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all it takes is a smile !!

by goldenguy

oh yes I recommend smiling lol ,I was out shopping and popped into a local charity shop for £6 !! bargain would look great in bathroom I thought , a very nice young assistant smiled at me so i smiled back, ..

My Day Job

by Andrea

This is a true story. I had just moved to a new Town and needed Part time work.
I saw an Ad in the paper for part time help in house ironing light housework.

The horniest afternoon ever in Bangkok Cinema

by Prof3934

On Tuesday I felt very horny and wanted to try to find a gay cinema in Bangkok as I had the afternoon off. But Google etc said there were none in Thailand. ..

How i seduced my Landlord's wife

by Ranjit

MY landlord's wife, Mony is a pretty woman with an absolutely clean character. ..

Orgy fun, with some girl-on-girl action

by Rissalove

My boyfriend J and I were hangout with our friends A (male) and T (female) , and we were playing a spicy version of truth or dare and it was getting hot......

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Lost Tribe

by Exakta66

As I sat at my desk I was literally counting down the hours. It was only two more hours till the end of the day and the start of my vacation. A well ..

Your Eyes

by Exakta66

One of the things I have always derived pleasure from throughout my life is music. Both listening to music and making it have always been ..

Going Down Slow

by Exakta66

Part your legs I'm going down slow,
Tonight you'll be my little ho,
I stick my tongue between your lips,
As I hold you firm by the hips,
On your back, feet in the air,

My Best Friends Girl (She used to be mine)

by Exakta66

Towards the end of the eighties my life was starting to really look up. I was doing well with the telephone and alarm company I was partnered in with ..

Young Lust, First Lust. Sweet Devotion.

by Exakta66

I really hate the phrase 'back in the day'. I think it is a tired, over-used phrase and if there is one thing I really hate it is tired..

Rising Like The Tide

by Exakta66

The summer of 1966 rolled around like any other year in sleepy, small town Pennsylvania. While most of the town's residents may not have even noticed, things were actually going pretty good for me. ..

The Review

by Exakta66

Back in the early eighties just before I joined up with my friend Rich in his telephone services company, I had an office job at a local securities ..

Getting Help With My Story

by Exakta66

For those of you out there who have been closely following my life story you are probably aware that I started writing sex fantasy stories and ..

The New Year's Eve Dance (I Will Survive)

by Exakta66

Never forget the music that is the soundtrack of our lives, for if we let the music die, something inside us dies along with it"for Mary"..


by Exakta66

I really welcomed moving into the condo after my divorce. The divorce put me through a lot of mental anguish and coming home at night and not ever ..