sexy seemi jan

by S.A.M.N

This is story of mine with a neighbor's wife seemi. We stayed in same area.
I was flabbergasted on seeing seemi...

Latin Lover

by Alluring_desire69

He looked at me without stopping and took my glass and set it down. He set his down too and moved closer to me until I could smell his sexy ..

Knickerless Sales Rep

by Septimus

Hello, I'm Heather. The story that I am about to tell you has completely changed my life, but it came about by a rather careless oversight. ..

The Kiss

by Lucy Felthouse

Have you ever been kissed? I mean really kissed? Treated as though you're a delicious dessert to be savoured... ..


by Lucy Felthouse

Sometimes...I wake up in the morning and I'm really horny. Perhaps I've had a dirty dream that I've forgotten about but ..

Sunshine On Naked Skin

by Lucy Felthouse

She was lying stretched out on the grass, idly daydreaming as she watched the clouds scoot across the blue sky. ..

The Boobs and Pussies in my life

by Dickguy

In the past 8 months, since my wife passed away, I have tried to recall in my mind, all the tits and pussies I have had ..

Beyond My Wildest Fantasies

by FroggysFriend

My wife has a new "friend with benefits"(Alex). They met again a few months ago in their friend's birthday. ..

Teacher's Pet

by Fantasy

I took my seat in the middle of the class - as I always did. Last class of the day, last day of the school year -..

Fucking sister-in-law

by Lovingman

Genuinely in our one and half decade of married life, I have expected my sister-in-law Lipi sexually but never had the opportunity of proposing her with my desire. Few years back, when she was supposed to go to Europe to join her husband, I somehow had her in emotional mood and proposed if I could kiss her. She agreed, and we both entered bed room to have a very long kiss. But, that was all that we had of anything called intimate. Since then many years have passed and I had no chance to re-try her although I knew for sure, she was not very happy in her sexual life with her hubby who was twenty years older than she. This time a real opportunity came in us when I visited her in Europe rather on a business trip. My sister-in-law Lipi was very happy to see me after many years. We had chat for the entire day with her husband and other members of family. Nothing did happen anyway between us on the day as well. In the evenig, her husband left for the night shift work, leaving Lipi and me alone at home. I was little hesitant in seducing her, as we did not meet for years, and I never knew how she would react. After dinner, we sat for dring Vodka, which is equally a drink liked by both of us. Lipi switched on the TV and a nice adult moview was on the show. May be after some thirty minutes, I realized a quick erection in me. Athough we both were sitting in the same sofa, we had some kind of distance so that we did not have any body contacts. But the movie compelled me to look at her with un-blinked eyes. She noticed at me and asked 'What?'. I just moved my eyes. She stood up and went to rest room for a while and when she was back, sat near to me, so my arms were getting the sensation of her presence. I gently tried many times to give a touch of my hands on her thighs covered with silk made sleeping dress. Gradually my hands became more active and finally i discovered her hand on my hand gently petting it with a kind of hidden excitement. When the man in the movie started kissing the actress and went to bed (it was a bed scene in fact), I was almost wild with my erection. Lipi's eyec were struck in my erected dick, which was clearly visibly eithin my short pant. I got down from the sofa and sat on the carpet to continue watching the moview. Shortly, she too sat down and put her hands on my shoulder. I knew, she now wanted something more. I passed my hands through her sleeping dress and started fondling her vagina. It was already wet with love juice. She liked it too. I changed my position and helped her in taking off dress and unhooked her bra to discover the naked sister-in-law in front of me. She also gently made me naked. I let her sit on the sofa again and started playing in her cunt with my tongue. She closed eyes with excitement. Then I pushed my index finger in her and she was real wild in renjoying aheavenly pleasure. She came down and held my dick to put it in her mouth to suck for several minutes. I grabbed her and slitted my whole dick in her vagina and we both had exciting time of moving ups and dows before we both came together. That night, I slept in Lipi's bed room to let us have sexual game for three more times during the night. ..

Experience in the Park

by Septimus

What a wonderful time this summer has been for confirmed girl watchers like me. ..

young love.

by deuce.

my boyfriend and i have been having sex a lot lately. then finally one day i get my period ..

Wal Sex

by BDGall

Everyone finished up dinner and we walked out to the parking lot to tell everyone by. ..

My sexy girlfriend

by Septimus

Hello, I’m Roger, and I would like to tell you about my girlfriend Sally. We have been together for just over a year, ..

Enjoying a mature woman

by Marcos Urbina

My dream came true, my dear mother-in-law.

I laid down on the bed and she acted like an expert whore to jump into my rod and put it into her cunt. She began to ride me, to stick it to the bottom or her pussy, writhing, twisting for the pleasure she felt while sliding in my cock within her.


My name is Marcos and I met my wife when I was 33. We then married just as I turned to 36 and she 24. We were living in a rented apartment for some time but destiny had a different plan for us now: her parents offered us their apartment with rooms in the same house where they lived. Well, we would share another part of the house with them. We talked it out and decided to move there immediately.

My mother in law is a 58 year old woman now and her name is Isabel. When I met her for the first time, her manners impressed me a lot, very cheerful, buoyant, happy and nice, of couse. Moreover, she had a good attribute: very busty; something I liked a lot for her huge breasts and nice buttocks were well in shape regardless of her age. I must say that I almost get wild about her when I see her and all kind or dirty ideas come to my mind.

At first we carried on with normal lives living at their house. But in a certain day we held a party and we invited my mother in law. She had drunk too much there, and we wondered where she had gone and why she had to leave the reunion. Nobody could see when she left. Simply, she vanished.

As I was looking for her I found her in the bathroom, sitting at the toilet with her pants down to her knees. At that moment I could see her hairy pussy and I swore she would be mine, I´d fuck her no matter who she was. I guessed her husband -my father in law- was not giving her proper attention in the bed as a partner. On the other hand, I loved mature women.

Well, this misfortune was solved in the end and I started a plan to meet with my mother in law again soon. As preparation for this, I used to make jokes on her, my chatting changed and I sounded different when addressing to her. She didn´t like me at the beginning but as I turned into a less nervous person in my training, too excited, things took another direction.

In order to accomplish what I had planned, I took a month vacation after I talked it out with my boss, and at a certain day when I dropped my kids at school, I got back home and, to my surprise, my father in law and my wife were gone to run some errands -they would go to a local bank to arrange something about a corrent account or may be about a loan. This would take the whole day.

As I walked up the stairs I heard a noise which indicated me she was taking a shower so I went straight to my apartment to lay in bed to rest for a while. I undressed and put on a robe. After a moment I heard knocks on my door and, as I went to open the door, to my surprise, there she was, asking for a cup of sugar -or the sugar pot- for she had run out of sugar. Well, I figure out this was her excuse for showing up at my apartment. So I invited her into the living room while I was getting what she needed.

