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My Almost Divorce

by Sage Calahan

After nearly thirty years of marriage, some years better than others, I became more and more tormented by the inescapable realization that I had minimal relationship with my husband. ..

How i seduced my Landlord's wife

by Ranjit

MY landlord's wife, Mony is a pretty woman with an absolutely clean character. ..

Angel's Education

by George Tyerbyter

Angel Tucker screamed again.

Her girlish facial expression contorted into a very adult-looking
grimace of unbridled sexual ecstasy...

The Contract pt. 2: Hilda enslaved

by hildaslut

After I left the lawyer's office, Gary disappeared with Hilda. They drove away, and she was visibly shaken.

My sexy neighbour

by once

I live on a very cool and calm street, where, if someone is in danger, you would not know...

Sitting next to you

by J Barth

Tomorrow, and then what? Should we have known it would end like this, passion unleashed without any chance of going back, a train wreck, ..

My second Woman part 3

by Braboy

A few days later I was again at June's and panting for sex. June was only too happy to oblige and as soon as she had put Ann down to sleep we proceeded to get naked. ..

my brother and my horny ex girlfriend

by b carlos

Me and my live in girlfriend had been together for about 4 years. She was a very sexual woman, bordering on the edge of being a nymphomaniac. She would do anything ..

Our First Time!

by Mistress J

We often fantasized what it would be like to delve into the world of slave and master, but never thought it would or could be this erotic! My husband and I ..

My hot wife Janu

by Ranjit

My sexy wife Janu is innocent at heart but her only weakness was her hyper sexuality which nobody new except me. She would be so proactive ..

Indian wife has a new husband and all love happily ever after

by iloveall

Friends. This is a true story of a friend of mine. It does not appear convincing. Had I not had the personal knowledge of them, I would have brushed ..

Educate me, lady

by str8man

I was a late bloomer. Did not start real dating until I was 19, except for a disasterous date when I was 16.
I was 5-7, and 130#, with thick (coke bottle)glasses. ..

Lost In Love, or Lust

by Danyel A.

It's the summer of 2012, I've just completed my junior year at Full Sail University in Winter Park,
Florida, and I decided now ..

The Contract: Hilda's descent into slavery

by hildaslut

The events in this story are real. These are actual experiences we had after we started swinging, which progressed to something neither of us could have imagined at the time.


Dads Best Friend

by Suzy

Dad's best 60 year young sporty friend Called Irshad lived with his wife and daughter just two doors away. We are frequent visitor to each other house. ..

Passionate Erotic Wild Gift to Girlfriend on Her Birthday

by lover_passionate

Hi friends,.My story is a real incident happend last year on my GF's birthday. My story is a bit long as its described and filled with all parts of love...

Afternoon Pool Party

by Keesha

My wife and I were invited to a summer afternoon housewarming pool party by one of her best friends who just remarried and moved 70 miles away. We booked a motel room located ..

agartala sexcapade

by diganta

Lets go to the sleepy city of agartala year 2011 month december temperature 14 degrees brrrr . i am jayanta business executive travelling ne regularly ...

My First Black Cock

by Rashmi8558

My name is Arpita. I was working as a Senior Marketing Manager for a garment export firm in Kolkata. I was married with one son . I was 34 years, very fair,..

How I lost my Rear Virginity - Part I

by Rashmi

My name is Smita and I now live in Patna. I was married into an affluent family and I moved to Varanasi to live with my husband, some two years back. I am now 28 years old. ..

Sex with Riya mami

by erotica_sex

About Riya mami aged 41yrs and her body structure 36-26-40, huge structure My name is Amar aged 22yrs, i was staying in Mylapore where all brahmins people stay,..

Pee hole stimulation

by tarali

The last time I watched a porn clip I saw the male porn star ejaculate while his pee hole was tickled by the woman blowing his cock...

Busy Day

by Chicken Prince

Today is cozy,
I wake up early,
My pants are watery,
My cock is dirty,


by tarali

I was walking back home from a hard day's work when a girl who worked in the same office overtook me and then turning around asked me where I lived. I told her and she said her ..

The maid and I

by tarali

I was working on my college assignment in my room upstairs one boring afternoon when I heard voices in the garden. I looked down and saw an interesting scene. Our gardener was flirting with our maid by the rose patch. They were an interesting couple. He was forty and had a family back home in his village She was just around twenty..

Johnny and the Cheerleader

by Johnny_the_Stud

I'll start off by saving that I am on the best looking guys you'll ever meet. Woman would kill to be with me, and men would kill to be me for a day. And because of that, I have a sexual experience with a woman almost every day whether it be by my hand or hers. Anyway with that said, you'll understand where I'm coming from when I tell you about a wonderful sexual experience I had with a cheerleader a while back. I'm on the football team and she's head cheerleader and a stunning blonde bombshell...

An Erotic Weekend

by JD

Johnny and Paige were just two people in love- mostly. Always having to do the dirty deed at the man"s apartment until one fateful day, the woman's parent's left for the weekend giving the couple the opportunity to have some fun. Some dirty, loud, cum-filled fun..

My Latest

by Braboy

In our complex we have a small apartment for the handyman. He has a job at night as a security guard. His wife lives with him and she has become the object of my sexual fantasies. ..


by Melita

I wanna complete the story wen u come to meet me.. u remember.................its our first meet..!!

Sex in her grampa's car O.O

by YoungBlood17

We spent the day on a what the school calls a "pep bus" but for us it gave us reason to stare at each other ALL DAY. with 48 other people its hard to keep my full attention on her alone. ..

The best Gift for Poli

by Ranjit

Poli was a young girl of our village. She used to come often to my home as she was very friendly with my wife. I knew she had a special liking for me which was often looked upon with suspicion by my wife...

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship


Sex Toys are Fun. Most couples get bored with their sex lives at some point in their relationships. Sex toys add a bit of zest to the relationship and keep things from getting dull...

Birthday Wishes

by Angel Fever

It was our final year in high school, a week until our trial exams. It was the day of my 18th birthday, a day my friends and I had been looking forward to for quite a long time ..

My Daughter's Roommate

by Sexycatzeyez

Amy was bending over the pool. She was using the skimmer, helping out
like a good little house guest in a good little bikini. Did I say
little? ..

The Indiscretion

by Bobjj123

One might think that over the centuries man might have learned to unraveled some of the thought processes of women yet any husband will tell you that women are a mystery...

Swaying to the motion of the ocean.

by TagNRelease

As my wife Cristty and I left the yacht club after a small cocktail party to let my Aussie friends meet her left her grinning and much more at ease than I ever imagined...

How i gifted my dear wife Mamony the best pleasure of her life.

by Ranjit

My dear wife Mamony is 2 years elder than me. We fell in love 10 years back. She is a sweet sexy woman who drove me mad to fall in love of her ..

Fun in Kitchen

by serene

Hi I'm serene (name changed) 28yrs have got married i'm girl at 5.8' with proud of my assets 36-24-36 and my husband loves me ..

Returning Favours

by Bust

I was in a brand new club called "Always Women". My friends were all outside dancing. I was in the bathroom, cooling myself...

Extra blessing

by ilikenipples3

My name is Relson.I am right now 29 years of age. This was the incident when I was 26 years of age. I was working as a Sales Executive...