I went to the kitchen and while I was there I never took my eyes off her, for she was wearing very stick pants to her body, and a blouse that showed a little of her tits. That´s why she looked so sexy. She undeniable was aware of how beautiful she was. She knew she was the owner of a good pair of tits and a good ass, and good buttocks as well. I began to have an erection within my pants and couldn´t control it.

When I got out of the kitchen, I think my mother in law realized this embarrassing situation I was in, but didn´t comment about, just began to talk, mentioning we were alone and the reason why she had taken a bath: the weather was too hot. So I had the nerve to answer and began to joke by saying she should have called me up to the bathroom to soap her back. This made her to smile, something funny to her, and said I was a little bad boy.

She began to act like a good friend of mine, and was always nice with me. Then I asked her: -Do you like me, my good little mother in law? -while I got closer to her.

When she saw this, she got scared but I got much closer so our bodies were almos touching. She then asked What´s the matter with you?

-I´ve been longing you since a time back, my little mother-in-law. I want to be inside you. I would like to fuck you as the woman you are but you no longer wil be my mother in law. You´re a wonderful lady. My dreams have always been to lay you down, to sleep with you, you and me alone as we are now.

To this she replied: -Marcos, this is something we can´t do. You know I´m married and although I can´t get any sexual satisfaction from my husband, this shouldn´t be an excuse for not being loyal to him any more. Your proposal is an impossible one because you know my daughter is your wife now.

I came up with my respond:

-My dear lady, you don´t have to worry about this. We can meet when you fell necesary, whenever you like. I think this doesn´t poss a threat to your marriage at all. I just feel attracted by you, nothing more than lust I feel about you and I´ve hung around enough now.

-No, Marcos -she said almost like imploring.

I then got my mouth close to hers and we kissed very lightly. She closed her eyes in response while I tried to slide my tongue in her mouth, but she resisted, pushed me backwards to complain:

-No, I can´t. I can´t do this.

But I could tell she was lying, it was not her intention to reject me: just pretending she was a honest woman, one that would never cheat her husband but who was willing to have this first opportunity.

I told her in a softly voice: -You just go ahead. This is a good opportunity for us to be alone.

She said: -Don´t put me to trial, -as she stuttered, so this led me to a sign I was looking for: no doubt she was too unresolved and that she was heading directly to my trap.

-Oh, don´t put me to trial-, she said- adressing me as "you", very informal.

This made me think we were setting diffrences now, coming to an agreement.

-You just let youself go and let passion and feeling to take upon you-, I replied. We almost touched now.

She looked down to see the bulge growing within my pants and said: "Marcos, if anything between the two of us happened, would you primise you´d keep the secret?

-Yes, my dear mother in law, I promise.

Well, she began to cooperate!! I kissed her in the neck, in the ear, while caressing her ass cheeks sticking out of her body. She resisted at first, but began to stick her hands inside my rob instead, careesed my chest, and slowly, very slowly, began to rub my dick above my underwear.

-I can´t stand this any more, my sweet mother in law- I said babbling, at the same time kissing her in the mouth.

I could listen her difficult breathing, gasping for air, and her moans became each time louder and stronger. She looked like turned on, excesibly. Well, I could tell she had a lot of time lacking this feeling or pleasure, so much that she said to me:

-Come on, go, go, love me, motherfucker!! I wish to be your bitch now. Fuck me like never before. No one has ever fucked me well, gimme that dick, shove it into me, please. I´ve never had one like this in my lifetime!! -she said it aloud many times.

I was so excited I began to unbotton her blouse at once, and she opened her robe for me, standing there only in my underwear showing a very hard rod.

-Suck my dick-, I said.

She responded: -I´ve never done this before. It´s so nausy and filthy.

I grabbed her head to oblige her, and drew her to the level of my dick: -Suck it, stick it into your mouth, bitch, lick it now!!

She was very shy at the begining but seconds later she bagan to introduce my hard rod into her mouth. She was bobbing, doing me a blow job as hell this time!!

-Do you like it, bitch? -I asked her.

-Yes, my bastard-, saying this as she lapped my dick with her tongue: I must tell you I feel this like fire!!

She then said: -You do deserve this and even more!!

-There´s nobody at home. Let´s go fucking now. Le´s go to the flat roof now, -I proposed, -to rub the bacon.

-Yes, my king. I´ll fetch that rug from the living room now, lay it on the floor, we spread it and continue to fuck upstairs-, she said very excited.

She was to the highest now. She kept moving her big hips and after a minute we were at the flat floor while I hugged her from the back, rubbing my dick against her beatiful ass.

-Wait till we´re there- she said-, I´m hot too.

We spread the rug on the floor, then I didn´t waste time to kiss her inmediately. I helped her to take out the bra and began to suck her tits while she writhed from the pleasure, panting, moaning:

-Mmmmm!! I like it. Yes, yes, baby. Tear me appart, pound it inside me, make me feel everything I{ve missed for such long time. My husband is a mother fucker who never made me feel anything, a bastard. Aaaaggg, yes, yes!!

She kept moaning: -Aagggg, yes, like this, I like this, I like it!! Give me that hard rod, let me feel it now!!

-Ok, yes, that´s it, my little mother in law. You just keep saying this to me and you´ll have it. I like the way you beg me, don´t stop, keep talking and talking for I´m gonna fuck you like anybody as ever. I´not only fuck you now but for ever. I´m crazy about that ass-, I kept saying.

-That´s it my matador. I´ve been missing the whole stuff, this is unbelievable. My cunt was on it´s way to be shut up, too tight for fucking any man. Why didn´t you warn me you were so crazy about this cunt before? From now on I´ll have that hard rod of yours penetrate me!!, -she babbled.

I had staqrted to get her panties down and she said: not yet. -Then I´ll rip them off, -I said.

-Yes, yes, yes, rape me, fuck me. Stick that tongue into my cunt. It´ll be yours, no sooner you ask for it.

I drew her panties down feeling them wet by the juices she was already leaking coming down from her pussy. I saw how her pubic hair was spread out of the panty, on plain view.

I pulled her panties down fiercely. this made her get even more excited as she began to moan aloud and panting while she kept saying: "Stick that big shaft into me, blow it into me now, don´t make me wait any more, please!! Go now, go!! Put it into meeeeee!!"

I began to move down, but started in her mouth to lick her breasts first, and even in her navel. I got to he hairy mound and finally to the very wet hole. there I went on to introduce my tongue as I heard a scream for the pleasure my mother in law was feeling. She said:

-Yes, like this, I like it, yes. Oh, keep going, give me moooooore!! Never stop!! Oh, a squirt is coming out of my pussy, what´s this? Tell me, please, what is it?!! But don´t stop, make that wonderful little tongue of yours dance onto my pussy!! Aaaggggg, mmmmm!!... Oh it feels so beautiful, delicious!!

-Well, -I said, -that coming out of your pussy is the result of something you have enjoyed for the first time, and you´re feeling it with great pleasure. You just keep shaking your little as for my tongue to play along your pussy with profusion.

-Yes, darling, but don´t stop. I want to suck your dick too- she said.

I turned around and, placing my dick leveled with her face, she began to take off my underwear and soon I began to introduce that big rod into her mouth. I warned her:

-Oh, I´m coming, aggggg, oh, so delicious, mouth watering!! Oh, you really know how to suck a penis, bitch. Keep on sucking, oh, yes, mmmmmmmm!!-, then I let go a steam of cum shot into her mouth.

She began to lick the cum out of my penis and to wash it clean to continue sucking until it began to regain hard.

-Now, put it into me!- she said-, I´m all your´s, give me more, fuck your little mother in law.

I then laid on my back and she acted like a professional and a skilled whore to stick that rod into her cunt, and began to ride me, on top.

-Aggggggg, yes, yes, oh yes, go, go, don´t stop, I want it to the bottom of my pussy, mmmmm, more, please, more!!!-, she moaned loudly while writhing for the pleasure she felt.

-Yes, my little lady, I´m fucking you everyday, don´t worry about this. But first I must fuck you now. Please, shake it, shake that ass, mooore, mmmmmmm, ohhhh, yeeeeesssss!!-, I moaned while she kept sliding my dick more inside her.

-Ooooh, I´m coming- she said noisily, aloud-, aaggggg, I feel it great, I want that rod inside me, please, I´m squirting, I already want all that cum within my pussy!!

I began to cum at that moment too, and we eded up embraced together, moaning like never before.

-That was great, no doubt!!- she said-, let´s dress up before somebody is coming.

I replied: -No, I want to go on fucking you. Now it´s the opportunity for us to be together, alone in the apartment, It´s our chance.

To this she responded gluttonous, greedy, by sucking my penis still more.

She owned a business and her husband would take over while she was with me; nothing would stop us. We went to motels. I met my mother in law in these places for the first time. But this is another story.

The end ..

Teachings of a Man Eater

by Red Rose

Jade had dressed tartly for her date, not the usual sophisticated Jade in her designer suit's ..

At the party in the flat

by Marcos Urbina

Well, after I had been reading so many erotic stories I decided it was the time for me to tell you one, and I´m the main star here. ..

estate agent

by Shippy 1912

My wife an i decidedit was time to move to a bigger house and we chose one we liked which was out in the country..

The virgin maid

by Marcos Urbina

I almost rip her open … she would no longer be a virgin. ..

The crash

by Marcos Urbina

I´m already 26 but when I was nineteenth I used to go out with girlfriends as I was invited to drink ..

Tales of a Male Escort

by Davina2

Arriving at the Hotel in Oswestry, i waited in the bar for the couple to arrive, ..

Krishna and I

by Gopalakrishna

I am Gopalakrishna, 32 years old, around 5'11" and am in Delhi. This is a story of how I learnt how to make love..

A secret relationship

by Sanjan

Anamica (Jaan) was a 36 year old housewife and mother of two children that most men found attractive, with..

Not Just Another Night

by 1randombeauty

As far as she was concerned, it was just another night going to bed. Maybe we would make love, maybe we would not. But I new different. And I knew tonight would be exciting.

She does not know that I am upstairs writing this story and getting very hard and excited thinking about her and what the night will bring. She does not know my plan for the day and what I plan to do to make this evening a little different, including the fact that she will be reading this very story to me when she finds it under her pillow when she crawls into bed.

As I mentioned, the night started as any other night. We climbed into bed and to her surprise there was an envelope under her pillow. She said, “what’s this?” And I suggested she open it and read it to me.

She seemed a little nervous at first but I could sense a level of excitement and I wondered if her pussy was reacting -- or if maybe her nipples got a little aroused at the thought of what might be ahead.

She then opened the envelope and this is what she read…

I am a happily married man and I often fantasize about my wife in different situations and think about what it would be like to have someone else in the act with us, whether it is a man or a woman, or both. For example, occasionally, when I make love to my wife or eat her sweet, sweet pussy I will put a finger or two in her mouth, which she receives with open lips, and imagine her sucking a nice hard cock as I lick her swollen clit and massage her breasts and stiff nipples. I wonder what she thinks as I am busy making her moan and grind. I wonder if she is enjoying the thought of a hard cock in her mouth as her pussy gets eaten just the way she likes it.

Tonight was no different. I had been thinking about eating her sweetness all day and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to strike. So as we got into bed and began to say our goodnights, I moved swiftly over to her and just began kissing her – deep and passionately. Our tongues were feverishly exploring each others mouths and it wasn’t long before her hand found my long hard cock and began gently rubbing its length. She stroked me for a good while as I massaged and kissed her round breasts, occasionally, and very gently, tweaking her nipples. As she continued to rub my now extremely hard dick, she felt a little bit of pre-cum with her for finger and let out a little “hmmm…,” she gently took her forefinger and wiped up the clear fluid from the tip of my cock and licked it all with her soft tongue, which was really sexy and a true turn-on.

As she went back to working on my stiff dick she began kissing my ear like she loves to do, slowly working her way down my chest and belly until she reached my belly button and the head of my swollen cock, where she licked up more of the visible pre-cum. She began circling the head of my cock with her tongue, slowly taking more and more of my inches into her mouth.

I have to say, my wife has the most perfect, soft and full lips that truly feel magical when she sucks me off.

As she took my length in and out of her mouth, she simultaneously massaged my balls. She moved her way around the bed so she was now positioned between my legs where she could really get all of me. She would switch between sucking my cock and balls, paying more attention to my stiff cock but really enjoying licking and sucking my balls as well.

She sucked me for a good while and I could tell it would not be long before I shot my load into her mouth. She started stroking me with her hands and sucking the head just right. With my dick in her mouth, I could see her massaging her large breasts as she gently pinched her nipples. I couldn’t take it any more and then she took the full length and with a few full sucks I buried my cum deep in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

God was I in heaven!!

After a moment, I looked at her and thanked her for making me feel so good and proceeded to tell her it was her turn.

I took her in my arms and kissed her full lips. I caressed her back and rubbed her breast as she gently eased herself back. I kissed my way down her soft breasts and across her belly. As I got just below her belly button I got the first whiff of her love juice - that familiar scent that drives me wild. Rubbing her inner thighs I kissed slowly down her lower belly onto her pubic mound until I reached her swollen clit. I rubbed it with my nose a little a gave her a gentle lick from the base of her vagina up to her clit, where I stayed and began slowly sucking and applying more pressure - just the way she likes it. She was already very excited let out a little a little “oh God…” and began rubbing the back of my head as I concentrated on her beautiful pussy.

As I pleasured my wife’s vagina I ran my right hand up the length of her body and up to her mouth and slid my forefinger past her open lips. I continued eating her increasingly moist pussy while she slid my finger in and out of her mouth as if she was giving a killer blow job to a nice stiff cock. We did this just for a few minutes until I took my finger out, which did not make her happy. She said “no, no. I want more, put it back.”

At this time, I put my finger back in her mouth while I reached down inside the covers on my side of the bed and pulled out the nice seven inch dildo I had bought earlier in the afternoon and carefully slid it up - concealing from her view - to her mouth. As I continued to quicken the pace of my licking on her now very wet pussy, I again removed my finger from her moist mouth, only this time quickly replacing it with the realistic cock I had bought for her.

It didn’t take long for her to warm up the idea of adding this realistic cock to our fun and begin sucking its head, which was just a little bigger than my cock (I thought she would like that).

As I continued eating her pussy I was watching her suck on the cock. Our eyes met and I loved the fact that she was feeling so good and enjoying this new pleasure. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, I licked her clit faster and faster as she sucked the cock in and out of her mouth, I was squeezing her breasts and circling her nipples. It was truly one of the hottest times we had shared together. She began squirming as if she was going to cum so I inserted a finger in her pussy and gave a long hard suck to her clit as she circled the head of the dildo with her tongue. It was all she could take. With my finger in her pussy, my other hand on her breast, my tongue on her clit and the seven inch cock in her mouth, Karen came harder than ever before – and she loved it. She layed paralyzed in pure ecstasy.

All of this action had gotten me so excited that my cock was once again rock hard and ready to go since I had time to recover from the killer blow job she had given me a short while earlier.

She was still quite sensitive from the thunderous orgasm she had just experienced, but as I moved on top of her she guided my cock into her wet and sensitive love hole. I started with long slow strokes, gently massaging her sensitive breasts and nipples. Whispering I love you in her ears as she began pushing her pussy towards my increasingly rapid strokes.

I closed my eyes for a while and made beautiful love to my wife – just enjoying the togetherness of it all when I heard a quiet sucking noise. I raised my head and looked at my wife. She had picked up the dildo again and began sucking it off while I fucked her. What a turn on. I raised my self up and supported myself with my arms fully extended so I could watch her suck this real looking cock as I fucked her. She gazed sexily in my eyes as she took as much of the “strangers” cock as she could.

So there I was fucking my wife, watching her beautiful breast sway as I entered and exited her pussy; enjoying the site of my hard cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy – and seeing her totally enjoy sucking the dildo. To make things that much hotter, while enthusiastically sucking the dildo she began rubbing her clit as I fucked her. She was in sexual heaven and moaning more and more heavily. I was on the verge of cumming again when she started off on another incredible orgasm herself. We fucked, sucked and rubbed really intensely for about two more minutes when we both let loose incredible orgasms and fell into each others naked bodies.

After experiencing something very new to both of us, we laid there together very happy, content and comfortable. She is a beautiful woman and I love her. This was a beautiful experience. ..

Ex girl friends mum

by Trucker Dave

When i was about 17 i was going out with a stunning girl who was only 15 and who had the most wonderful body and massive boobs..

workmate sex

by Anon1912

This happened to me when i was just 16, when i was working as a shipping clerk in a busy office ..

Just Breathe

by Gemini

"Breathe, slowly and deeply." I tried to focus, but my mind was elsewhere. Was he here yet? Did he see me? ..

I cheated my husband

by Marcos Urbina

These days I've become into a fan of erotic stories and my hobby has been to read them as much as I can. ..

My Wife's Very Erotic Night! (true)

by tagakotta

My wife and I have always had a very open relationship. We have always been honest with each other even in the rather delicate areas of extramarital sex.

She had recently admitted to me that she had been exchanging sexy e-mails and text messages with Alex, her old college boyfriend, for several months now. My wife confessed that they had admitted to each other that they still had very strong feelings for one another after all these years. That's why they both felt the need to go beyond intimate phone sex and agreed to have a real date soon.

One day, she gingerly asked for my permission for her planned date with Alex.I frankly agreed subject to one condition: she could do anything BUT she had to tell me (no matter how embarrassing for her), everything that would happen on that date. She replied that she was always frank and honest with me.

My wife and Alex eventually agreed to go out the following Friday. They were going to attend the birthday party of their mutual friend in a nearby hotel.

I came home early that Friday night to see my wife dressing up for her date. I was so pleasantly surprised to see my wife completely naked when I opened the door in our room. The whole room was so fragrant. She was spraying her very sensuous perfume all over her body with particular emphasis on her neck, the back of her ears, her breasts and even her hairy pussy!

I jokingly asked her, "Why are you spraying perfume all over your body?"

She replied in a teasing manner, "Just to be prepared for any eventuality tonight."

I was aghast at her reply! I had to ask her, "How far are you really prepared to go?"

She said "Gee, it will all depend on Alex."

I asked her "Are you really willing to go to bed with him? What the chances of real, hot action tonight?"

My wife replied straight to the point: "Yup, but I think I would just give it only a 5% chance knowing how shy Alex used to be during our college days."

I realized from my wife's admission that the date could turn out a real hot one but it would all depend on how assertive Alex was going to be that evening.

I could have easily predicted the outcome if it were dependent solely on my wife's behavior. I have always accepted the fact that my wife is one hot lady at soon as she is placed in the right mood by a man that she really likes.

My wife was certainly at her seductive best that evening .She put on a black lace teddy, the tiniest thongs, a sexy black bra for her modest titties, and a classy, short black dress accentuating the curves of her tight body.

The only thing I told her before she left the house was an almost doting advice "Have fun, be good, and if you cannot be good, be careful!" She smiled, gave me a big hug and went quickly to Alex's waiting car parked outside our driveway.

Around 2:30 Saturday morning, I heard our door bell ring. I opened the main door and had the shock of my life. My wife looked very tired and confused. By the looks of her face and her heavy breathing, I quickly sensed that she was in a high state of sexual arousal.

I asked her why she arrived quite late. I assumed that she and Alex had dropped by a restaurant to have a late night cup of coffee.

She gave me a big hug and whispered in my ears, "Nope, we went to Shhhh!"

I gave her a quizzical look since I didn't know any coffee shop by that name. She smiled and put her index finger in her mouth as if to tell me a little naughty secret.

She said "Shhhh! You know the place where lovers make love and then keep their dark secrets? I just had sex with Alex!"

She continues in an excited voice, "We went to a motel and we made love. Your wife was very naughty in bed just an hour ago."

I thought she was just joking .Instead of further explaining; my wife quickly undressed before me .She then grabbed my right hand and placed it in a very wet spot in her teddy where the thongs should have been.

I still could not believe it. In my mind, I felt that she was playing a nasty joke on me. Her wetness could have been plain arousal from obviously some hot kissing with Alex.

But when I saw her put her little finger on her pussy and then showed me the gooey stuff on the tip of her finger, I knew this was for real! I was so aghast and I quickly realized that she wasn't joking and that she meant every word she just said.

I felt an unbelievable sexual rush!

I had to ask her to quickly tell me everything that really happened that night. This was her complete account of what transpired in that hot date:

Alex surprised my wife that night by being so aggressive and assertive, very much different from his shy personality in their college days.

She said that Alex quickly placed his palm on the small of her back while walking into the house where the party was held. It was such an immediate turn-on to her. It was as if he was so attracted to and proud of her.

Alex introduced my wife to others as his date for the night and as his very special friend. In front of their mutual friends, Alex would hold her hands, put his arms around her shoulders and even give her smooches in the cheek.

He would push her hair behind her ears, held her arms while walking up the stairs, and "accidentally" brushed her wrist when she reached for her drink. Alex felt so amorous, so possessive throughout the night.

He even asked her to sit on his lap and kissed her lips-to -lips when he thought nobody was looking in the room.

Somehow, my wife and Alex started talking with another couple about the things they do with their married partners in bed.

Alex suddenly blurted out, "She (referring to my wife by her name) has very good acrobatic skills .In fact, and I have problems getting her out of bed."

My wife said that Alex was strongly implying to their friends that they were already lovers and they have had intimate sexual relations! .Their friends just laughed thinking it was one of Alex's usual silly jokes.

My wife said that she just looked sheepishly at Alex but kept quiet to avoid further discussion on that ticklish subject in front of the other couple. But she was so aroused by his very public display of affection.

When the other couple left, Alex pulled her to a secluded corner of the room and started embracing her. He was rubbing himself and pressing his pelvis against her. My wife said that she could feel a big bulge in his pants.

Then, he very gently kissed her behind her ears .He told her how nice her perfume was, and how sexy she looked that night.

He whispered to her "I feel so horny tonight!"

As he continued to kiss and lick her behind the ears and in the neck, my wife felt helpless and just closed her eyes both in embarrassment and sexual arousal and was hoping their friends were not looking at them.

When they leaving the party, the close male friends of Alex were kidding him on whether he had enough strength for the rest of the night. He just winked at them, kissed her in front of them and put his hand on my wife's shoulders.

My wife felt that the gestures clearly implied that Alex had other plans for her for the rest of the night.

They proceeded to his car in the parking area. Romantic fireworks erupted very fast. It started when Alex asked for one simple kiss from her. Her first kiss was reciprocated by a passionate kiss from him directly to her lips.

This gradually evolved into deep tongue-in tongue kissing Alex eventually fondled my wife's breasts and tweaked her big nipples in his car as they kissed with so much passion.

She admitted that they acted like two hot teenagers with raging hormones. In the car, they both admitted that they were desperately aching for each other's body.

Alex almost desperately told my wife, "I want to make love to you tonight."

My wife remained quiet after this remark. Alex seized the moment and decided to drive to the motel near the motorway intersection.

When they were already in the motel room, Alex told her, "You could still change your mind if you like."

He also gently reminded her," This is a consensual thing between two of us. Nothing forced. No unusual expectations from each other."

She replied, without any hesitation, "I feel so aroused! I want you to make love to me tonight."

My wife then quickly went to the bathroom and undressed. She came out wrapped in a large bath towel only. She told Alex to dim the room lights.

Alex was so pleasantly surprised to see her virtually naked in front of him. He exclaimed

"Wow, I never imagined you to be this sexy!"

Then Alex led her to the bed. They resumed their passionate kissing. Alex's hands were all over her body but he made sure that the towel was still wrapped around her as some sort of last symbol of false modesty on my wife's part before he saw her completely nude.

Alex then gradually took away the towel and my wife's nude body came into full view.He stared for a long time at my wife's tight body in its full naked glory!He even put on all the room lights to see my wife's naked body,fully exposed to him.

He told her, "You look so sensuous when you are completely naked.Your beautiful breasts are so inviting! I always wanted to bury my head between them."

My wife felt so aroused and told him, "Then,go ahead and bury your head on my chest."

He quickly placed his head on her chest and then eventually started licking her beautiful, big nipples. He also started touching her very aroused clit and her extended pussy lips.

Alex first took out his engorged dick from the side of his baggy boxers. For strange reasons, he wanted to insert his dick into my wife's pussy without taking down his shorts. But it just didn't work.

He then slowly brought down his boxers and held out his very erect dick. My wife said that she had never seen a dick that large in her life. He gently spread apart my wife's legs and slowly plunged his enormous dick into my wife's very wet pussy.

My wife recalled that their first lovemaking was so passionate and full of raw, almost animal-like passion. His thrusts were slow as if he wanted to savor each moment of sex with my wife.

She admitted that she wanted him to fuck faster but she did not want to spoil his momentum. She felt that the first fuck belong to him.

My wife deliberately answered with loud screams and soft moans all his strong pelvic thrusts to intensify his pleasure. My wife said that she acted without any inhibitions at all. She had this strange feeling that they were a newly-married couple in their honeymoon.

After almost an eternity of fucking, he started to almost groan and told my wife, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." To intensify his pleasure at that point, my wife squeezed his dick with her very tight pussy muscles.

She said that she came three times before his climax. He complimented her for being so "multi-orgasmic". Alex told her, "I counted at least two orgasms from you!"

My wife was also in awe about Alex's stamina which she described as "his power of recovery". His dick never appeared flaccid even after cumming. She was so surprised that about five minutes after his orgasm, he wanted to fuck her for the second time.

My wife was totally surprised and naively remarked, "AGAIN?"

Alex naughtily smiled and told her, "What the hell, I waited so long to fuck you. Again!"

He opened widely her legs and mounted her again. She said that she came out at least twice during that second time.

After his climax, the second for the night, they rested, watched some porn movie on TV and had some idle chat. They talked about their common friends, latest local gossips, shared interests, their respective families and even about their favorite cooking recipes!

My wife felt that they were done for the night. (Frankly, she is used to our lovemaking where I normally have two orgasms at the most.) She started looking for her hair clip that fell off probably during their tight embraces in bed. On all fours, she crawled like a dog around the bed looking for the pin among the pillows.

Alex was also helping her looked for the pin. The two naked lovers must have looked funny crawling around and around the bed!

Her crawling posture must have given Alex some naughty ideas since her butt at some point was facing his face directly. She distinctly felt his mouth almost buzzing on her pussy lips! Alex started licking her pussy from behind with his tongue darting in and out of her wet hole!

Without any warning, Alex grabbed her waist from behind. He whispered to her, "Let's try doggy-style this time!" She offered no resistance at all since this is really her favorite position.

The funny part was that Alex's dick kept slipping out as they were doing doggy style. Apparently; her pussy was so slippery from all the semen build-up. Eventually she got so frustrated by the constant slip-ups of his dick.

She told him, "Please, I'll be on top!"

They quickly exchanged positions. She said that she furiously rode on him.

At a certain point, Alex gently interrupted their lovemaking to put the towel behind her back. He was concerned about her getting sick since her naked back was being hit by a strong air draft from the room's air conditioning unit. My wife was so touched by this small, thoughtful gesture.

They quickly resumed their lovemaking. She was panting, screaming like a wild woman in the heat. She had a big orgasm. It was her best orgasm of the night.

Alex's own orgasm shortly followed. She said his orgasm was accompanied by very loud guttural groans.

After the "woman on top" position, they hugged and passionately kissed again .She said that Alex was such a good kisser with his tongue expertly darting in and out of her mouth.

My wife felt so thirsty after that furious lovemaking (their third for the night).She stood up and got a bottle of mineral water from the ref. She came back with the bottle of water and offered it to Alex.

She was walking back and forth without a stictch of clothes on.She was not conscious anymore of being completely naked in front of Alex.She noticed that Alex just kept staring at her wet, matted pussy as she was standing beside the bed.

She saw his wet dick still "semi-erect". She asked him, "Did you cum when I climaxed?"

He smiled and said, "Of course! But I cannot have a soft dick with you around in that condition." He pointed to her wet pussy and then held and caressed her soft thighs all the way to her matted pubic hair.

"I can't believe it," Alex said with a grin. "I have actually seen your wet, dripping pussy! "

He asked her to join him in bed and held her wet clit again which was still full of his semen. They started to passionately kiss again. Eventually, my wife again noticed some movement between her legs. Alex was ready to mount again but she pleaded with him to stop and call it a night. Her pussy was real sore!

Alex ignored her. He told her they were checking out in ten minutes but she had to at least kiss him all over his body. My wife admitted that she was still turn on but her pussy was real sore. So she just kept licking his nipples and then sucked his wet dick and gently caressed his balls.

She said that Alex kept whispering to her, "You always make me feel so horny!" .But my wife had to gently remind him of his earlier promise to call it a night. Alex was still so aroused but he honored my wife's request not to fuck again at least that night.

Alex then told her to dress up just wearing her black lace teddy .No bra, no thongs. She agreed thinking I would later get excited by her surprise attire.

At the end of her narrative, she still had one more bombshell to explode. It was possible that Alex could have made her pregnant that night since they fucked bareback the whole night!..

Resistance is Futile

by Queen B

By some miracle we are alone in the office and know we will be for the next hour. ..

It started on the couch

by 1randombeauty

I knew I would marry my wife the first time I laid eyes on her and have been completely faithful for the 7 ½ years we have been together. ..

Unforgettable First Time in Karachi

by sherdil

Hi friends, this is the first time in my life I am writing to share the most unforgettable event of my life. Before I proceed further I would like to give a brief introduction of mine with that the story that I am going to narrate is 100 % true incident of my life which even now I cherish the most. I am 30 yrs old male with fair colour and 5 feet 11 inches tall and strongly built. I work in one of the best organization of Pakistan. By the way I move a lot and this incident took place in Karachi whereas my home town is Islamabad. I lived in the family where girl boy relation was never considered good and thinking about sex was one of the biggest sins. I don’t how but I liked girls and thinking about them is the most favorite work of my life. I been striving for SEX but there was not a chance in miles. I had grown to 16 yrs. I liked many girls in my neighborhood but approaching them was the most difficult part of my life. As there were bright chances that she will go to my mother and will get me thrashed. There was a family live at a short distance from my home and they were three sisters and two brothers. The eldest was then 17 yrs old (Shazia name changed) I was always looking for some opportunity to get close to her but the family values always came in my way. By the way she was the prettiest girl of the area. The younger girl was 15 yrs old and I decided to try my luck with her. Few times I called her at my place once nobody was around and on one such occasion I tried to approach her but it was a bad luck she ran way and informed my mother the next day and my mother told the story to my father and by god I was beaten up like heal by my family. That is what happened on my first attempt. There were other attempts with other girls but all went in vain. I started watching XXX movies and reading erotic literature and after that I use to masturbate in order to relief myself. I reached to my conclusion that there are no chances till the time I do not get married. So it was me and my masturbation and time passed and got a good job and moved on in my life. Mean while Shazia got married with her cousin and on her first night I masturbated for 7 times thinking about her. I started my job from Lahore. I use to go to my home after two to three months. Time passed and Shazia was blessed with a daughter and later with a son. I use to see her on my vacations as her in laws also use to live very near to my home. To my surprise she was getting prettier with every passing day there was not even an ounce of extra weight gain. And if she is dress up no one can guess that she is married. She had some problem with her husband but there were only rumors. To cut it shot this way time passed and I got posted to Karachi and turned 28 but still on masturbation alas. I had a flat in defense on rant I use to live alone. One day I received a call from my Home that Shazia’s husband is very ill and he has some autoimmune disease and doctors could not treat him here so they have referred him to Agha Khan hospital one the best hospital of Pakistan. Now I use to work late till night and mainly my flat use to be vacant and my parents ordered me to help them and give a room in my flat to them. I asked for who all will be coming? It was revealed that shazia her husband and both the children will be coming so accommodate them. I was suddenly happy that I’ll have her company for few days. So I invited them and they landed the next day at Karachi airport and I was stunt to see Shazia there was not an iota of a difference in her beauty even after 12 yrs of marriage. Her husband was in bad shape we took him to the doctor in the evening and after the checkup he was admitted in the hospital. There was no permission of staying at the hospital so we all came back to my place. She was worried for her husband I give her verbal support that every thing will be all right don’t you worry. I also took the kids to beach at night and me and shazia walked and she discussed her life and various events of it. She seems to be gloomy but did not revealed much and I also did not insist much. In the morning I use to drop her to the hospital and in the afternoon my driver use to pick them up and after lunch they again use to go back to the hospital and at night I use to pick her up along with the kids. The husband health was not improving and it was the 17 day that he was in hospital. That day once I went to pick them up she was very down I asked her the reason but she didn’t tell. Once we were about to leave her husband started fighting and even tried to beat her but I came in between. I took the kids and Shazia to my place and she kept sobbing through out even the daughter who was 11-12 yrs started crying. I thought it was because of the disease that he behaved so but the kids revealed that no it is his daily routine. Now I got the real story of her gloominess because of my attitude the kids had became very close to me and suddenly her son who was 5 yrs of age said, “Mama don’t cry leave dad and live with uncle here at Karachi I will call him dad”. This made her laugh and she looked towards me with a shine in her eyes. She thanked me for taking care of her so much and spending so much money on us. By the way I was so much taken by her that I use to masturbate very night since her arrival. At night I again took them to beach and then to a good hotel for dinner. Shazia was still very gloomy and I tried to console her but in vain. The time was 12: 30 at night and the kids were very tired and hit the bed the moment they reached home. I made two cups of hot and strong coffee I heard they stimulate the sexual arousal so I thought it might pay me. I went to her room where she uses to sleep with her kids. She was sitting and crying I sat beside her and put my hand on her shoulder and consoled her. She took the coffee and drank and chatted with me for some time. Then I went to my room and was laying in my bed in playing with my dick thinking about her. It was almost 2:00 and I heard her crying again I went to her room and saw her sitting on the sofa and weeping I sat beside her and took her hand in my hand and made her quite I told her to come to my room and chat with me till you go to sleep. She could not resist I got up and came to my room. Where I had no bed rather I use to sleep on the mattress which was double bed I made her sit on the bed and sat in front of her and told her that these things are part of life. Don’t worry about them they’ll pass on. Then I made her lie down on my bed and I still sat there as I never wanted to move first. She took my hand and told me to lie down also as tomorrow I have to go to my office. Now we were laying inches away facing from each other and talking. I was stirring in her eyes and she in mine there was a drop of tear in her cheek which I removed with my finger and she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I was getting very uncomfortable and wanted to make a move. I placed one of my hand on her body and she just gives me a smile, it was getting too much for me. I slowly moved my lips towards her and placed them on her lips and there was a big SSYY and in a flash she was in my arms and I was crazy. After 28 yrs finally there a girl and that to my dream girl my God I could not believe it. She was ravishing and beautiful, alright, but carried a halo of dignity and authority around her head. Was there a trace of pride also, I didn't know. She asked me to bolt the door on hearing this penis was about to burst but I controlled. After bolting the door and switching off the light I jumped on the mattress and removed my shirt at the same instance. She was now in my arms and I slowly placed my lips on her lips and then she slowly opened her mouth and I went for a deep French kiss. I took her and myself to heaven. I kissed her cheeks, neck, and ears. I removed my paint and was in my underwear only. She put her hands around my body and hugged me tightly. When my mouth covered her lips in a hot, long passionate kiss, her big boobs remained crushed to my chest. We were engaged in a friendly tussle vying to suck each other's lips first. While she was about to lose, she gave me a slight bite and took my lips into her mouth and began to suck it hard. I yielded without protest. I thought she must be starving for sex for a long time as she made forward thrusts with her pussy on to my crotch while she continued to suck my lips. After four minutes of her vigorous sucking, I felt pain on my lips. However, after some time she seemed to be satiated and let my lips go free. She had gone mad in the head with excessive sexual urge. I made her sit and slowly removed her shirt and her shalwar (Jeans) and my underwear. Two big melons jumped out the way two wrestlers together in line converge to attack one opponent. They were large, ripe and simply irresistible. The fair boobs had matching light brown aureoles and jutting brown nipples. It was the loveliest and sexiest female body I had ever seen. My hands reached out and covered her boobs in a massive squeeze. My hands went on squeezing them the way and force with which one squeeze two oranges to take out the juices. She leaned her body a little backward releasing hot but soft erotic moans. I had gained a lot of experience by seeing the XXX movies and Literature. Her boobs were in level with my mouth now. I took one boob into my mouth and began to suck it very hard. I squeezed her free boob with my hand. She kept her hands over my shoulders and enjoyed seeing my sucking and squeezing at the same time. Yet, frequently she pressed my head to her boobs encouraging me to suck and squeeze more hard. After several minutes, I exchange her boobs for my sucking and squeezing. This went on for another ten minutes. Though she moaned, but those were soft. I decided to find out when she moaned loudly as I progressed step by step. Completing my treat with her boobs, I stood up. I hid my face on her neck and began to rub all over as she ran her fingers on my head. I switched over to licking her neck now. Yeah, it was giving her erotic stimulations. Next I licked behind her ear-lobs and sucked the ears. She was getting titillations. While I did so, her right hand dropped and began to press my hot cock. She was becoming hot, alright. Her sweet, well-shaped, velvet pussy presented a beautiful look and appearance. She had kept it hair-free. She had medium pussy lips covering her assets inside. I lay her on her back on the mattress in a manner keeping her thighs widely separated. I adjusted myself so that her pussy was right in front of my face. I ran my hand caressing up and down on her naked pussy. I was fascinated to get the soft touch of her warm pussy on my hand. My continued rubbing made it wet soon. I caught her buttocks by their sides. Her pussy touched my mouth now. I brought my lips together in a pointed manner and pressed them hard on her hole in a deep penetrating kiss. "Haaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. “I heard her moan a little louder now. I looked no further and rained her pussy with incessant kisses. Soon, my tongue took over charge as it ran licking up and down her now drenched pussy madly. I became aware her pre-cum covered my tongue and I quickly gulped it down my throat. With my hands, I divided her pussy lips to bring her clitoris visible. I rubbed it with the tip of my tongue. "Uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. “She hooted now. I continued to play with her clitoris for several minutes. Then suddenly I took it inside my mouth and started sucking it hard. "Oooouuuucccccchhhhhhhhh" she screamed. Then unable to sustain the excessive pleasures, she uncontrollably hit my mouth ramming her pussy several times. I allowed her to enjoy the pleasures in her own way. Yet, often I bit and chewed her clitoris painlessly. Separating the pussy lips further, I examined her reddish pussy hole. Yeah, it was throbbing and palpitating alright. I mopped the opening with my tongue several times. Then I carefully inserted the middle finger of my hand into her hole. It disappeared into the tunnel smoothly. I made movements inside with the finger as if a vibrator. She screamed a little loudly now. Keeping the hole wider, I inserted my tongue into the cave. My tongue touched the soft tissues inside the cave. Soon my tongue began to explore the inside my twisting and probing. This made her to release the wildest hoot in ecstasy. It went on for nearly six minutes when she suddenly made some jumping movements and simultaneously pressing her pussy hard on my mouth. My tongue got crushed under its impact. Before I could realize she was going to climax, she made a scream followed by a small sound "ppllliiissshhhh.” from her pussy. My mouth and face got splashed with a gush of lava from her hole. Once she came in her senses and told me that her husband has never done his to her and his is the first time that I have felt satisfied. She asked me from where I have learned this and how many girl friends I have. I told her I am a virgin and it was only you to whom I wanted to lose my virginity she could not believe that. Then I asked her about 69 position and she had no idea. I said ok let me teach you that. Then I mounted lying on her body in opposite direction like the figures 69. I told her to grab my cock and take it in your mouth. She grabbed my hanging cock over her face with her right hand and began to run her tongue from its tip to bottom. Then she took it inside her mouth and sucked it very hard. While I was getting pleasures, I buried my face on her already drenched pussy. I shot my tongue again into her tunnel of love. As it was fully covered with her thick lava, I felt my tongue got immersed in a whirlpool of molten butter. I treated myself sucking and swallowing it greedily. She was continuing with her blowjob the way a child sucks and enjoys a lollipop. Both of us were getting double-pleasures of giving and receiving sucking at the same time which continued for nearly five minutes. Soon, she raised her legs and wrapped it around my head pressing it hard on to her hole. Just at the same time, I exploded releasing a jet of my cum into her mouth. I told her to swallow it its all protein and good for health. I knew she swallowed it joyfully. Soon my mouth too was greeted with a flow of cum from her pussy. While we lay side by side taking a little rest fully exhausted, she said: "you really gave me wonderful pleasures for the first time in my life". Then I got up and brought olive oil and pore it on her breasts and started massaging her. My fingers started playing the music and slowly I went down on her legs and feet and then on her back on her buts I again turned her and pore the oil on her pussy and then my fingers took her to heaven. I replaced my fingers with my tongue and its took her at once to climax she tried to pull me up and for the first time requested me please put your cock in me or I’ll die because of the pleasure but I started doing her French kiss again. Suddenly another idea stuck my mind and that was ran to the cupboard and brought the honey out of I applied honey on her breast and she started laughing and said I can’t believe this is your first time you know so many things. I started sucking her breast and then I thought lets check the pussy and honey combination and it was fun the changed taste. Suddenly I saw the watch it 5:00 and I have yet not lost my virginity otherwise my cock was aching like hell so I thought let take it to end. She lay on her front keeping her head on my laps and I applied honey on my cock and she took my sagging cock into her mouth obviously to erect it full by the way the length of my erect cock is 8 inches (I been measuring it in my college days) but width is also quite big and I also heard that women like thickness more then the length. Once I asked her does your husband size is the same and she said no, his is half of yours. With a little sucking, it sprang to life again ready for the attack. I lay her back and put the pillow under her buttocks as I saw in a movie went down and spread her legs wide so that there was some opening for my long and rod-thick dick to enter her pussy. I placed the head of my penis at mouth-opening of her pussy and smiled. She smiled back indicating that she was ready to take me in. I rubbed my cock on her pussy and then I pushed my dick slowly into her vagina with a small thrust. She screamed out with her eyes wide open. I continued with my inward thrusts. First slowly and then gradually increasing the pace and the power. I continued to ram her pussy with my rod. She was moaning and groaning as if she was being fucked to death. Her cries encouraged me further more. I increased the pace of ramming her love-hole. I thrust it in so powerfully that she started gasping for breath. I held both her hands over her head and left it there and continued to ram her pussy with my long & powerful thrusts. She was so short of breath that she started scratching my chest & my back with her nails. I slowed down my thrusts so that she could take in some fresh air & regain her breath. Then again with one huge thrust I rammed my rod deep into her pussy. This time she was ready for it & began to respond to my thrusts in a rhythmical manner with her hips as if she was fucking me back. She was making noises yes yes yes take me, take me now ... That encouraged me further more. I began to bite onto her lips & nipples while I was ramming her pussy with my rod. "Hoooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. “She hooted in a loud shrill moan. I kept on hitting her pussy by bumping my cock deep into her in quick successions. With each forward bump and thrust, her body got lifted up by a few inches. yes, my cock went deep hitting her uterus savagely. I knew if she was in her early months of pregnancy, the onslaught with my cock would have caused instant abortion. Soon her legs lost her strength and I found a trickle of her pussy juices dripping, making a small puddle on the mattress. I knew she attained multiple orgasms. Though I have not reached climax yet, I lowered her body to the floor. She seemed to be in a state of stupor. I lifted her and lay in doggy position. I decided to finish the play soon. I separated her legs and inserted my cock into her swollen pussy. Within two minutes of my fucking, I attained orgasm spraying and filling her tunnel with my cum. fully exhausted, I lay on top of her. I was so exhausted by now that that I could move. I could not believe that fucking a woman is such a fun and masturbation does not reach even near to it. After about fifteen minutes, she opened her eyes. She licked my whole face in admiration for the wonderful pleasures I had given her. And she was very much vocal in her expression of appreciations. This is the first time of mine that I enjoyed sex other wise with my husband it is only 10-15 min fuck and that’s about all no foreplay no playing with my body you are the king of love making and your wife will be the luckiest woman on earth. "Do you want more" I enquired with a smile. "I would love to have more. But not now. I can't sustain. Time was almost 7:00 and we decided she should go to her room and sleep there so that kids should not come to know about it. I also had only one and a half hour left for my office so I also slept but again with a hard on. To cut it short she was very happy once we met in the evening and was not much pushed about the husband’s attitude. She then wanted to be back at home before 9:00 so see could have max time with me. Now there was a problem of kids as they use to sleep late at night so we started giving them sleeping pills. (Sorry kids) She remained in my flat for 27 days more and by god except for her periods I use to fuck her at least 5-7 times in one night. My 28 yrs without sex was ought to be like that. I can never forget the time I have spent with. I never had anal sex with her but a day prior to her leaving we did that also but we didn’t like it as there is no match to pussy fuck. She wept a lot on the night she was leaving as it was difficult to keep the relation once we are back at home. Though once she left I also went to Islamabad after 3 months and after a lot of efforts we did the coordination and could spent only 1 hr together in which we didn’t talk much and fucked each other for 4 times. But I was more of a fear and less of pleasure. Two years have passed and I am again dying for sex I do not like prostitution so that is out of question. Let’s see when my luck strikes again till that time masturbation long live. So Girls out there especially from Pakistan anybody between 15 to 40 yrs I am available for chatting on net even for a friendship. I think expressing about sex is not bad someone may disagree with me. But girls this is the very true first time of mine with the entire event 100 % correct. My ID is Take care and bye.


my wife's X rated date with old boyfriend!

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